1-8-19 Tuesday with Jake

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In case you missed it last night…

Pulley was adopted! Luckily, I happened to go by Petsmart for a little while yesterday afternoon, so I got to see and kiss her one last time before she went home.

This leaves Ryder, Cam and Clutch at Petsmart. Fingers crossed that they all go home soon.


Today (as you can tell from the title, I’d imagine) we’re focusing on Jake the Loon.

We had that tree cut down in May, and Jake wasted no time in claiming the left over trunk as his own. (This picture is taken through Fred’s bedroom window.)

Hanging out on the deck.

Looking loonified on the rock wall.

More hanging out on the rock wall. The cats love the rock walls in the back yard, can you tell?

And hanging out in the kitchen on the table.

The Loon on his throne.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, Frankie and Jake are becoming buddies. Jake is pretty happy these days – not only does he have Khal to occasionally snuggle with and who will lick his head occasionally, now he’s also got Frankie to play with. Life is pretty good for the loon!

Long time readers will be shocked to hear that Jake is going to be TEN this year. Ten! I still think of him as not much more than a kitten, and I clearly remember the day he and Elwood showed up on our side stoop. Seems like it just happened yesterday!


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1-8-19 Tuesday with Jake — 13 Comments

  1. I just adore Jake’s loony little face. And oh, how I love that pic of Fred holding baby Jake and baby Elwood! SO CUTE 🙂

  2. I love that Jakey has some new BFFs and that everyone is getting along (except Archie and those dastardly dishtowels, hehehe).

    And I love this time of year when we get to catch up with the Permies. I mean, the kittens are great and all but I really really looove all your adult housemates with all their wonderful personalities.

    (That includes Fred, whose posts I really miss on Facebook since he mysteriously disappeared off my feed many moons ago!)

  3. Just adore jake and his cuddly ways.

    If you were going to throw the permies out the windows at street corners as you left the farm, I’d want to be on his corner to catch him.

  4. Hi,I wanted to get thoughts from you and the community here. I live in an urban area. There was young cat with 4 kittens in a yard of an empty house, that also seemed that they were getting in and out of the basement. I had been feeding them about 3 weeks. Once the holidays were over, I got a live trap from the local shelter that does TNR. This is the first time I’ve done this. Over the last few days I’ve caught the kittens. Haven’t seen the mom in about 5 days, still going to keep putting the trap out. The kittens are about 4 months old and all about 4 lbs. Three of the kittens were really wild and I released them in my back yard where I had put together DIY cat shelter and a food station. Sorry I’m so long winded. The last one I caught on Sunday seemed to be the runt and the most fearful, but didn’t seem at all aggressive(it let me touch it’s nose through the bars). This one seems least likely to survive through the winter. Looks like it’s part munchkin. I will pick him up Wednesday from the shelter. In addition to the neuter, they also did some vaccinations. Has anyone fostered anything like this? Is 4 months too old to be viable in adapting to be a pet. Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you

    • Are you thinking of trying to make the runt an indoor cat? 4 months is usually a little old to try to turn a feral kitten into a lap cat, but I think it would be worth a try, as long as you realize it’s probably going to take a while (maybe a long while) and you might end up with a house feral. (House ferals aren’t necessarily a bad thing – that’s pretty much what Stinkerbelle was, and I’d say she had a happy life with us.)

  5. I remember Jake and Elwood’s story almost like it was yesterday. Can’t believe it’s been 10 years already! It’s good to hear he’s picking up some new friends in the fold.

  6. Oh, Jakie! One of my faves! I started reading your blog while you had the True Bloods, and had totally forgotten that Jake and Elwood appeared then. I suspect I started reading a week or so later – perhaps they were already firmly part of the PermRes gang by then!