10-7-09 – True Blood 6 & the Wonkas.


A little while ago, Amy emailed me and said she really wanted to send me a box for the fosters. I emailed her back and said, in effect, “Oh, I’m not even going to pretend like I wouldn’t love that!”

And then I completely forgot.

The box arrived yesterday morning, and I looked at it and thought “Huh. Did I order something…?” I opened it, and looked in, and realized it was the box Amy had sent. I wanted to do a pictorial of the kittens “opening” the box and taking out the toys, but I had to run to Walmart first, so I put the box up on the counter.

Half an hour later when I got home, one of the big cats had pushed the box off the counter, and there’d been a free-for-all. I gathered the toys back into the box and called all the kittens into the kitchen so we could do it properly.

“Hey, look! A box! And toys!”

Ten seconds later, the toys are scattered everywhere, and Hoyt’s like “A box! I LOVE BOXES!” Note that Elwood’s right in the middle of everything. He truly believes he’s a True Blood.

Lafayette enjoys a good snootful of catnip. (These knit toys stuffed with catnip are VERY popular, as you can imagine!)

“Also, I love crinkly paper!” See the red ball to the left of the picture? It lights up, and the kittens think it’s very cool.

Elwood’s all “I LOVE TOYS! MINE!”

Chasing the flashing ball around. I don’t know which they like more – the fact that it flashes, or the sound it makes when it rolls along the hardwood floor.

Sam says “Crinkly paper and a feather toy! O joy!!!”

Bill, in a state of fluffy-toy rapture.

I also took several of the smaller toys in for the Wonkas to enjoy, and enjoying them they certainly are. I haven’t gotten a picture of the little ones playing, but trust me – I will!

The True Bloods, the Wonkas, Jake & Elwood and I think you are awesome Amy – thank you!!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tomorrow, the Wonkas are going to the vet for their Combo testing. I’ve never had fosters test positive, and I would really like it if that tradition continued. Y’all send a happy thought or two toward Alabama tomorrow morning, okay?


“My god, I am trapped in this cage, I will be trapped in this cage forever WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?!” (Note the wide-open door RIGHT THERE. Maybe not the brains of the operation, our wee Violet.)

“And now I have litter on my nose. Why, God, WHYYYYY?”

Prince Gus, sitting atop the stuffed Momma kitty.

I really need to get more pictures of Mike. He’s such a pretty boy. This is such a pretty litter. I can barely stop myself from squishing them.

Floofy Gus. I like to twist the hair on top of his fuzzy little head together and tell him he’s a troll doll.

“Lady, you gives me the bottle, and no one gets hurt. Promise!”


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10-7-09 – True Blood 6 & the Wonkas. — 11 Comments

  1. Ha! I thought when I read about leaving the box on the top it might be tempting fate a bit…

    🙂 Good luck for the kitten’s vet visit too!!

  2. Oh they are so cute – I am so glad they liked them so much! And I am not surprised about the paper and box being popular too – those are always favorites in our house! I am also not surprised they got in it before you planned – I have another box I was going to send out (but the box is too small) that was sitting on the table, and when I got home from work yesterday it was all scattered around – and the tissue was shredded.

    I can’t wait to see the Wonka’s with toys – they are such little cuties! And I understand the lack of pictures of Mike – the black kitties are always tough to get good shots of (black and white is not much easier).

  3. What a HUGE stash of toys these lucky kitties got from Amy! Good thing Barney over let her share… 😉

    Those Wonkas are such a sweet looking bunch, for sure. So floofy — and so different! Sending a WHOLE BUNCH of happy thoughts your way for tomorrow!

  4. I have to admit, when I first read the beginning of your post, I thought Amy meant she would just be sending an empty box. And I still thought that sounded like something cats would love. Even better to be filled with awesome toys!

  5. Wow, what a cool bunch of toys! Lucky kitties to get such fun presents from their Auntie Amy 😉 In my house, I’ve decided that instead of toys, my kitties are just getting wrapping paper and boxes since they love those so much more than the actual toys 😉 As for the Wonkas, oh goodness, is it me or do they just get cuter and cuter every day? My darling Veruca with her complaints (oh she just melts me), sweet Violet with her, um, adorableness (doesn’t matter that she’s not the brains of the operation, she’s so cute she can be as un-brainy as she wants), gorgeous floofy Gus with his wide open eyes and that face which just kills me, and beautiful little Mike, so adorably squishable…sigh…heaven…just heaven!

  6. They are all so precious!
    And Mr. Elwood looks like he is having the best time of all, so cute!!!!