1-10-20 Friday

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You know what would make the world a better place for Khal and the Smug Ones? Another bed on the table. (How have you not done that already, Lady?!!)

I’m trying not to let the table get taken over. It’s a losing battle, and I’m sure it’ll be covered with beds in another year (especially since we rarely ever actually eat there), but I’m fighting it!


How do you tell them apart? I couldn’t see any collars on them.

I’m making a mental note to do a post about this for next week, but in short: they look different to me. Plus, Gabrielle has a line on her nose (she’s had it since birth), Gabrielle is longer and lankier; Josephine is short and smaller. Josephine’s eyes take up about 1/3 of her face (I think she’s got her mother’s eyes and her auntie’s markings), and Gabrielle’s eyes are darker and more striking. But like I said – I’ll do a more in-depth post next week, with pictures.


Why do the permanent residents get so stressed? Their “ territory” invaded? Access to home & rooms compromised? Just more cats,especially those kittens that need attention & love? I can see it would be stressful for them, but rather normal since you guys foster regularly…

Mostly that it’s more cats out and about. When the fosters are restricted to the foster room, it’s a lot easier. But this year we’ve had a lot more out-and-about fosters than ever before. They’re not all that stressed out now with just the two kittens (except for Alice, who just hates all kittens), but when it was all 6 of Margeaux’s kittens PLUS Margeaux and Katriane, that was a lot for them to deal with.


Aw I love Little Pete! Possums love bananas, so you could try those on him. I used to volunteer at a wildlife rescue center and we had many, many possums, esp. during baby season. They all absolutely loved bananas, and it’s so cute to see them holding mushy banana in their little paws and munching away.

We do occasionally give them bananas! Usually it’s whatever fruit is on sale (we left an orange out for them a few weeks ago, neither of us expecting it to be eaten, but they did!) Fred used to object to giving them “too much” junk food (he veers away from giving them too much bread) until he heard that they tend to only live 2 – 3 years, and then he was like “GIVE THEM WHATEVER THEY WANT.”

I think possums are the cutest things EVER and I am jealous of your experience volunteering with wildlife rescue.


I didn’t know that Aldi is in the US too. I thought it was only in Germany.

We do indeed have Aldi here – in fact, the one closest to me is about 10 minutes away, and there’s another one in the other direction that’s 15 minutes away. It took me several visits to realize just how awesome it is, and now I do about 60% of my grocery shopping there.

My only gripe is that they don’t open ’til 9:00. If they opened just an hour earlier… but oh well.


So, I’m looking at Archie and Khal, and thinking: “wha’? No snow…? Oh right. That’s because IT’S ALL UP HERE IN CANADA AND THE NORTHERN US. *swearing*” And while I’m at it, please tell me what that ethereal glow is around Khal? Could it be this “sunshine” I’ve heard so much about? I heard it generates heat, is that true? I wouldn’t know, BECAUSE WE HAVEN’T SEEN IT SINCE PONTIUS WAS A PILATE.

Listen, I would take some of that snow if I could. It doesn’t get or stay cold enough here for long enough to suit me. I mean, it’s been in the 50s and 60s (and is supposed to be 70 on Saturday) – what kind of ridiculousness is that? On the other hand, don’t get used to the sunshine. It’s been plenty gloomy here lately, that was just an unusual day.


I can’t help thinking of one of the best videos ever: Bert’s first day with the new legs.

YouTube link

I love that video SO MUCH.


Robyn, it’s been a while since I’ve commented on your blog. I hope you don’t mind if I borrow your platform to invite any of your readers (and you and Fred too) to join a Facebook group exclusively for people who have opened up their hearts and homes to feral and former feral cats. It’s called “Owned by a (Former) Feral” and I started it about two months ago as a place where cat-lovers who love and care for ferals and former ferals can share the unique joys and challenges associated with these often-misunderstood creatures. It’s grown beyond my expectations and it’s a very active and thriving group. There are a lot of heartwarming stories, and also lots of support, suggestions and tips and strategies rooted in years of experience with ferals. It’s designed to be a place where we learn together and trade experiences. Anyone who has a feral or former feral in their life, or who just has a heart for the plight of feral cats, is welcome: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ownedbyaformerferal/

I don’t mind one little bit – what a great idea!


Josephine’s face: Me when a friend says a swear word in front of their Mom.



JoJo takes a bath.

Gabrielle would like y’all to know it’s tiring being this dang cute.

JoJo has a judgement.

Snuggly girls (Gabrielle on the left, Josephine on the right.)

Gorgeous girls.

“Gimme a HUG!”

“I thlurrrp you…”

“You thlurrrp me.”


“You said those kittens was gone, and then you brought ’em back. You are SO getting a ticket!” A Sheriff Mama’s work is never done.


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1-10-20 Friday — 6 Comments

  1. I love Aldi and have converted so many friends to shopping there! And the chocolates and goodies at Christmas? I’m still recovering!

    And yes, I know we’re in the south but 60s and 70s in January?!? I’ve got cute sweaters that I need to wear, people!!!

  2. “…until he heard that they tend to only live 2 – 3 years, and then he was like “GIVE THEM WHATEVER THEY WANT.””

    I LOVE FRED. Those were my thoughts exactly when I found out what a hard (and short!) life most possums have! They don’t come around here often but when they do, I give them whatever I have on hand. It seems they love blueberries but are not so fond of kale, lol.

    I love them so much it actually took my husband by surprise (we’re newly married) and he said “Wow… so on a scale of one to Cat, how much do you love possums?”

    He likes cats, too, but is a bit confused by my EXTRA SUPER DUPER UNDYING LOVE for cats and I guess he wanted to use that as a gauge for my love of all other animals, lol.

    For the record, possums are RIGHT UP THERE with cats in my books, just one notch below them if we’re going to split hairs. They get a bad rap just because they have pointy teefs and a naked tail, and some (translation: dumb) folks think they’re ugly, so they need all the love they can get!

    • Possums do get a bad rap! They apparently eat ticks, and that endears them to me…every once in a great while we catch sight of one with babies being carried on her back. Didn’t realize the life span was so short, either.
      There is even a road in our area that has the word Possum in the name!

  3. So, being a Les Mis fan, I had to go back and read 2007’s post. That was before I was a reader of the blog. Javert was quite a handsome boy! I have a weakness for black and white kitties.

    Also, the way I have always been able to spot JoJo is her nose. It seems to be darker than her siblings’ noses.

  4. Oh WOW!! Thank you, Robyn, for posting about the “Owned by a (Former) Feral” Facebook group. By noon, more than 20 new members had already come from Love-and-Hisses!

    And I was so thrilled last night to see that you had joined the group as well. Your blog was probably my very first introduction to the cat-o-sphere on the Internet, so in a way, you get some of the credit for the genesis of the “Owned by a (Former) Feral” group.

  5. I’m not surprised the possum ate the orange. When we had a grapefruit tree, we’d often see them in tree. They ate the fruit, sometimes leaving just half the rind hanging on the tree. So disappointing to pick a beautiful grapefruit only to find just the rind in your hand.