Canasta – date of birth guesstimated July 10, 2019 – came to us on January 10, 2021. She was left at an apartment complex, where she had a litter of kittens back in the fall. She was rescued, her rescuers were told that she’s pregnant, and then she came to me.

Is she pregnant? I think so. Time will tell (at this moment I am predicting she’ll have kittens before February 1st.)

She is a SUPER friendly girl – always pleased to see me (or Fred) come into the room, comes over for love, snoopervises whatever I’m doing, and if I leave the room she’s like “Okay, whatever. ::shrug::” We’ve already brushed her (she’s not sure if she likes it), flea-treated her, and trimmed her claws (she was kneading so vigorously her claws were getting stuck in the blanket she was standing on), and she’s been fine with all of it. It’s hard to get pictures of her, though, because she wants to be all up IN your face getting love. I can handle that.

As mentioned, this will not be her first litter. But it’ll be her last!

Note: Canasta is the name of a card game. Her kittens will be named after card games. The litter will be called The Cardsharks.

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You can see all the pictures taken of Canasta (and her eventual kittens) here at Flickr, or scroll through them below.

The Cardsharks