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“Shall we dance, sparkle ball?” Trader Joe is an excellent dancer.

Floating sparkle ball.

PW, wearing some serious Ears of Annoyance.

“Hallo! Make room for Ralphie!”

Winn Dixie has such a serious face and such a sweet, silly personality.

That’s a toy that hangs on the wall (it’s shaped like a mouse) and when you turn it on, the tail (string) moves around for the kittens to grab at (it’s a Crazy Tail Spinning String toy). Winn Dixie thinks it’s just as much fun when it’s not turned on, though.

Got it!


Sweet Von.


I don’t know what you did, but Sheriff Mama’s got her eye on you, and it looks like you’re in TROUBLE.


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10-7-14 — 23 Comments

  1. What a beautiful litter of kittens. I know if you were in CT two would be adopted. Friend just lost two cats this year, both 20yrs old. She is looking for two floofy luv bugs. I showed her your site and said these are the kittens you can’t have. LOL

    • Oh, I suspect the Love & Hisses readership could find a way to get kittens to Connecticut if your friend was seriously interested!

  2. It’s probably good that I live in Minnesota, or I would already be trying to put an application in for TJ.

    • It doesn’t matter the state with me (Florida)…it is just that I am at my kitty household limit. One can dream though…

  3. I’m sorry Sheriff Mama !! I can’t help my kitten addiction. It should be Robyn that you want to scold ! She is enabling my addiction as my kitten dealer !!

  4. In that “floating sparkle ball” pic, I love that he’s got his left leg lifted and little foot turned in. I never took ballet, but I wonder if there’s a ballet name for that stance. Anyway, literally made me laugh.

    And PW’s serious ears of annoyance made me think of the “helicopter seeds” from maple trees that we used to play with as kids.

    Robyn, when you next do a Crooked Acres post, can you tell us the story behind the name? I’m sure it is somewhere on your website, but well, I guess I just have to admit that I’m too lazy to look… Thanks!

  5. Trader Joe in the dancing pics … I just realized his fuzzy round tummy and fuzzy legs reminds me of The Abominable Snowman from “Rudolph”!!