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That was Bobby Brady doing the Macarena in yesterday’s entry (but I get your point – and haven’t we all had haircuts like that in our sad pasts?).

Bobby and Cindy look a lot alike in the face, and this is how I tell them apart when I’m looking at pictures. Bobby Brady:

has a line coming off his right eye. And Cindy Brady:

has a line coming off her left eye!

(Together, they make one perfect makeup job.)

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I have a question…do you have any say in who adopts your fosters? For example, if someone comes to Challenger’s House and wants to adopt one of the Brady Bunch, do you get a chance to talk to them before a decision is made? Just wondering. You give your fosters so much love and care that I think it would be hard to just let them go to someone if you didn’t at least get to meet them first.

I rarely meet the people who adopt my fosters – and that’s a good thing, really, because the shelter manager and adoption counselors have been doing this for ages, and they’re better judges of character when it comes to this sort of thing. I’m afraid I’d always be of the “Well, they seem like nice people!” mindset, and miss the warning signals.

I mean, I imagine that if I absolutely didn’t want someone to adopt my fosters, they’d certainly take my opinion into consideration. But I always feel confident that my babies will end up in good homes with the awesome adoption counselors of Challenger’s House on the job!

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I’m curious, did the plastic covering on the heating pad cord come with it, or is that something you did yourself? Chewing on cords is my #1 behavior problem with my foster kittens and I’d love some plastic tubing like that, but I don’t know where to get it.

I bought these cord protectors a couple of years ago to put over the cords to appliances in the foster room.

They’re nice and heavy, and there’s a seam along one side – you basically just wrap it around your cords.

My only gripe is that the “citrus scent” is kind of unpleasant. But it does keep the cats from chewing on cords, so it’s a worthwhile trade-off.

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Do the chickens just jump down onto the dogs when they are asleep in front of the chicken house door?

They kind of jump over them rather than down onto the dogs. I don’t think the dogs would react poorly to having chickens jump on them (if they even felt it!), but I think the chickens would rather be safe than sorry!

(Also, that’s not the only way out of the chicken coop – there’s a door on the front that they can go in and out of, as well.)

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Sleepy Peter, waking up from his long midday nap.

Bobby and Greg.

Peter cheers Marcia on in her Race! Around! The Room!

Cindy thinks Marcia’s tail needs a little salt.

“NO MORE MACARENA, you hear me?!”

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Miz Poo in the foster room. She really likes hanging out in there during the day – it’s the warmest room in the house, with the sun coming through the window. She also likes to watch the babies play, but doesn’t so much like it when they get in her space.


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  1. Thank you sooo much for answering my question! Just wanted so ask…is it wrong that I am COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY IN LOVE with Greg and Peter?! That sleepy face on Peter is just killing me! You really get the most adorable fosters – must be something in the water 😉

  2. Awww that was gorgeous Bobby Brady!! Lovely!!! Another set of beautiful adorable and ever such fun pics!! Thank you!!! Take care

  3. Thanks for the cord covering rec! I bought one and while the smell is annoying, it gets much less so after a couple of days. I think I’ll buy more and try to cover all the cords in my room!