1-7-16 Thursday

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Loooook who it is – it’s Shecky (now Gir Shecky), one of Lucy’s Fools, who was born right here at Crooked Acres on April 1st of last year! This smile kills me dead.

John says: Here is a Gir Shecky update. After a very hard day of inspecting the fish tank filter (which he does on a daily bases) he needed a nap before moving on to check the kitchen sink (we have a very small leak and he checks it for us) and then he moved his way to climb the tree (sadly we will be taking it down this weekend).

I asked him to hold my calls for the evening…

This is how he greets us when we come home. He walks up to us and just plops down and poses for us. We are allowed to pet his belly two or three times before he decides it time to bite us…LMAO.

Thanks for the update, John – he sure is growing up to be one gorgeous boy!


Stefani is trash-talking the feather teaser while her brothers look on in awe.

Fred likes to do this with the kittens – flips ’em over onto their backs, then basically massages their backs while they lay there in his hands. They purr like crazy, look around, and when they decide they’ve had enough, they kind of slide out of his hands. Here, Stefani is looking around.

Her daily massage gives Stefani the crazy eyes.

Levine’s turn!

“Ess-scuse, we is havin’ massage time, lady.”

I did this with them when they were smaller, but they’re getting a little too big for me now; Fred’s got bigger hands, so he can still handle them. I’m pretty sure he started this with the Swimmers, who loved it. Of course, it only works with kittens who like to be held on their backs. King Nubbs doesn’t like to be flipped onto his back, so he gets his daily massage when he’s laying on his side or standing in front of one of us.

Shelton would like me to put that camera down, please.

Post-massage relaxation.

Purty girl.


King Nubbs (aka Pharrell) in his cave.

“Lady, you is nice and everything, but you is boring.”

Such a smug little brat.


When Sheriff Mama/Kara is inside, you KNOW it’s cold out!

Doesn’t she have pretty eyes? I swear, my cats have the most gorgeous eyes!


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1-7-16 Thursday — 10 Comments

  1. Lucky “Coaches” getting back massages:-) I would love one too…LOL! Beautiful eyes on Kara! Stinkerbelle has gorgeous baby blues too:-) There’s just something about cat’s eyes that mesmerize me into calmness.

  2. Gir has a great life and great owners! So nice to see him and see how loved he is!

    Hello, Sheriff Mama! It is always soooo good to see you!

  3. Smiling kitties always make me smile too. Mine don’t have smiley faces, though – interesting how only some cats do.

  4. The last picture in 2010’s post totally cracks me up. Sugarbutt is levitating!

    I love how Gir greets his humans. You raised him well Robyn. 🙂

  5. Gir has such a busy schedule, poor guy! Thanks John, we always love seeing former fosters smug and happy.

    Fred has the magic touch, my kitten would never have lay in someone’s hand like that.

    I never seen Kara that smug and happy. Sweet smile.

  6. Is it just me, or is anyone else on pins and needles waiting for the “here’s yer new partner!” to happen? I mean, I know he’s going to be in and out until he’s done with meds, but I’m so anxious for the first meet!

  7. I think that King Nubbs needs a cape of some sort or bandana to wear around his neck, don’t you agree?