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Good news! Martin was adopted last night. I’m not surprised that he was the first to go, given that he’s FEARLESS.

And speaking of Martin, I found several more pictures of him on my hard drive, and so to celebrate that he’s found his forever home, today is Martin day!

Melodie, doing some heavy-duty flirting, is apparently annoying Martin.

“I SAID stop making the googly eyes at me, Melodie!”

“A mancat needs to stay clean, and I can’t concentrate on my cleaning with you staring at me!”

Helpful Melodie cleans the spot Martin missed.

“Hi! Hi! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

“Hey, Mister, you sure are purty.”



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And while I was poking around my hard drive (which apparently I need to do a little more often!) I found a movie I made in mid-August of MMM&D. I turned the Ba-Da-Beam laser light on for them to see what they’d do. As you can see, three were interested, and Dodger was wary and kept his distance.

YouTube link

The kittens are usually interested in the Ba-Da-Beam for a while, but since it just has the same pattern they get eventually get bored. The FroliCat BOLT keeps them entertained longer. Between the two toys, they manage to be entertained!

I have the BOLT in the dining room, and when I turn it on, if Sugarbutt and Tommy are in the house, they come RUNNING. Usually a few minutes after I’ve turned it on, there’s a cluster of cats in the dining room. I’ll have to try to remember to get a movie of that one of these days.


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10-6-10 — 9 Comments

  1. Loved the Melodie/Martin pic-story! I cracked up! Love your imagination and humor!

    YAY for Martin! I am not surprised either!!!!

    Sending well wishes and kisses to all the others!

  2. Oh wonderful news about Martin!!!!! Oh brilliant, brilliant!!

    Now fingers and everything crossed that gorgeous Moxie, Melodie and Dodger and Corbett and Reacher will also find beautiful homes!!!

    The pics are lovely – thank you and the clip is just adorable!! Is that Moxie being all shy??!? Awwwww!

    Take care

  3. Yay for Martin! He was such a cutie – we hope he has a wonderful life!

    And of course we hope that all the rest find wonderful forever homes too!

    All the pictures are of course adorable – they are all cuties!

  4. Best wishes to Martin and his new furever family!! (I’d send smootches, since he’s such a lover, but they don’t know me and might think I’m weird or somethin’.)

    Fingers tightly crossed for all the kittens to find perfect beans in no time flat!