10-7-20 Wednesday

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Tussling in the sun. Athos’s Open Mouth of Outrage cracks me UP.

Charlie’s a talker.

Pretty d’Artagnan in the sun.

::maniacal laughter::


Sunday I locked d’Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Charlie out of the foster room and scrubbed it down. They are now spending their nights in the guest bedroom and their days running around the downstairs.

Monday, I went and picked up the new guys and brought them home.

Today, you get to meet them. How high can you count?

Black and white tuxie boy Davy Crockett, white and orange boy Wild Bill Hickok, calico girl Calamity Jane, house panther boy Buffalo Bill, and classic torbie Annie Oakley.

Their date of birth is July 29th. They are Pistol Annie’s kittens – Pistol Annie is currently at Michelle’s house trying to decide whether humans can be trusted (she runs hot and cold on the idea). She and her kittens (and some older kittens and the father) were trapped by Michelle and Gayle, who went to trap 6 and ended up with 11. (!)

Orange tabby boy Funnel Cake, gray and white tuxie girl Tater Tot, house panther boy (orange collar) Onion Ring, house panther boy (yellow collar) Hush Puppy, and house panther girl French Fry (pink collar).

Their date of birth is July 21st. They were born to a scaredy mama (Cotton Candy), who is currently at Michelle’s house. She was living in a trailer park and it took a young lady about a year to befriend her. She finally got her inside just in time for her to give birth to her kittens. Three of them were born with their feet turned around backwards, and the lady knew she needed help. Michelle took them and splinted the kittens’ feet. I have looked at those kittens’ feet and they look perfectly normal now. Also, the kittens in this bunch have very short tails (nubs, really.)


Cream point boy Snowcone, dilute calico girl Candy Apple, house panther girl Pretzel (purple collar), house panther boy Fritter (green collar), and brown tabby girl Eclair.

Snowcone and Candy Apple are brother and sister with a date of birth of July 31st.
Pretzel and Fritter are brother and sister with a date of birth of July 23rd. They were born to a mother who was in rescue – no one knew she was pregnant until she had kittens and she was TERRIFIED of her kittens (poor mama).
And Eclair is an add-in (showed up in someone’s yard in an area where cats are regularly abandoned) with a date of birth of August 11th.

If you’ve been counting along, you’ll see that there are 15 of them. No, I don’t think I’ve ever had that many fosters at one time before – not that I remember, anyway!

With some of the kittens having food names and some of the kittens having Wild West names, I’ve just gone ahead and decreed that the whole bunch of them will be known as The Vittles.

I haven’t introduced Athos, Porthos, d’Artagnan and Charlie to them, and don’t intend to (though Charlie will likely eventually meet them). There are a lot of sneezing and snotty eyes and noses among the new kittens, so I don’t want the Mewsketeers to get sick – and I wouldn’t introduce perfectly healthy kittens to new fosters right away anyway. (They’re on medication and I’m practically Silkwood showering every time I leave the foster room, just to be safe.) Of course it would be cute to see d’Artagnan’s face when he saw FIFTEEN KITTENS (imagine the floof suit!), but it’s not going to happen.

The Vittles are a sweet bunch of kittens and I’m looking forward to getting to know them!

Few more pics? Sure!

4 kittens crammed in that little cat tree. Davy Crockett in the back, Fritter with his back to us, Annie Oakley’s butt, and Eclair’s head.

I set up the crate with a heated pad inside and they like it. Left front: Candy Apple. Behind her: Snowcone. Orange & white: Wild Bill Hickok. Blue collar: Buffalo Bill. And Calamity Jane on the far right.

Tater Tot and her poof of a tail. (Yes, she reminds me of Winter-now-Luna too!)

Snowcone in the Tiny Basket shooting me some attitude. (Yes, his eyes are blue and will stay that way.)

Wild Bill Hickok looks rough but he’s eating and playing (and yelling at me to sit down and cuddle him), so I’m not too worried.

Buffalo Bill is the smallest of the bunch, and makes up for it with his big, big mouth.

There will be better pictures in the days ahead; once they’re all looking better and the sneezy-snotties have gone away, I’ll get their Glamour Shots pics.

3 adoption pending kittens +15 new fosters + 7 permanent residents = 25. Yep.




Archie considers the math and decides that he disapproves.


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    • I’m suspecting Snowcone of Siamese heritage, which could explain the blue eyes, and wouldn’t mean deafness. I’ll be interested to read what Robyn says.

