1-9-20 Thursday

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2019: “Cleaning rag on the kitchen island? Don’t mind if I do!”
2018: “WUT.”
2017: I feel like I’ve interrupted something.
2016: No entry.
2015: Stevie illustrates how best to take pictures of your belly with the Cat Selfie app.
2014: When it comes to the cats, Fred is 100% Aurora Greenway.
2012: Also, so you don’t have to go without your kitteh fix, here I am getting my very first kitten for my (I think) sixth birthday, so it was mumblety-mumble years ago.
2011: No entry.
2010: No entry.
2009: She’s all ::sniffsniffsniff:: “HI TOMMY!” and he’s all “Yeah, whatever, runt.”
2008: No entry.
2007: Naturally, Mister Boogers heard us talking to them, and came up to be a jerk.
2006: No entry.
2005: No entry.



1-9-20 Thursday — 12 Comments

  1. Khal’s lookin’ pretty good, even with kittens around as a garnish. Never get to see enough of Newt!

  2. You know what would make the world a better place for Khal and the Smug Ones? Another bed on the table. (How have you not done that already, Lady?!!)

    Lol, the stunned look on Newt’s face!

  3. Oh! And third picture down!

    Is that a wee bit of Khal Drogo pink tongue I see sticking out?!!

  4. Happy birthday! Hope it’s filled with good books, kitty kisses and all things that bring you joy.

  5. I can tell by the shadows that it took her a while to convince Khal to abandon his bed. Persistence pays off!

  6. Poor Khal! There he was, sleeping sweetly, causing no problems to anyone else, and along come two pirates!

  7. “Well, he wasn’t even taking the best advantage of the sun! Notice how he was partly in the shade? Whilst I have positioned myself for full sun coverage! So I think this is perfectly fair.”