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So, I mentioned that on Thursday, this happened:

And then, Friday night, not only did this happen:

But THIS happened, too!

Silvio was adopted alone, and Melfi and Tony went home together (I bet this weekend was a lot of wild fun in that house!)

Then, Saturday?

What a weekend!

This means that Livia and Meadow are now the only two Sopranos left at Petsmart. If neither of them is adopted by Friday, then I’m going to pick them up so that they can be featured on the Friday afternoon segment on WAAY, with Bev from the North Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic (I’m staying off-camera this time!). Maybe the exposure will help their forever families get a move on!


Look, who it is! It’s our dear, sweet, darling Maggie, the best mama kitty ever!

Alex said: Happy New Year from Maggie and the gang. When in doubt, you can often find Maggie looking out the window.

Thanks for the picture, Alex! I sure do love seeing that sweet girl again. πŸ™‚


And ANOTHER foster update. You remember, I am sure, Hook (who was formerly Puff)? Well, here he is with his big brother Flynn (formerly Kohle), shortly after Selena brought him home.

Here is a picture I took the first week or so I had Hook.

Here is one I took this week.

I think the words we’re all thinking right now are “HOLY MOLEY!” Selena wasn’t kidding when she said Hook was getting to be a big boy, was she?

Seriously, though – why do they have to grow up so faaaaaast?!


Pretty John Smith, having Deep Thoughts.

Tricki, also thinkin’.

Bath time!


Someone pointed out in Friday’s comments that John Smith is a big boy. He certainly is.

“I yam large and in charge!”

All four of them were getting kitten food at Petsmart (we give them kitten food ’til they’re a year old, usually). I’ve since transitioned them over to adult food (Tricki and Toto could certainly stay on kitten food, but neither John Smith or Bunnie needs the extra calories, so they’re all getting adult food). We also go in there and play with them several times a day (especially with the feather teasers and laser pointer, which they all ADORE), and we can hear them all racing around up there from time to time, so hopefully the change in diet along with having room to run will help with John Smith’s extra-fluffiness.

“This brick is MINE.”

Bunnie, getting after the laser pointer.


Tommy and Sugarbutt, snuggled up for the night.


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1-6-14 — 46 Comments

  1. Not only is Puff/Hook BIG he has such a shiny lovely coat! Selena is certainly taking good care of her two babies!

    YAY for Carmela!! I just don’t understand why Meadow is still there! She is soooo pretty!!!

  2. Oh my goodness the Sopranos are getting snapped up brilliantly! Awwww that’s great news!! Fingers and everything crossed beautiful Livia and Meadow find homes soon too!

    Hasn’t Hook grown!! Yay! Happy New Year!! Take care

  3. Wish I could see WAAY programming; our cable, Charter, cut that station out of our line-up. Ugh.

    So happy for all the adoptions, and it’s wonderful to see past fosters thriving in new, loving homes!

  4. Wow, looks like Puff grew into his huge head, didn’t he? Maybe head size is a better predictor of cat size than paws are. My two younger ones fooled me as to who was going to be the bigger cat, the one with the long legs and big feet ended up being smaller. Didn’t think much about comparing their heads…

    • Flynn is definitely the smaller kitty. As long and lean as Flynn is he can’t keep up with the fluffier Hook. Hook did grow into his big old head.

      • One of my (many) favorite Dragon pictures is the one of Hook looking out the door of the crate, and Ember “saying”… Okay, I had to go look for it. Here it is:

        β€œWHAT DOON, GIANT HEAD?” asked Ember.


  5. HOW can meadow still be left? She was always one of my favorites!! I am very happy about the others finding homes though. that really is great news.

  6. Yes, I’m puzzled that Meadow is still available, too. (What’s the confused emoticon again??)
    Question for the cat experts: With this cold snap, I dug out an electric blanket for the sofa. It’s for people, not pets, but it has 10 temps (L thru 10). I never use it above the L mark. I remember seeing stories about cats getting burned with electric blankets, and I put a non-electric throw on top of the electric blanket to diffuse some of the heat, too. I’ve not seen any problems so far with any of my 5 guys who use it (No. 6 rarely comes out of my bedroom), but … is this safe, do you think? I tend to keep my house fairly cool in the winter, but I don’t want them to be too cold.

    • For what it’s worth, I would only turn the blanket on for an hour or so at a time. Some come with timers.

      Also, if your cats haven’t already found them, you could place some cat bed conveniently near the heating vents. My mother couldn’t keep books on her bookside table as it was by a vent and I keep cat beds in weird places like the hallway but are right underneath the vent.

    • the warnings are for the infirm… the too young or the too old.. that often can not feel when they are over heating. My cats sleep on my electric blanket all night long – much to my dismay because I can often barely move. There are some ‘cat safe’ ones if you are interested in purchasing something..

      Although I am paranoid and never leave it on when I am not in the house. Why I think it is OK all night long while I’m sleeping but not when I’m not in the house I’ll never know..

    • I have an electric throw that I turn on (on low) for the cats, and haven’t had any issues (it turns off automatically after 2 hours, which has the result of making me feel like I spend my LIFE turning it on for the cats!). Like Connie, I probably wouldn’t do it while I’m not home, but in our house, that’s not an issue, since there’s pretty much someone here 24/7 these days!

