Maddy questions, answered.

Mr. Boogers is such a meanie! Oh yeah! Does he still growl in (terror) fierceness in the doorway where Maddy is?

Enough time has passed that he’s not completely terrified of her anymore. In fact, he’s been known to chase her down and lick her on top of her little head. I wouldn’t say he LIKES her, but he’s not scared of her (much) anymore.

* * *

Are her (Maddy’s) eyes o.k.? In the carrier picture, she seems a little wall-eyed. I had a kitty with a lazy eye; he had a few issues with walking into walls for a while.

She seems to be a little bit wall-eyed (not as bad as she was when we first got her), but she hasn’t had a problem walking into walls yet.

* * *

What does Maddy think of the big cats? Is she scared of them?

She’s scared of Miz Poo – I think she’s been smacked upside the head by Miz Poo a few too many times – but she likes to sniff at and play with Sugarbutt and Tommy and isn’t scared of either of them at all. Mister Boogers will play with her (he likes to get a little rough, though), so she’s not scared of him, and Spot and Spanky avoid her at all costs so they aren’t an issue. Although last night, Spot was laying on the back of the couch and Maddy climbed up and sniffed at him, so he hissed at her. She didn’t seem too perturbed, but she did leave him alone after that.

* * *

You “fed Maddy and put her up”? Put her up where?

Put her upstairs in the kitten room. I’ll let her run around when I’m keeping an eye on her, but if we aren’t here, I leave her in the kitten room so I don’t come home to find little kitten pieces all over the house.

* * *

In the picture of Maddy telling the stick joke, does she have brown spots on her knee and tummy?

Yeah, she has spots on her belly and parts of her legs. It’s one of my favorite things about her!

* * *

Miss Maddy is doing well. I’m letting her run around the house as much as I can today, since we’re going to take her to the new house with us tonight, so she’ll spend most of the evening locked up in a room with nothing but herself, her litter box, and six thousand toys for company. I just walked into the living room to check on her, and she was using the litter box (I keep a little litter box downstairs for her, because I think it’s beyond her to understand the idea of going upstairs and using her usual litter box if she has to go) and all the big cats were gathered around, watching in fascination. Then she hopped out of the litter box and started attacking my slippers.

She kills me, that little ball of fluff.

Last night she climbed up into Fred’s lap and fell asleep like this.


Mister Boogers hates you.


2006: I wouldn’t say he LIKES her, but he’s not scared of her (much) anymore.
2005: “His real name is Sad Eyes?”

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