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There are two things that has pretty much convinced me that Bolitar (who I’ll be calling “Buster” from here on out, because that’s what I call him in real life, and it’s too difficult for me to call him “Bolitar” here when I never do!) and Rhyme remember living here.

The first was that on Friday afternoon, at Snackin’! Time!, I gave the cats their snacks, and then I walked down the hallway to the guest bedroom to go in and see Starsky and Hutch (this was before I moved them upstairs). I just so happened to have a plate in my hand, and Rhyme came FLYING down the hall after me and tried to lead me into the guest bedroom. Back when all four Bookworms were here, I gave the four of them their snack in the guest bedroom, and he clearly remembered.

The second was when, not an hour later, I looked out the back door and saw Buster and Rhyme frolicking in the back yard with Jake and Elwood.

And I guess I should add a third: yesterday morning I glanced out the side door to see that Buster had climbed over the fence and was in the side yard. I coaxed him inside and put a collar on him (for those who don’t know, we have an invisible fence around the back yard and the problem cats wear collars to deter them from getting too close to the non-invisible fence, so they can’t escape the back yard), and he hasn’t escaped since. Brat.

I’m not quite sure what Rhyme was doing here, but it kind of looks like a seductive dance, doesn’t it? There needs to be a feather boa involved.

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Starsky and Hutch have now hit one pound. Hutch is one and a half ounces larger than Starsky, and that one and a half ounces is all in his big round belly. I told Fred that we should have named him Waddles McGee, because he waddles so when he walks – which is the MOST adorable thing to witness. (Yes, it could very well be due to worms – they’re both on dewormer – but they’re also at that age where they’re tiny and round little things. In a few weeks, they’ll start to lengthen and thin out, I suppose, so I have to enjoy the round stage for as long as it lasts!)

Detective Starsky detects.

Small enough to put in coffee cups, big enough to escape them. I love this age!

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Loony Jake is loony.


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10-5-10 — 10 Comments

  1. Oh they are so cute! And it is great that Buster and Rhyme are already so comfortable there – it is good they remember the place! And I am not sure what Rhyme was doing, but I have seen my cats to that too – chasing something invisible on the wall is my guess.

    And oh Starsky and Hutch are just so adorable!!!

    And Jake isn’t looking that loony in that picture – well, ok, maybe a little bit!

  2. @Jala — bbbaaawwwww! Tooo funny!!!!

    Rhyme’s pose DOES look like part of a seductive dance! Thanks for the visual!

    I looooove the round belly stage….would keep them like that forever if I could!

  3. Cats definitely remember. Years ago I used to take them to my mothers house when vacationing – it was a few hours to get there. The first time she fed my cats in my brothers bedroom. Every time after that, the cats would lead her from the kitchen to the same bedroom each morning for the food.

  4. Rhyme is doing modern dance – free and expressive OR he’s checking the studs in you wall – handy man cat!
    Starsky & Hutch are soo adorable! Can’t wait till Buster meets ’em, hee-hee-hee…and loony Jake, ahh, what a prince! Oh, and them there kittens just clambered into them coffee cups all by theirselves, did they Miss Robyn? Hmmm….

  5. What are you trying to do, woman?? Turn your readers into blabbering puddles of mush??? Kittens in teacups is totally unfair!

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