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This is what Scorch does when he sees a toy hanging over his head. First, he whines at it.

Then he FLINGS himself into the air.

Then he stares at it.

Talks to it…

Then stomps off, leaving it to Ruth’s capable paws.

But he’s never far away.



The boy likes to fly.

He’s got springs in his knees.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jon Snow examines the cleanliness of the nearest litter box.

They’re oddly obsessed with this corner. They stand up and stare up at the wall all the time. There’s nothing up there… that I can see, anyway. Maybe it’s the door into another dimension.

Brandon checks out a toy, and shows off his pretty stripes.

“Dude, that is FREAKY!” says Jon Snow.

Hodor comes under attack from behind.

He is such a pretty boy.


Nice fangs.

A short video! This one has Jon Snow and Arya in it, playing. Just watch it – it’s adorable.

YouTube link.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Stefan and Maxi hang out and watch for squirrels.

“I suPOSE he’s okay,” says Maxi.

I’ve tried to convince Fred that we should change Stefan’s name to either Stringbean or The Smug Slug, because (1) he looks very thin, but he actually weighs over 10 pounds. He’s all muscle!, and (2) He sleeps all day long, and he looks so very very pleased with himself.

Mostly, I tend to either refer to him as “Your boy” (when discussing him with Fred), or “Fonz.”

Stefan is getting along well with the other permanent residents, but Newt and Corbie do NOT like him. It’s not a huge issue, because he tends to stay out of their way, but there have been a few kerfuffles. He’s not an aggressive cat at all, but he’ll defend himself when need be.

He wants to be buddies with the Dragons, and they spend a lot of time flirting with him and he with them. He can be a bit over-exuberant when playing, though, so he’s freaked them out a few times. He’ll figure it out, I’m sure… probably just in time for them to head off to Petsmart!


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7-20-13 — 18 Comments

  1. *crosses fingers* oh please let it be a door into another dimension with kittens and puppies and self-cleaning litter boxes and Arya and Jon Snow tussling please please please oh and a big friendly house-broken tiger to babysit please please please *double finger cross*

  2. Scorch reminds me of a previous foster. Who could it? Oh yes, EVERETT PEPPERS!

    • Ditto — the second “Leap” picture requires reprising with the similar ones of baby Tommy and Dandelion/ Pearl! Thanks for today’s bonus, Robyn.

  3. Loved the video. I always enjoy the “sideways” stage of kittenhood. Love to see them floof up and run sideways at each other! LOL

  4. I must have one of those doors to another dimension too. Snowball climbs up on my curio cabinet, faces the corner, and howls. Hey. Maybe he found a way to communicate with some kittens in Alabama!

    I love Jon Snow’s tail.

    • When we lived in our previous house, the cats used to LOVE to go into a corner cabinet and hang out way in the back. We used to say they were going to Narnia. πŸ™‚

  5. Fried has shown us pictures of Stefan with the Dragons on Facebook. So cute! I’m sorry he doesn’t get along with all the permanent residents, but he appears to have found his home.

  6. Maybe that corner is a secret door to Winterfell πŸ˜‰

    That Stefan sure does look skinny, but he’s just one of those lucky mancats who’s all muscle.

  7. Man, this is a kitten ‘tocks post par excellence. Baby butts! Soooo cute.

  8. Those long lanky ones always look under fed.. I think it’s a ploy to get more snacks! Still, gotta love Stefan the Smug Slug, he’s a cutie!
    I finally had to look up the character Hordor to find out why this kitten was saying his own name all the time! lol Got it now!

  9. Is it just me or did we blink and the dragons suddenly turned from fluffy kittens to lanky teens? Oh, what a cute little bunch of string beans.

  10. Question for the cat crowd: I have a 17yo lady who has recently lost her hearing. Since this development, my 15 yo male, who has resided with her relatively peacefully since he came to us 6 years ago, has begun bullying her. He tries to muscle her away from the food and nudges her off the bed she enjoys sleeping on. He hasn’t physically attacked her but he’s definitely hostile. We joke that he’s telling us it’s time to put her on an iceberg and send her off, but it’s sad. Anybody have a guess what’s causing him to do this or how we can stop it? We have two other young males whose relationships with her are the same. We have plenty of food down at all times, 3 boxes, and the young boys are indoor-outdoor. The old guy prefers to stay in.

    • Linn, I’m going to share this in tomorrow’s post – I can’t think of any advice, but I *know* someone reading will have some ideas!