1-9-19 Wednesday with Kara

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Today we focus on Kara (Sheriff Mama)!

A brief moment of stillness. Isn’t she a pretty girl?

Hanging out in the bay window (which leads to the screened porch.)

This is one of her favorite spots when the weather is nice. It’s situated perfectly so that she can see into the front yard and also along the walkway to the screened porch.

From back in April or May, before that tree was cut down (and before we yanked the ivy up).

That window leads into the kitchen, and if Fred sees a cat standing there he’ll open the window and let them in that way (instead of making them come in through the screened porch.) Naturally ALL the cats now think that’s the best way to come inside, and very often I’ll be passing through the kitchen, hear a plaintive meow, and look over to see a cat (usually Kara, Archie or Frankie) meowing to come inside. I don’t let them in that way, because I’m mean.

“Cleaning rag on the kitchen island? Don’t mind if I do!”

Here’s something that’ll blow you away (but maybe only if you’ve been reading for a VERY long time) – Kara will be 12 years old in just a few months. She came to us as a hugely pregnant stray, guesstimated as being 1 year old – and was the very first pregnant cat to give birth in our home. The fact that she gave birth to the first three kittens while we were watching Survivor: Micronesia has always stuck in my head.

(Kara birthed 4 kittens total, and has had zero-zilch-nada-nope interest in kittens ever since.)


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1-9-19 Wednesday with Kara — 20 Comments

  1. Sweet Kara – wow, 12!! Already??? The cats and kittens just keep getting older and dragging us all along with them!!! By the way, speaking of getting older and wiser and better… Happy Birthday, Robyn! Or, happy anniversary of THE DAY OF YOU! Have a fantastic day! May your new year bring you nothing but the best!!!!!! Happy birthday and many, many more!!! MANY more… (we’re the same age!)

  2. Goodness, I guess I have been around here for a long time! We have a work kitty that does the same on our counter at work, everyone that put an article of clothing up there she would sit on it. Now that it is cold she has her heated bed up there!

    Happy Birthday Robyn!!!

  3. Kara has always touched my heart – from single mom to Chief Law Enforcement Officer of Crooked Acres then Shady Cove. And Happy Day of Me, Robyn! Spend the day following your heart.

  4. Wow, 12 years. Seems impossible. Truly.
    Happiest You Day Robyn. You have brought so much life and color to our lives. Thank you.

  5. I love Sheriff Mama, she’s such a sweetheart.

    And happiest of birthdays to you, Robyn, my favouritest person I’ve never met but feel a wonderful cat-connection to, like you’re my bestie and I wish we lived closer to each other so we could hang out, in a non-stalker-y sort of way.

  6. KARA IS TWELVE??????? It’s official, Robyn, I have been reading your blog FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I’m glad. 😉

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi Kara! Oh, she’s such a pretty girl, Her Tabbiness reminds me of my sweet Old Man Atticus… Hard to believe she’ll be 12!

    She probably wouldn’t hesitate to ticket any little kitten out past curfew and acting like a thug.

    And happy birthday to you! I hope the Permies have pooled their allowance money and gotten you a rockin’ gift!

  8. Happy Birthday Miz Bitchypoo! Yep, been around that long. LOL

    So, yes, seeing that The Sheriff is 12 does make me feel old. But knowing I’ve been reading for longer than that does it even more. 🙂 But I’ve enjoyed each and every one of those years!

    May you and The Sheriff have many more to go.

  9. Oh no, say it ain’t so! Kara is 12??!! I always view it with alarm when my beloveds creep up on old age. But she looks good! Go do something fun and a little bit reckless for your birthday, Robyn! Have a wonderful day my cat-friend!

  10. Kara is truly the law in those parts!

    Happy birthday, and know you make the world a better place for so, so many kitties! They would all wish you many more years to come, if they could. I’ll do it for them: may you have many happy years ahead in kittenland.

  11. Happy Birthday, Robyn! I hope all of your birthday wishes come true! Sto lat!!
    (Polish song or expression meaning may you live a long happy life.)

  12. My mom’s previous house had an upstairs bathroom with a window overlooking the roof of the patio. Her cat Sabrina would climb a tree, jump to the patio roof, then wait outside the bathroom window to be let in — instead of just walking up to the back door. Having a cat staring in at them sometimes freaked guests out!

    And happy, happy birthday, Robyn! So glad you had a great day!