1-11-21 Monday

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In case you missed it on social media over the weekend or in yesterday’s post or in the sidebar, Saturday afternoon…

Moira Rose went home! She’s now Roxanne Rose, and you can follow her and her brothers here at Facebook.

Here are the rest of the pictures I got of her before she went home. Such a PRETTY girl.

Showing off her handiwork.

Little poser.

Did I mention pretty?

Judging Charlie.

Pettin’ time.

“Why’d you stop?”

Judging me.

Taking over the ham-mick.

I stacked those beds in that bigger bed while I was cleaning, and then forgot about them. She was all “This is COMFY.”

Her favorite place to chill out.


Okay, okay, you just wanna see the new girl, am I right? Say hello to Canasta.

She is about a year and a half old and was left at an apartment complex. She had a litter of kittens back in the fall. She was rescued, her rescuers were told that she’s pregnant, and then she came to me.

Is she pregnant? Well, maybe. Her belly is bigger than it was in pictures from a few weeks ago. She’s got visible nipples. She’s still small though, so we’ll see. I’ll be skeptical ’til I see kittens moving. For now we’ll proceed as if she’s pregnant. (The only way this differs from proceeding as if she’s not pregnant is the amount of time I’ll spend staring at her belly.)

She is a SUPER friendly girl – the instant I opened the carrier, she came out to be petted. She stomped around the room, checked everything out, ate a little, and settled in for a nap. She’s always pleased to see me (or Fred) come into the room, comes over for love, snoopervises whatever I’m doing, and if I leave the room she’s like “Okay, whatever. ::shrug::” We’ve already brushed her (she’s not sure if she likes it), flea-treated her, and trimmed her claws (she was kneading so vigorously her claws were getting stuck in the blanket she was standing on), and she’s been fine with all of it. It’s hard to get pictures of her, though, because she wants to be all up IN your face getting love. I can handle that.

Age-wise, we think she’s 12-18 months (I think she’s closer to 18 months), and as mentioned, this will not be her first litter. But it’ll be her last!

Note: Canasta is the name of a card game. Her kittens will be named after card games. The litter will be called The Cardsharks.


Dewey’s got his blep on.


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1-11-21 Monday — 16 Comments

  1. Welcome Ms. Canasta!! My great-aunt had a big ole black cat named Canasta! He was long-haired but not as magnificent as Khal. And he didn’t care for children. As soon as we arrived, my mother’s first words were always “don’t touch the cat.” She said the same thing at two other aunts’ houses. Those other cats were Cassidy (orange tabby) and Mittens (black and white long-hair). Maybe I like cats so much now because I was always being warned off!

    The Cardsharks is a great theme!

  2. Hey pretty Maybe Mama!!

    So since the theme will be Cardsharks, I have Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” running through my head!

  3. She sure looks preggo to me! I love the theme of Card Sharks and the movie “The Sting” popped into my head. Would love to see a kitty named Henry Gondorf, Billie (his girlfriend), and Johnny Hooker, the greenhorn. 🙂

    Ooh, ooh, Kid Twist! What a name for one of those high jumpers!

  4. Hi Canasta! I’m thinking we might have a Pinocle, an Uno, maybe a Rummy, Euchre, Whist…….

    Fun naming theme!

  5. Yay to Moira Rose! Love seeing them adopted though I will miss her pretty face.
    Welcome to Canasta (which is a great naming theme).
    I’m excited to maybe see new baybees. Canasta has such unique markings it’ll be fun to see what her offspring look like.

  6. Cardsharks – love it!!! And my mind went straight to Black Jacques Shellac. Speaking of looney toons, is it me, or could Canasta give Jake a run for his money?

      • That definitely adds to the overall effect, but I was most struck by her apparent sense of abandon. I can’t wait to see videos of her!

  7. Yeah she looks prego to me. Please, please name one of the kittens “Sheep’s Head”. It’s my favorite card game. It’s similar to Euchre but better! It’s a regional game played in Wisconsin by German descendants. I learned it from my friends in college.

  8. Poker. Whist. Piquet. Blackjack. Snap. Rummy. Tarock. Bezique. Scarto.
    I love thinking of names!

  9. Oh yes, a Pinochle is a must (well, so say I)! I used to play, I don’t even remember how anymore. How about Fizzbin? (A test of your Star Trek chops!)

  10. Seriously, Dewey is going to slink around in shame with you posting the UNdignified photo,