1-7-19 Monday with Frankie

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I received more holiday cards from y’all at the post office last week, and scanned them in over the weekend. You can see them over at Flickr here, or scroll through them below. If I receive any more I will, of course, add them to that Flickr album. (Y’all send the BEST cards!)

2018 Holiday Cards Received


Since we’re now officially out of foster kitten pics, I figure I’ll clear out the folders in which I store my permanent residents’ pictures so y’all can see their sweet faces, and which will also force me to take more current pictures of them.

Today is Frankie’s day.

In the sun on the covered porch.

Hanging out in the back yard, all “What?”

In a cleared spot near the covered porch.

Happy boy.

In the back yard with the Ears of Annoyance.

Stomping across the yard (clearly in mid-summer.)

For the newer readers, Frankie is FIV positive and has stomatitis. He gets medication a couple of times a week – Atopica (cyclosporine) – for the stomatitis, and it’s working wonderfully. He’s doing well, sleeps snuggled up next to me some nights, and on the nights he doesn’t sleep with me, he sleeps on the recliner or the cat tree in my room.

In the past few months, Frankie and Jake have become buddies. We actually thought at first that Frankie was picking on Jake, because while they’re tussling Jake is pretty vocal, but as it turns out Jake starts as many tussles as Frankie does. They’re nearly always near each other, and Frankie will follow Jake around the back yard and hang out with him.

I think that in this relationship, Jake might be the wise old man imparting wisdom, lord help us all.

When they play-fight – which is every evening when they’re waiting for Fred to give them their evening sprinkle of Babycat as their night time snack – Frankie does this move which always cracks us up. He stands up, looks down at Jake, and then turns around and does his level best to put his back end on Jake. Sometimes he’s successful for a few moments, but most of the time Jake rolls away. Then Frankie tries it again and again and again. I desperately need to get it on video, because it’s hilarious.


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1-7-19 Monday with Frankie — 21 Comments

  1. I have a question about the med you’re giving Frankie. I have a cat, FIV positive and recently diagnosed with stomatitis, and I’ve been researching Atopica. It’s noted that it shouldn’t be given to cats with FeLV and FIV so I’m surprised to hear you giving it to Frankie. Can you share with me your insight on why it was prescribed? I will supply my email so you can write me directly instead of using this forum for your response.

    • If possible, Robyn, could you share your answer here so the rest of us can get educated, too? ( I was gonna write

    • Basically, it was prescribed because nothing else was working. Having his teeth removed didn’t work as we’d hoped it would. Prednisone worked for a while, and then stopped working. Atopica is an immunosuppressant, and giving it to a cat whose immune system is already compromised is not ideal (to say the least). Unfortunately there weren’t any other good options, and he was in a great amount of pain (every time he yawned, he’d scream). It’s possible that at some point the Atopica will stop working, but it’s working for now (he gets it twice a week), so we’ll stick with it.

  2. Hello, Frankie! You are looking great!

    Robyn, I can’t believe out of ALL those cards that 99% didn’t have duplicates! They were all great cards!!! Thanks for posting pics of them all. Bells on Bob’s Tail Rings was mine and it made me laugh. I hope you got a chuckle out of it too! 🙂

    Wishing you and all L&H’s followers amazing and wonderful things in 2019!

    • I loved that one-saw it in a store after Thanksgiving, and stupidly didn’t pick it up…couldn’t find it later–now I know why!! Glad you did so Robyn could see it!

      For a split second I thought this was not going to be a happy post-very glad Frankie is doing so well!

  3. Lordy I saw “Frankie” and was afraid I’d be reading a memorial post. WHEW! Can’t wait to see video of the snackin time ritual. xoxo

    • Same for me. I groaned. Maybe Robin will be nice and title future posts like this as Frankie updates or something similar.

      It’s nice to see that Frankie’s doing so well.

    • Sorry about that, I thought the “Monday” part of the title would tip y’all off. 🙂 I’ve changed the title and will stick with “[Day of the week] with [Cat]” for the rest of the permanent residentses.

      • Ack! Just realized I misspelled your name earlier. Blame it on not enough coffee. It was early for me is my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

        Thanks for the title change.

  4. Okay I desperately need to see Frankie’s butt-chop move in action! That sounds hilarious 😀

  5. LOL… I, too, am fascinated and amused by this Frankie/Jake dynamic and hope that you can capture it for us!

      • Yes, it’s Royal Canin kibble (I think it’s actually called “Mother and Babycat” – they changed the name in the past few years). It’s in small pieces, and I don’t remember how Fred started giving it to the cats as a treat, but they LOVE it.

  6. My 2 youngest cats wrassle all the time. The kitten always starts it and Petey, boss cat, finishes it. Most times is multiple rounds at a time. It’s quite fun to watch.

  7. Frankie is really handsome! He has the most wonderful tabby markings. I love him!

  8. So glad Frankie is doing well! Yep, I thought the worse when I read the title and it made me a little more concerned since I lost a cat to stomatitis (pre Atopica) and there was nothing more we could do for him. So hoping this leaves Frankie doing well for ever!

  9. “I think that in this relationship, Jake might be the wise old man imparting wisdom, lord help us all.”

    F**k me Robyn (and pardon my French) but that made me laugh this morning like nobody’s business on a Monday. Man that’s funny. Poor Jakey, he’s such a patient sweetheart, lol.

    Frankie reminds me so much of my Malcolm… i’m going to love seeing more of the Permanent Residents.