10-6-09 – True Blood 6 & the Wonkas.

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Yesterday morning, I got up and showered and dressed, and then headed downstairs to feed the Wonkas. I was going to get some baby food for the True Bloods, because even though they don’t particularly need it, I still give them some baby food as an early morning treat.

I spoil my fosters, y’know.

When I headed downstairs, one of the True Bloods (I’m pretty sure it was Sam) had his paw sticking out under the door. Elwood was in the hallway, sniffing at Sam’s paw.

I got downstairs, opened the back door to let our cats into the back yard, and started calling for Tom, so I could put his collar on him. When I couldn’t find him in the back part of the house, I decided to check upstairs for him. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, Sam came trotting down the stairs.

“Wha?” I said, wondering if somehow he’d been out of the foster room all night without my realizing it. Stranger things have happened.

And then Bill came trotting down the stairs, followed by Hoyt and Terry. I went upstairs and looked, and the door to the foster room was wide open.

I don’t know who or how, but either a True Blood or Elwood (or perhaps both, working as a team) had gotten the door open.

It didn’t happen this morning, so I’m thinking (hoping) it was a one-time thing. We’ll see about that! Maybe we’ve got some little Houdinis on our hands.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I’m pretty sure that Elwood thinks he’s a True Blood. He can usually be found in the middle of a bunch of them, playing. He is going to miss them in a big way when they’ve gone off to be adopted! (Please note Lafayette over to the side, complaining about something. Doesn’t he look like he’s in great emotional pain?)

Jake’s a fan of the True Bloods, too.

Terry and Sam, in the cat bed on the chair in my bedroom.

A sprawl o’ kittens.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Wonkas are doing well – I’ve seen them all eating Babycat crunchy food right from the dish as well as canned food, so I know they won’t starve to death. I should probably wean them off the bottle, but have I mentioned that I spoil my bratty fosters? They’re just so HAPPY when they’re sucking down their bottle, and they always look so hopeful when they see me coming into the room. And now that they’ve figured out that whole latching-on thing, they are so EASY to bottle-feed. I’m going to spoil them just a little while longer. DON’T JUDGE ME.

“Auntie Hyacinths says you HAVE to spoil me and give me the bottle whenever I want it!”

“I would be very sad if you stopped giving me the bottle, and the internets would call Kitty Protective Services on you!”

“I was just checking out my box, and I heard someone say there’s a bottle in the room?!”

“I am a wee starving kitteh, and I want my bah-bah!”

Look at that smug little face!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Did y’all know that we have dogs, too? This is Gracie. She has a brother, George. We adopted them last December after we lost a couple of chickens to hawks. They’re Great Pyrenees, and their job is to protect the chickens – they live out in the chicken yard. They turned a year old in July, so they’re about fully grown, and they’re BIG dogs. Don’t feel sorry for them, having to live out in the chicken yard. The chicken yard is huge (about 2 1/2 acres), and they’re visited by us multiple times a day. Snacks are, of course, involved in those visits. They’re very happy, very friendly dogs, and woe to any hawks who go flying over the chicken yard because George and Gracie let those hawks know that it’s time to move along.

They’re also very good at chasing off airplanes.


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  1. Ok so first let me say when I read the part about loosing chickens and getting dogs (before continuing on) I thought that is was very weird you would get dogs to replace chickens (I didn’t sleep well – that is my story and I am sticking to it).

    I am glad the Wonkas are doing well, and I don’t see a problem with a little longer on the bottle. As long as they are eating regular food too it seems ok (but I haven’t had to bottle feed before so I don’t know the technicalities of that). Maybe it will prevent the blanket sucking that is so common in my house – I think the ones that do were weaned to early.

    The escape artists – I mean True Bloods – that just cracks me up. We had made a temporary “gate” out of cardboard when Virgil was little and at one point he learned to jump it and showed up in my office – I was shocked. Kittens learn the escape trick pretty quickly and in a big group like that it wouldn’t surprise me if they figured out how to open the door (with a little Elwood help of course).

    And of course as usual the pictures are wonderful!!

  2. Oh oh oh! I grew up with Pyrs! We had three total, Merlin, Gwenivere and Alexandrea. Merlin is the only one left. Gwennie went to live with a farmer who has sheep *she needed the sheep therapy* and Alex died of bone cancer. But Pyr’s are the most awesomest doggies in the world!

  3. Veruca, my love, of course you need to be as spoiled as possible and get the bottle (or anything else that your little heart desires) anytime you want! Glad to see your foster mommy agrees 😉

    Robyn, I just love how you love your fosters and your residents so much! Your home is truly a heaven for these little babies, and thank you for sharing this little piece of heaven with us on your website 🙂 Even on the worst days, your pictures and descriptions always bring a huge smile to my face!

  4. Just wanted to de-lurk for a bit and say this is where I get my pick-me-ups when RL gets me down. Your kitties are all so loveable!

    And \Hi!\ to Gracie and George too.

  5. I thought the same thing as Amy at first… get DOGS to replace chickens?! Then I got it. I’m not sure I have a good “no sleeping” excuse… Maybe I’ll try “It’s late.”

    Ohhhh kittens. I love all of yours. Magicians or not, they’re adorably adorable.