    • Joy’s correct – his tail and ears are very lightly orangey (he’ll be a cream point Siamese mix) and he is not deaf.

  1. “Few more pics? Sure!”
    It’s like you know us…. and love us.

    “YES I KNOW THAT THE SIDEBAR IS NOT UPDATED. I WILL GET TO IT. I have kittens to snuggle.”
    Glad to hear you have your priorities straight.

  2. Fifteen fosters! WOW! I don’t know if you’re brave, crazy, or both. When will new Sheriff Alice be writing out an arrest warrant?

  3. I saw the picture you posted to Instagram last night, and decided that as I was seeing double (at least) it was time for bed. Congratulations! As someone growing up in the 50s-60s, an era of TV westerns, I had cats named Davy Crockett, Wild Bill Hickok and Annie Oakley at various times. These kittens brought back fond memories.

      • Fred suggests we stop fostering with every litter. He will help when I ask, and he likes the kittens when they get older (3 months+), but if I stopped fostering right now he’d be A-OK with it.

      • I’m glad you guys brought this up; I was taken aback by the mention of ‘stop fostering’ in an earlier post, but was afraid to ask!

  4. I love the names in this bunch! These bunches? This big bunch! And I think Snowcone’s tail is going to be SPECTACULAR!

  5. LOVE the new names and the little ones they match. 15 is a lot and I do agree the most you’ve fostered, but I have faith you and Unca Archie can handle it.

  6. Lucky, lucky kittens! Can’t wait to see them all blossom with your tender loving care. (You do raise the most gorgeous, healthy muffins!) And thank you for all you do. I have had up to nine cats at a time, and it is no small feat to do the daily care. But sooo worth it!

  7. My friend Jenny and I have decided that you need help with this many kittens. We are leaving Michigan shortly and will see you tonight.

    No we are not creepy stalkers- what makes you think that? lol

  8. *falls over with a ker-thunk* 15 kittens! I am envious of all the love and snuggles, squeaks and purrs and tiny kneady paws… but not at all of the litter box detail, bleh! So far, I find myself wanting to snatch the tiny torbie and the calicos, but if Wild Bill is a snuggler as evidenced by his talking at you till you cuddle him… 🙂

    Teughcats, can a gal from Wisconsin crawl in your back seat and come along on that road trip? I promise I’m not a terrible traveling companion. Pandemic what now? 😛

  9. Wow!!! Fifteen!!!

    Can you tell us more about the backward feet situation? That sounds terrifying! Why does it happen?

    • I don’t know if this is the situation for these particular kittens, but I found this article to be very interesting:


      I saw a Nature (I think) documentary about an elephant herd where the matriarch gave birth to a large baby with folded front legs. The speculated it was also contracted tendons due to the baby’s large size. Mama Matriarch was a big girl, but the papa elephant was gigantic. Baby with the folded legs couldn’t walk at first, but was able to eventually stretch out his legs and then walk normally. I sure would like a follow up on that herd.

      • I’m pretty sure that that link explains it exactly. I didn’t see the kittens, but these aren’t the first Michelle’s had that were born like that and needed splinting (probably not even the first this year), and it’s kind of amazing how well it works.

  10. OMG! 15?? And that stubby tail on Tater Tot is too much! I can’t wait to see the other nubby tails!

  11. 15? That’s amazing! 15 lucky kittens saved from a hard and short life outside. 15 kittens to love and spoil. 15 kittens just waiting to be someone’s forever friends.

    You do blessed work. ❤

  12. 15.
    I’ve always admired your spirit for fostering kittens, but firmly believe you’ve reached sainthood taking on 15 at once.

    More about the backwards feet, please. I’ve never heard of that.

    6 house Panthers. Be still my heart.❤

  13. Holy Cow! You live in Heaven! Nubby tails, oooooh!! Fluffballs of every color and pattern!

  14. Is it just me, or does Annie have those Constance eyes? She got my attention right away, she and Calamity. I’m keeping a close eye on those girls to see how pretty they get.

  15. OMG you’ve gone kitten crazy! 15 new ones, three from the last litter soon to go home but still with you now, plus Charlie!


    I can’t even. WOW! 15 kittens at once is a huge pile of crazy. Good on you.

  17. Oh my. That’s a lot of poop to scoop. And meds for that many…! I wish them great health…

  18. A house packed with kittens on their way to a better life makes me so happy. I’ve decided you and Fred are going to live forever (And3rson Litter Lung notwithstanding.)