7-20-15 Roundup: Louis

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I’m on vacation ’til the end of the month, and I’ve pre written and scheduled posts for the time that I’m gone.


(This part wasn’t pre written and scheduled, if you hadn’t guessed!)

On Saturday:

YES, not only was our sweet girl adopted (and I had been so very worried that it would take months, because some of our mama kitties have taken far too long to be adopted!), but she was adopted by Love & Hisses readers Pam and Bill!

So Lucy and her Fools have all been adopted, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!


Also, before I went on vacation, I had a plugin that would send out posts to Facebook and Twitter when my posts went live each morning. When my site was down for a few hours Wednesday morning, it was because that plugin was messing up the entire site. I deleted it, which fixed the problem. I’m not inclined to search for another plugin that will do the job until I get back from vacation (I’m never as comfortable doing that sort of thing (messing with adding plugins) on my netbook, I do the important stuff on my desktop at home), so I have to post on Facebook and Twitter my own self, like they did way back in days of yore.

Since I’m on vacation, I’m not always awake when my post goes live, and in fact I might not be awake for an hour or two afterwards, which is why the Facebook and Twitter posts are going through late. I know y’all probably aren’t SUPER bothered by this, but it bugs me. This is my reassurance that I’ll deal with it when I get home in a few weeks, I promise!


Roundup: Louis

5 days old.

Sleepy boy.

Laying on his back and nursing. Silly boy!

He looks so much like a baby bunny in this picture.

Little toothless grin.

Such a little muffin.

Paws up, y’all!

4 weeks old.

That boy has liked his sunbaths from a very early age.

I think I startled him, and he went semi-floofed.

Under the scratcher.

6 weeks old.

Feelin’ pouty.

Heart attack!


Paws WAY up, y’all!

“Draw me like one of your French girls, Jack.”

A Louis and his chicken.

Sleepy little muffinhead.

10 weeks old.

“Hallo, laydeez!”

Eyes on the feather teaser.

Pretty boy.

One last snuggle before he went to Petsmart.


Louis videos!

Rolling around in the sun at 3 weeks old:

YouTube link.

Louis gets BOOPed:

YouTube link.

Oops I BOOPed him again!

YouTube link.

He’s a Louis muffin:

YouTube link.


Archie always looks like he’s ready to cut someone.


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7-20-15 Roundup: Louis — 13 Comments

  1. Did you see the post over at Itty Bitty Kitty Committee? {{wipes tear}}

    β€œDraw me like one of your French girls, Jack.” – *snort*

    The first boop video – Instead of “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin.” It is, “Please don’t boop my baby!” πŸ™‚

  2. You’re so awesome to worry about us while you are on vacation! But seriously, don’t. We can wait for our fix until you get your extra sleep in – after all, what is vacation for?

  3. OMG – Lucy in that first “boop” video….mom almost had coffee come out her nose. πŸ™‚ We are glad Louis grew into those eyeballs…we were worried he was a gremlin for a while there. MOL

  4. Louis looks so much like “da baybee” in all of these pictures. SOOOOO glad everyone is adopted out and well cared for because we know what that means when you get back Robyn.
    P.S. take all the time you need for vacation.

  5. Oh, I always adored his little face! He was always so wide-eyed and serious, and that little face needs A MILLION KISSES RIGHT NOW!!

    I’m so glad Mama Lucy went to her forever home so soon. She’s such a good kitty, and so stinkin’ gorgeous, too.

  6. So glad Lucy found her forever home. and since Pam and Bill are regulars, we hopefully can have some updates.

  7. Finally, FINALLY, I got the Sugarbutt header everyone’s been talking about — it’s perfect. I hope you’ll keep it in the rotation!

    The joy on the L&H facebook page over Lucy’s adoption makes me so happy, and a bit teary-eyed. So many well-wishes from so many people!

    And a question for when you’ve returned: do we know Louis’s adoption situation? Like, will he have other kitties, or dogs to be a crazy kitty with? I hope so.