      An alternate idea (for when you’re not home) would be to make your own self-heating cat bed. You can use a windshield reflector or buy a (huge!) roll of reflective insulation at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Cut it to size, stick it in a pillow case, or even just wrap in a towel, and the cats get surprisingly warm underneath.

  7. What the heck was in the water this weekend? That’s great news about the Sopranos!!! Silvio and his Hulk paws, cuddlebug Melfi, Mr Personality Tony and sweet Carmela all adopted? Wonderful! Keeping my fingers crossed for Meadow and Livia, though I sort of suspected Meadow would be snapped up quickly. She’s so adorable!

    Love the Maggie pic, love seeing former fosters in the lap of luxury, pondering the mysteries of her back yard.

    I have no idea what Selena’s feeding those boys, apparently Miracle-Gro, but wow!

    • Ha! Hook would probably eat miracle-gro. He eats EVERYTHING that he can get in his mouth. Most of the time I have to put Flynn in the laundry room to eat it peace because Hook will go back and forth between both bowls and bug Flynn to death.

  8. Yay for updates and also for adoptions…and yes, what are ‘they’ thinking, Meadow still there?? let alone Livvy…soon, soon.
    so nice when 2 are adopted together, too.

  9. Hi. I adopted Carmela on Saturday. My family had come in the previous week and fell in love with Tony. By the time I got there to adopt, most of them were gone, but I’m totally thrilled to have Carmela. I also played with Meadow, but I did not adopt her because she looked exactly like my mom’s cat who recently passed away.

    Either way, I saw this blog website from the note left with Carmela’s toys and was surprised to see how I could track pretty much each day of her life. It definitely helped me to get to know her better. Her name is now Eleanor, she has found a favorite blanket, and she is napping next to me now. She is well loved here and getting plenty of playtime with my daughters. Thanks.

    • Welcome to Love & Hisses! We love to hear from the families and are so happy for your family and Carmela/Eleanor. Rest assured that thanks to Robyn and Fred, she’s has the best start in life that a kitten could hope for!

    • Yay for updating!! Do you have any other pets at home with Eleanor? We like to know their situation πŸ™‚
      I have a former L&H kitten (Norbie) and he is the best-enjoy your new fur baby!

    • Yay for updates! Eleanor is a wonderful name for a kitty. I’m reading from work and wishing my kitties were napping next to me. Enjoy!

    • Ah, the magic of marketing! If only Petsmart would let Robyn put up “Famous from LOVE-AND-HISSES.com”

      Glad that you found Eleanor and that she’s settling in so well!

    • Hi Jillian!! So awesome of you to stop by!! (as another foster parent, I can tell you that that it is always thrilling to have an adopter stop by)

    • Woo Hoo! So glad you found “us” (The L&H Community) and commented! I am thrilled to hear that Eleanor is doing well and already playing lots. Enjoy catching up on her birth to adoption!

    • Hi all,

      Thanks for the welcome. In answer to some of the questions, we do have another cat, Alice. We adopted Alice about eight years ago–she was a rescue from a person who had so many cats that it was inhumane and the cats weren’t properly cared for. She was 6-months at the time and very skittish. We thought that after coming to a safe and quiet home she would calm down and warm up a little. But I can say that after 8 years, she is still mostly a curmudgeon. I like that she is capable of doing her own thing, and she comes out in the evening when she wants to sit in some kind of proximity to us.

      So far, Alice is still doing a lot of sulking and posturing when she has her limited and monitored contact with Eleanor. Fortunately, Eleanor is not skittish at all, and she continues to explore the house while keeping a respectful distance from Alice. My daughters enjoy having a more active kitten–and also one who will sit in their laps for petting and sleeps.

      • Jillian, thank you so much for the update! I love the name Eleanor, and I think it suits her well. We loved having her here with us and watching her grow alongside her siblings – and you can rest assured that when she was with us, she got her fill of curmudgeonly cats, so she knows how to keep a respectful distance for sure. πŸ™‚

        • Now I want to come up with a parody of “Eleanor Rigby” and call it “Eleanor Kitty.” Congratulations, Jillian!

    • Yay! I’m so glad you stopped by the blog. I love it when people who have adopted the L & H kitties keep us all updated on how they’re doing, so I hope that you will send Robyn updates every so often and let us know how Eleanor is doing. She was my favorite of this litter. πŸ™‚

  10. adoptions and follow ups.. the only thing that could be better would be new kittens (looks behind the curtain) got any hidden back there?? πŸ˜‰

  11. Did you ever watch “All Creatures Great and Small”? Every time you mention Tricki, I keep thinking that it’s going to be a dog. πŸ™‚

      • And the naughtiness — positively crackerdog! (I do actually refer to completely nonsensical or shocking things as “crackerdog,” such as, “I know I can’t eat concentrated sweets now, but one of these days I’m going to go crackerdog and have a candy bar.”) Dear naughty Tricky Woo…

  12. I’m not good with US geography, but I hope you’re not going get the negative 20-50 degree celsius in Alabama!

    I can’t imagine what that would be like, I’m from somewhere without winter.

  13. I can’t believe the tuxie stands alone! I have a weakness for tuxies, having two of them myself. Meadow actually looks a lot like my Holly did as a kitten. And Livia is so stunning I can’t believe no one has snatched her up yet.

    But I have to admit, I do want to see Livia and Meadow on TV!