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So Friday morning, I decided to leave the house bright and early to take the kittens to Petsmart. I had originally intended to take them later in the morning so as not to get in the way when the Friday morning volunteer showed up to clean cages. But the night before, Fred and I had put Moxie, Melodie, and Dodger in the foster room so that Friday morning I’d be able to get my hands on them and put them in carriers. (We left Martin out because he’s very easy to get hold of. You say “Marty, come here” and he’s pretty sure you’re going to give him a snack.)

Melodie and Dodger have a gift for knowing when I’m about to do something to them they won’t care for, and they vanish. I was afraid they’d vanish or I’d end up chasing them around and be unable to catch them. Friday morning, they were ready to be OUT of that room, and they were howling and banging on the door. Which led me to the decision to take them to Petsmart before the Friday morning volunteer showed up instead of after.

So I grabbed Martin and put him in one carrier. Then I thought I’d be SMART, because I knew there was a good chance the kittens would be able to get past me if I opened the door with carriers in my hands. I closed my bedroom door and the bathroom door, and then I put the half door across the end of the hallway so if anyone got past me, they could only go into the hallway, and it would be easy enough to catch them there.

I opened the door, and went in holding the carriers in front of me. That blocked Melodie and Dodger, who backed away from the doorway, but Moxie would not be denied, and she jumped over the carriers and ran past me. I knew I didn’t have anything to worry about, though, right? Because she could only go into the hallway?

Except that before I even had a chance to turn around and look at her, Moxie had climbed over the half door at the end of the hallway and taken off for parts unknown.

I got Melodie and Dodger in one carrier (they were NOT thrilled to go into the carrier, if you were wondering) and then I went downstairs and started looking for Moxie. I found her huddled under the couch, but when I reached for her, she scampered away and went under the other couch. I stopped and thought for a moment, and then I went into the kitchen.

I took out a stack of plates and rattled them, which is the sound that alerts all the cats in the house to snack time. When I was done rattling the plates, I turned to see a group of cats running toward me, Moxie in the lead. I scooped her up and popped her into the carrier with Martin. Then I grabbed Reacher, who was standing right there hoping to get a snack, and I put him in a third carrier. Then I looked out back and did the snack time call to Corbett, who was chilling under the tree. When he came inside, I popped him into the fourth carrier.

And then we were on our way to Petsmart. The kittens had apparently had a prior discussion about what to do if put into carriers and then into the car, because they began coordinating their howling so that someone was always howling. The entire 35 minute drive to Petsmart, someone was always howling. Sometimes more than one was howling, and several times I’m pretty sure all six were howling, but at all times at least one of them was howling.

(Reminder to self: bring ear plugs next time!)

I got to Petsmart, and instead of going in and getting a cart, then piling the carriers in the cart, I somehow got it in my head that I could carry all four carriers in. I was actually able to do so, but by the time I got to the cat room, I felt like I was hauling 100 pounds of cat. The manager let me into the cat room, and I let Bolitar and Rhyme out of their cage, cleaned it, and got it set up for Reacher and Corbett. I did all the things I needed to do to get the cats all set up, and then I sat on the floor and told them all that I loved them (Melodie, for one, didn’t believe me for one single second), and then I put Moxie, Melodie, Dodger, and Martin in one cage, and Reacher and Corbett in another.

Melodie wasted no time – she went into the litter box and meowed sadly. The others seemed more curious than scared, so I told them one last time that I loved them, and then I put Bolitar and Rhyme in carriers, and left.

None of my babies were adopted over the weekend, and the word is that MMM&D were okay, if nervous, but Corbett was hiding in the litter box, and Reacher was freaked OUT. They’re always scared the first few days, so I know they’ll be okay. I have to go into Huntsville later today, so I may stop by and spend a little time with them.

When I got Bolitar and Rhyme home, I took them directly upstairs to the foster room, shut the door, and let them out of their carriers. They started slinking around the room, growling and hissing and smacking at each other. I spent some time with them, and then left them alone to get used to their new surroundings.

