1-10-21 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

“Watching you, lady. Watching. YOU.” (Moira Rose)

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Playin’ Slappy Paws with Uncle Charlie.

The magnificent Khal is ready for night-nights. (Good night innernets.)

In case you’ve missed the details before now, let me re-introduce our current foster. This adorable sweet little brown tabby girl is Moira Rose (named after the character in the Canadian series Schitt’s Creek). She is 10ish months old, and she’s not sure about being petted yet but she’s coming around.⁠

Back in 2012 we fostered housepanther kitty Flynn (lower left – he was Kohle when he was our foster) and the following year we fostered gray and white Hook (he was Khaleesi’s kitten Puff). The BIG NEWS is that Flynn and Hook are now big brothers to Jordan! (That top picture cracks me up because Hook is clearly bigger than Jordan.) The cats are adjusting – Hook doesn’t look any too stressed, does he? Selena reports that Flynn is obsessed with sniffing Jordan, but then gets scared and runs away without actually touching him. Oh, those silly boys… just wait ’til Jordan starts crawling! (Thanks, Selena!)

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Moira Rose is all “Oooh, he’s cuuute!” She’s such a flirt.

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Sometimes Uncle Charlie’s up for playing. Sometimes Uncle Charlie’s no fun and just wants to hang out on his ham-mick. That’s when Moira Rose entertains herself.

Moira Rose certainly does love that track toy.

Good night innernets. (Moira Rose)

Look at those happy little faces! That’s Annie Oakley and Holly Eclair (formerly Eclair), who went home just a few weeks ago. Mary Jon reports that they are fitting in perfectly. Look how happy and snuggly they are (and also, how cool is that cat tree)! (Thanks Mary Jon!)

There’s been a lot of discussion who Moira looks like – this is who she reminds me of! In the upper left is Moira Rose. ⁠

In the upper right is our dear sweet Dennis, who was a foster back in 2014 and became a permanent resident (we lost him in 2017.) She has the same round face and big wide eyes as Dennis. ⁠

In the lower left is Barney Beans, our foster in 2012. He’s the one who immediately came to mind when I first saw Moira, there’s just something about her that reminds me of him a lot, and I’m not entirely sure what it is.⁠

And in the lower right is Baby Beans, our foster in 2012 (foster sibling to Barney Beans, but no actual relation). Usually Moira’s got the big, wide eyes, but when she’s suspicious of my intentions, she bears a striking resemblance to Baby Beans.

Charlie’s wearing his Ears of Annoyance (and Moira’s on the move.)

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Charlie’s got the zoomies, and Moira Rose isn’t sure what to make of that goofy boy.

Good night innernets. (Charlie)

It’s the Bobby formerly known as Funnel Cake and his sister Luby. How freakin’ CUTE ARE THEY? SO cute! (Thanks, Marilynn!)

Moira Rose can still reach her back end, which means the kittens won’t be coming anytime soon!

It’s Pretzel and Peanut (formerly Fritter)! Jill says: “Baby steps with big sister Abbey. Even tho she loves their food and toys.. She is still not wanting anything to do with them. I’ve dubbed her a slow learner! As you can see they are having issues relaxing😆😎” Also, Peanut lost a baby tooth, earning him the nickname “Snaggletooth Peanut” – and there will be a Facebook page for them, but it’ll be a few weeks! Maybe by then, those little stress balls will have learned to relax. 😻(Thanks, Jill!)

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Moira Rose and Uncle Charlie play a game of “I chase you, you chase me.”

If that face isn’t the very epitome of “THIS idiot” I don’t know what is.

Good night innernets. (Moira Rose)

It’s laundry day, and Moira’s in charge of guarding the sheets.

Uncle Charlie and Moira Rose hanging out, keeping an eye on me. The usual.

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Petting Moira Rose.

“Ma’am. My eyes are up HERE.”

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INCOMING! (Charlie was doing these long, crazy leaps and Fred said “Why aren’t you making a video of these?! And I started making a video, and he steered Charlie’s butt right at my phone. I mean COME ON.)

Moira Rose is feelin’ snuggly.

Good night innernets. (Uncle Archie who, yes, is curled up on a giant pillow that looks like a cat. $11 at Aldi!)

Moira Rose went for a vet exam yesterday and – surprise! – there are no bebes in that belly. She will now never have any kittens, because she was spayed, vaccinated and microchipped yesterday. Yes, this IS good news for her, because she won’t have to go through the birth process, and of course we’re happy for her. (And don’t be sad: there’s another pregnant cat who’ll be taking her place soonish.)⁠

Moira Rose has the sweetest little face.

This beautiful girl is Sophie, she belongs to longtime Love & Hisses reader Crystal. During a routine procedure Sophie’s colon ruptured, requiring her to need emergency surgery. Like so many right now, Crystal has been furloughed and is completely overwhelmed with the bills. If you could possibly spare anything to help out, I know that it would be very much appreciated. The GoFundMe link is here. (Good thoughts and prayers are also much appreciated!)

We have an ADOPTION PENDING on our not-a-mama Moira Rose! (And no, she is not going to be a permanent resident.) She will be headed home tomorrow! ❤️❤️❤️

This sweet boy is Julius, big brother to Piper (our foster Dynamo back in 2018) and Freddie (who was Onion Ring Vittles just a few months ago.) He had a urinary blockage last year that required hospitalization and many tests, but he finally recovered and has been doing well. Unfortunately, he is now blocked again and there are vet bills on top of what his people have already spent. Katelyn’s set up a GoFundMe and if you can spare anything, I know that it would be so appreciated. The GoFundMe link is here or donate directly via Venmo, user name Katelyn-Mason-8 . And of course – good thoughts and prayers for sweet Julius would be much appreciated.

Hooray, hooray, Moira Rose was adopted and went home today! Her new name is Roxy Rose, and she joins two brother kitties – AND you can see her AND her brothers on Facebook at Two Tabbies and a Jungle Kitty ! Happy life, sweet girl. ❤️❤️❤️

Good night innernets. (Permanent resident Newt.)


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  1. Congrats Roxy Rose! I hoped you enjoyed your spa vacation under your alias.

    I love seeing former fosters in their new homes.