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Yesterday, GD asked if she’d offended me, because apparently I’d unfriended her on Facebook.


If we’ve ever been FB friends and currently are not and YOU didn’t unfriend ME, let me know! I don’t know the last time I unfriended someone on FB (I don’t think I have ever actually unfriended anyone), and I sure wouldn’t unfriend one of YOU guys, because you are my people. Either Facebook is randomly unfriending people in hopes of causing a brouhaha (POSSIBLE), or I accidentally hit something and unfriended you (ALSO POSSIBLE) or a cat ran across my keyboard and somehow hit the correct sequence of keys to make it happens (also POSSIBLE, but probably not likely. Okay, wait. I just looked at Sugarbutt. I’m going to call this a definite POSSIBLE.) So if you’ve said to yourself “I hate Robyn because she unfriended me for NO REASON”, rest assured: it wasn’t me! Friend me! I’ll friend you back! Promise!


Who knows who THIS is? Any guesses? Anyone?

That would be our beloved Stompers, all grown up!

Kristyn said: All the recent updates made me realize it had been a while. Stompers is still happy, healthy, and as affectionate as ever. We got him and his sister, Wisp, those cat hammocks and they have been quite a hit. So much so that I taught my sons to sew by letting them make a Christmas cover for one of them. Which Stompers heartily approved of. He is a gigantic love bug!

Thank you for all you do for these amazing cats!

Thank you for the update and the pictures, Kristyn! I sure do love seeing his sweet face again. πŸ™‚


“Feather teaser! You get down here!”

“Yeah! What she said!”

Bunnie watches to see if the feather teaser is obeying instructions (it didn’t. You know how those feather teasers are!)

So Bunnie scolds the feather teaser a little more.


Tricki went after the feather teaser, but no dice.

I’m not sure what Tricki’s staring at so intently, but I suspect it was probably the red laser dot.

John Smith takes a rest.

Toto kills me dead with his wide-eyed gaze.

Sweet boy.

I decided yesterday that it was time to open the door to the foster room and let John Smith, Bunnie, Toto and Tricki have the run of the upstairs. I initially wasn’t going to do that because after the summer and fall we had, I figured the permanent residents needed a little time where they were the only cats who had the run of the house. But yesterday I realized that the permanent residents really aren’t spending any time upstairs, so we put the gates up across the bottom of the stairs and opened the foster room.

Except for Bunnie, who made one very quick, nervous foray into the bathroom and then immediately ran back to the foster room, none of them even left their room. So I shut the door (because Alice was giving me the eyes of “I don’t want to STAY upstairs, but I want to know I can get there if I want to!”) and took down the gate. We’ll try again tomorrow. I’m sure it won’t be very long before they decide that it’s not so scary out there!


“Hello? Anyone in there?”


(Note: Those pictures were taken a few weeks ago, before it got cold out. In the past couple of days, Newt’s been flopped across the heating vent in the dining room pretty constantly. I just didn’t want y’all to think I was letting him take his silly self outside to get all frostbitten!)


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  1. As I said to Robyn, everyone has a right to unfriend, but I wanted to know if I unknowingly offended because for that I would have profusely appologized! I figured it was either that or she was sick of seeing all my animal postings on her news feed! πŸ˜‰ Anyway, it was nice to know that I was still loved. (Besides, I could have still stalked her cuz FRED WAS STILL MY FRIEND!!! hahahahaha)

    Stompers still looks like Stompers! What a muffin and if that Hammick cover in the photo is the one her son made, tell him GOOD JOB!!!!

    Oh pretty pretty Bunny….she is at least the bravest of the bunch!

    It is 24 this morning, but like 11 with the windchill. Can’t complain…many of you all have it much worse….but my whine is that this is supposed to be FLORIDA!!!

    Keep warm!

  2. That pic of Bunnie with the outstretched legs just proves my point. Kitteh armpits are THE BOMB! Perfect spot for serious huffing.

    GD, it’s currently -12 with windchills of -30 here in Michigan. It’s just freakin’ cold everywhere. Truth.

    • I am also a big fan of kitteh armpits. One of my cats, Figaro, is a big fan of having his armpits scratched. The vet techs at my vet’s office think it’s hilarious. And it is.

      We are a balmy 26 degrees with a windchill of 17 here in Denver right now. Not often that we are warmer than Florida!

      • In my house we call these “bat-wings”. My big orange boy used to be an even bigger orange boy and when he lost weight (with some careful diet and exercise) he got to keep all his extra skin (bat-wings and belly waddle). I love when he plays cause now with his arms flapping he looks like a flying squirrel!

  3. Weighing in here from just outside of St. Louis, Missouri…. NEGATIVE 9 degrees at the moment with a NEGATIVE 26 Wind chill and anywhere from 10 to 13 inches of snow on the ground and more predicted for tomorrow night… bright note is we’re supposed to get ABOVE ZERO today!! Whoot Whoot!!! and a Happy 2014 to ya’ll!!! πŸ™‚ Actually, this is more like the winters I remember (you know, before ‘global warming’) and the local news stations confirm – – this is the coldest weather we’ve had since the late 80’s… yep, do the math… I’m old! LOL! Ohhh, first the update on Kohl and Hook… then the greetings/update on Carmela’s furrever human, and NOW… STOMPERS!!!! Yay!!! Is it just me, or do I detect a little “Judginess” remaining??? LOL. My cats are currently comfy in their beds that have been placed directly in front of heat vents… no worries – they learned this from their mama – – I am camped out directly in front of the space heater in my less than well insulated sun room… NO SHARING OF HEAT SOURCES in this house! And, again, if that is the hammick cover made by Stompers miniature hoomin – – Great Job! Have a great day everyone – stay safe… and WARM…

    • I’ve got a space heater so close to me right now that I’m practically sitting on it! Most of the cats are snuggled up in my bedroom (which is in the center of the house, and the warmest room in the house!)

