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Look who it is!

“We don’t care if it’s after 9 and time to make the bed. It’s cold and we is sleepy. Go away!”

“And now we haz reinforcements! Brothers united for the right to sleep in!”

That is, of course, Jethro Tull and TC, way out there in Oregon. The reinforcement brothers in that second picture are Paz and Shalom.

Bonnie also reported: TC and Jethro are now confident enough to separate at times. TC loves to follow his older sibs and rub-b-b against them.

Is that the sweetest thing, or what?


Do you see what I see?

Teef. I see a little row of little teef. Here, here’s a closeup:

Playing with the iPad.

They’re all pretty interested in it, but Pat will sit there and play with the Cat Selfie app for as long as I leave the iPad on the floor for her.

Auntie Elaine sent that little playset for the kittens, and they think it’s awesome. They especially love taking it DOWN about 10 seconds after I’ve set it up for them. Whatever floats your boat, girls.

“Oooh! SO CLOSE!”


“I can haz pettings?” Of course you may, sweet girl.

“I want pettings TOOOOOOOOOO!” So demanding, that Molly.

If you look closely, you can see the tip of her tongue. Want to see it in closeup?

These silly girls and their tongues.

Sweet, snuggly, wide-eyed Lita.


Stinkerbelle’s had just about enough of me and my camera. She’d like to be left in peace to snuggle with her Tommy, please.


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1-8-15 — 15 Comments

  1. Love seeing everyone doing so well!!!
    The picture of wide-eyed Lita, made me think of Orlando and his siblings!!! She would blend right in!

  2. Hear, hear for the Jethro and TC updates, the Girl Rockers, and, as always, Stinkerbelle!

  3. Do they play with the Friskies fishing app too? One of my cats is just crazy for that and will play as long as you let her. She has front claws too but is very good about not scratching the ipad.

    • I actually haven’t turned the Friskies fishing app on for them yet – they love the selfie app so much that that’s what I usually turn on for them. And if I don’t, they stare expectantly at my iPhone or iPad. 🙂

  4. here’s the issue: without seeing a vet, you can’t know if it is a urinary tract infection or crystals. if it is crystals and he gets blocked, that is a huge thing. call your vet, explain your problem and see if they are willing to work with you on payments. but he needs to get in….

  5. What an awesome post today!! Teef and tongues and such cute little faces wanting pets!! Thanks Robyn for making me smile!!

  6. OMG the boys are so tiny compared to their brudders!!! They look normal sized (although petite) in the first pic, but the size difference is much more noticeable compared to regular sized cats. awwww babies!!!