The many faces of Georgie, Livestock Guardian Dog extraordinaire:

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When the little ones whine, I always mock them by saying in a particularly whiny voice, “Wahhhhhh! I’m a BAYBEEE!” and then I laugh and laugh because I am evil.

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I love that Jake and Elwood (but especially Jake) love the kittens so much, even the mostly-grown kittens like Buster and Rhyme.

I need to get some more pictures of Rhyme, don’t I? Y’all are going to start thinking he’s just a figment of my imagination, what with all the pictures of Buster and NONE of Rhyme. I swear, he’s here, he’s the friendliest cat on earth, I don’t know why I never manage to get any pictures of him. I guess he’s just not around when I’ve got the camera in hand.

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Tommy would like you to know that he has retained his svelte kittenish figure, as proven by the fact that he can still cram his bulk into a canning jar flat.


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10-7-10 — 9 Comments

  1. Georgie looks so sweet, just doing the Guard Dog thing. Re Tommy: The boxes are getting smaller;) Perhaps Jake and Elwood know the kittens are “rescued” and waiting for their forever homes. Rhyme might just be camera shy.

  2. Am I the only one that finds the whole Buster-Rhyme thing moderately hilarious? Those two are sooo gangsta. He he.

  3. Oh Robin, you are the least evil person I know! In fact, I aspire to be a kitten fosterer! But alas, our humane society never called me during kitten season, so that is a good thing, though, but bad because my girls REALLY wanted babies to take care of! Baby kittens, that is!

  4. Hello there Georgie!!! What a cutie!!!!

    Awwwww you are so not evil!! Look at the lurrrve in Starsky and Hutch’s beautiful blue eyes! Awwww!

    Jake and Elwood are stars!!!! And Boli-Buster is lovely and yes we want more Rhyme!! LOL!!!

    Tommy – you’re the sveltest kitty ever! Take care

  5. Georgie is a handsome beast! Health and stealthy patrolling to you, buddy! Starsky (smudge-nose, that’s how i tell’em apart!) ohhh, i’d mock his wittle teefs and baby voice, too! and yes, you are the epitomy of evil, Robyn, so, so scary…
    Kate is right, boxes are getting smaller! and the products contained in packets! why, wagon wheels (a chcolate/marshmallow/jam treat!) can’t possibly have been that small when i was in primary school!

  6. Tommy, they just don’t make boxes like the use to!

    Your dogs are lovely! I adore Great Prys!!! Wonderful dogs!!!