  4. STOMPERS!! He and Tony Rocky Horror Pickle are, without a doubt, my favorites. That Stompers has such an adorable face.

    It only feels like -4 degrees here in Westchester, NY, so I guess I can’t complain πŸ™‚

  5. Stompers still has his unique face — something about those rounded eyes and unusual expression. Lucky lady who owns him!

    Hate this horribly cold weather, can’t wait for the warm-up. Even my dogs don’t want to go outside to do their “business,” and when they do, they make it verrrry quick. LOL

  6. Stompers! I would have picked him out immediately – his sweet face is so…Stomperish! That update, along with getting the”Sad Eyes, Barrett,Smitty and Little Cal” banner has warmed the cockles of my frozen heart today! (We are at -7)(What are cockles when used in this sense anyway?)

  7. Stompers still looks like Stompers – just bigger! What a sweetie!

    -5, feels like -18 in eastern Iowa, which is a great improvement over this time yesterday. But up to the low 30s by Friday!

  8. Since we are taking a poll, it is currently -6 here in central Ohio. brrr

    LOVE the grown up Stompers picture. It sits on my screen next to the “cool stuff to buy” logo with his baby picture – it is funny to see that he is bigger but still has that disapproving stare to him. πŸ™‚

    • I’m in central Ohio, too. Car almost didn’t start today, grrrr. I agree with you and everyone else, Stompers still looks just like his little alien baby self (no offence Kristyn, it’s what makes him soooooo adorable).

    • One of my favorite activities is drinking an adult beverage out of my Stompers glass and being reminded with each sip that Inspector Stompers is not judging me.

    • It’s a bazillion below zero in Michigan. My nose is cold on the inside of my house. I came home from work and still have my hat and balaclava on… 45 minutes later. They’re not coming off anytime soon either.

      Mae has buried herself under five blankets that I had piled up in the foster room. She says she’s not coming out until spring.

  9. My Googling skills must be failing me, but I can’t find where to buy the cat hammicks. Anyone?

    (Currently 27 degrees here in Houston.)

  10. STOMPERS! I LOVE STOMPERS! I want to kiss his adorable face! *ahem* It’s good to see Mr. Stompers again!

  11. Stompies looks a little, what’s the word? Oh yes, spoiled. Must be a hard live having to decide between this cat bed and that.

    He looks gorgeous and smug Krysten!

    Not surprised that Bunnie’s a chatterer, she’s going to tell that feather what’s what!

    Smart Newt, cats have a sixth sense on finding the warm, snuggy places, don’t they?

    I’m not worried too much about George and Gracie staying warm with those coats and assorted shelters out back but what do you do about the ducks and chickens?

    It’s a balmy 6 degrees here in Atlanta.

  12. STOMPIE STOMPERSON!!!!!! I would recognize that face and those cheeks anywhere! In fact, if (Heaven forbid!) he was ever to get lost, I suspect the entire L&H community would descend on Georgia and could find him in a heartbeat!

    It’s a balmy 17 degrees (9 with wind chill) here in Columbia, SC, and when I left the house this morning all of my cats were snuggled on various fleece blankies…

    • I think you are right! But…I suspect….if one of us found him….well…he may not make it back home! “I swear officer, this kitty has ALWAYS lived with me!”

  13. Stompies!!! I think he has to be my favorite of all your fosters, followed closely by Leia, Dorfy, and Alice. And the Cookies and the Bookworms – all of them. πŸ™‚

  14. It is 0 here in Pittsburgh, up from-12 last night. Just got my kitchen pipes thawed. OMG

    Loved seeing Stompers and Miss Maggie and those cute little brudders Flint and Hook! Good to know they are being spoiled rotten.

    • You too? I had a nasty surprise at 5 AM when I got up! I forgot to leave my water trickling last night and BAM. Fortunately, finding the frozen pipe was pretty easy, there aren’t that many possibilities and a nice heating pad wrapped around the pipe plus leaving the water running in multiple places did the trick in about half an hour or so.

      STOMPIES!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 What a beautiful boy he's become. So unique.

      (It was +3°F here in DC this morning, wind chill -20°F. I slept piled in felines last night.)

  15. 65 & sunny in Tulare county, CA. But, but, but, No rain. Serous drought conditions here in central CA. We’re farmer-types out here and we need rain/snow bad. Hoping for biblical rain fall in the next two months. My kitties will hate it but I’ll be outside dancing in it….Come on RAIN!

  16. Thank you for the Stompers update.. he still looks like he’s not judging me..
    Feel free to send more.. or you could just send them to me.. cause I’m a little weird like that..

    I’m pretty sure there isn’t a soul who thinks you might let a cat get frost bite..