The fosters known collectively as The Vittles are basically three 5-kitten litters put together in one big litter. They joined us on October 5, 2020.

Black and white tuxie boy Davy Crockett, white and orange boy Wild Bill Hickok, calico girl Calamity Jane, house panther boy Buffalo Bill, and classic torbie Annie Oakley.

Their date of birth is July 29th. They are Pistol Annie’s kittens – Pistol Annie is currently at Michelle’s house trying to decide whether humans can be trusted (she runs hot and cold on the idea). She and her kittens (and some older kittens and the father) were trapped by Michelle and Gayle, who went to trap 6 and ended up with 11. (!)

Orange tabby boy Funnel Cake, gray and white tuxie girl Tater Tot, house panther boy (orange collar) Onion Ring, house panther boy (yellow collar) Hush Puppy, and house panther girl French Fry (pink collar).

Their date of birth is July 21st. They were born to a scaredy mama (Cotton Candy), who is currently at Michelle’s house. She was living in a trailer park and it took a young lady about a year to befriend her. She finally got her inside just in time for her to give birth to her kittens. Three of them were born with their feet turned around backwards, and the lady knew she needed help. Michelle took them and splinted the kittens’ feet. I have looked at those kittens’ feet and they look perfectly normal now. Also, the kittens in this bunch have very short tails (nubs, really.)

Cream point boy Snowcone, dilute calico girl Candy Apple, house panther girl Pretzel (purple collar), house panther boy Fritter (green collar), and brown tabby girl Eclair.

Snowcone and Candy Apple are brother and sister with a date of birth of July 31st.
Pretzel and Fritter are brother and sister with a date of birth of July 23rd. They were born to a mother who was in rescue – no one knew she was pregnant until she had kittens and she was TERRIFIED of her kittens (poor mama).
And Eclair is an add-in (showed up in someone’s yard in an area where cats are regularly abandoned) with a date of birth of August 11th.

Yes, that is a total of 15.

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You can see all the pictures taken of the Vittles kittens here at Flickr, or scroll through them below.

Update: Calamity Jane and Davy Crockett were adopted together on November 27th by Sarah, a previous Forgotten Felines adopter. (He is now Mr. Mustachio and she is Kiki)
Snowcone and Candy Apple were adopted together on November 28th; they’re now Charlie and Cleo, and you can follow them and their family on Facebook, here.
Wild Bill was adopted on November 29th; he joins brother Loki (who’s about the same age) and Wild Bill is now Leo.
Buffalo Bill was adopted on December 4th; he joins a home (in Canton, Georgia) with another kitty who needs a friend. He is now Klaus (short for Niklaus.)
Funnel Cake was adopted on December 5th; he joins a family (in Texas) that includes former foster Carmelita, from Los Mewchachos litter earlier this year (Isabella and her kittens). He is now Bobby.
Tater Tot was adopted on December 6th; she joins a home (in Charlotte, North Carolina) with two older kitty brothers and a doggy brother. She is now Periwinkle (Peri for short.) You can follow them on Instagram at @SirBrinkleyPickles
Onion Ring was adopted on December 7th; he joins a home with kitty siblings who include Piper (formerly Dynamo) from our Ryder’s Fleet litter back in 2018. He is now Freddie Purrcury.
Hush Puppy and French Fry (now Peppa) were adopted (together!) on December 11th; they join a family that includes older house panther Oscar.
Annie Oakley and Eclair were adopted (together!) on December 17th. They join a wonderful family (in Hanceville, Alabama) with another kitty (who looks a lot like Eclair), a couple of dogs, and some teenage humans. Annie Oakley is keeping her name; Eclair is now Holly Eclair.
Pretzel and Fritter were adopted (together!) on December 28th. They join a great home (in Newnan, Georgia!) with a big sister, Abbey. Pretzel is keeping her name; Fritter is now Peanut. You can see them on Facebook, here!

The Vittles

Date of birth2020-10-052020-10-202020-11-062020-11-152020-11-21
Davy Crockett2020-07-291 lb 13 oz2 lb 11 oz3 lb 6 oz4 lb4 lb 5 oz
Wild Bill Hickok2020-07-291 lb 4 oz2 lb 6 oz 3 lb3 lb 7 oz3 lb 12 oz
Calamity Jane2020-07-291 lb 4 oz1 lb 15 oz2 lb 7 oz2 lb 9 oz2 lb 11 oz
Buffalo Bill2020-07-291 lb 0.5 oz1 lb 15 oz2 lb 10 oz2 lb 15 oz3 lb 1 oz
Annie Oakley2020-07-291 lb 6.5 oz2 lb 7 oz3 lb 3 oz3 lb 5 oz3 lb 8 oz
Funnel Cake2020-07-212 lb 3 oz3 lb 7 oz4 lb 4 lb 8 oz4 lb 13 oz
Tater Tot2020-07-212 lb 3 oz2 lb 14 oz3 lb 8 oz3 lb 11 oz3 lb 12 oz
Onion Ring2020-07-212 lb 9 oz3 lb 8 oz4 lb 7 oz5 lb5 lb 3 oz
Hush Puppy2020-07-212 lb 5 oz3 lb 6 oz4 lb 8 oz4 lb 15 oz5 lb 3 oz
French Fry2020-07-212 lb 0.3 oz2 lb 11 oz3 lb 6 oz3 lb 8 oz3 lb 12 oz
Snowcone2020-07-311 lb 6 oz2 lb 8 oz3 lb 4 oz3 lb 10 3 lb 14 oz
Candy Apple2020-07-311 lb 4 oz2 lb 9 oz3 lb 5 oz3 lb 11 oz3 lb 13 oz
Pretzel2020-07-231 lb 13 oz2 lb 10 oz3 lb 3 oz3 lb 6 oz3 lb 8 oz
Fritter2020-07-232 lb 8 oz3 lb 5 oz4 lb 1 oz4 lb 7 oz4 lb 10 oz
Eclair2020-08-111 lb 11 oz2 lb 14 oz3 lb 12 oz4 lb 2 oz4 lb 7 oz

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