It was my intention to keep them in the room for at least a day, until they relaxed a little. But Fred got home and went up to see them, and when he opened the door they ran over to him and he made the decision to let them out into the house. There was drama queen behavior on both their parts, they hissed and growled and smacked the permanent residents (I’m sure you can imagine how THAT went over), but by Sunday afternoon they were settled in like they’d never been gone.

I meant to share the last of the MMM&D and Reacher & Corbett pics I had over the weekend, but got busy and never got around to it, so here they are!

I think I threw a stick, and cats ran from all corners of the yard to check it out.

Pretty Moxie.

I came home from running errands one day to find this going on. I guess Martin wanted a little Spanky love!

Marty in the sun.

Corbett, peering out the door.

Rhyme, just after we got home.


Bolitar, keeping an eye on things.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Saturday morning, I scrubbed down the upstairs foster room, and then I moved Starsky and Hutch up there. They weren’t sure what to think at first, but they seem to like the toys and the brighter room. Especially the toys!

(These pics are from before I moved them.)

Hutch enjoys a good belly rub.

Starsky, having caught sight of Hutch, goes insta-floof.

Friday afternoon, when Bolitar and Rhyme were running around the house hissing at everyone like the drama queens they are, I opened the door to the guest bedroom to go in and see Starsky and Hutch. Now, the guest bedroom is where the Bookworms were pretty much raised – they were in there from the time we got them, and even when they were allowed out in the house, they spent their nights in that room. It stands to reason that Bolitar and Rhyme would consider that room theirs. So when I opened the door, they went running in, and there was an awful lot of hissing and growling and floofing up from all four cats. (Is there anything cuter than a floofed-up baby kitten?) I grabbed Bolitar and Rhyme and put them out of the room, and then had to spend ten minutes reassuring Starsky and Hutch. Poor babies.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

“Kittens again? FABULOUS.” Maxi always loves the kittens. NOT.


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10-4-10 — 9 Comments

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the boys and MMMD tomorrow night to see how much they’ve adjusted since Saturday. When we left Saturday evening, all of MMMD was out of the box. Corbett was still in and Reacher was in the soft cube bed, but both were more relaxed than they’d been when I first got there.

  2. Oh Bolitar, how I’ve missed you! How he and Rhyme have not been adopted is a mystery. Perhaps they’ve been too teenagery; playing their music too loud and saying “Whateva” at everybody?

  3. What a dramatic reduction in L&H’s kitteh population in one day! And what a great story. I can definitely identify with the stress caused by howling kittehs in carriers in the car.

    I hope they all get adopted soonest!

    And poor little Starsky and Hutch having to deal with Bolitarzilla. I hope they recover and all goes smoothly from now on.

  4. I kinda want to snorgle the stuffing out of Buster in a really ridiculous fashion right now. He is SUCH a handsome fella.

    Relatedly, I’ve gotten so used to seeing half-grown kittens here that the TV Land Twins look like kinda bizarro stuffed toys. Too cute to be real, if that makes any sense. 😉

    Hoping the rest of the kids get adopted super-quick.

  5. I have everything crossed and then some that your beautiful fosters find forever homes!! The MMMs and Dodger are so precious I really can’t see how anyone can not fall in love with all of them at once! Awwww! And I’m also praying that sweet Reacher and Corbett will have homes too!! Please please someone fall in love with them too!!

    Hugs to Bolitar and Rhyme. Awwww, poor babies!!:-) Look at their sweet faces – awwww!!

    Starsky and Hutch are just yummy! 🙂 Even formidable Maxi’s heart must melt a little at the sight of such utter sweetness?? Yes? No? Oh dear! LOL! Take care

  6. If Reacher is anything like his namesake, he’s not really freaked out. He’s just listening to the clock in his head and planning his escape.

  7. (((Robyn & Fred))) Transitions are tough… both ways! Keepin’ up a purr here that lots of adoption action is forthcoming!