10-4-09 – Terry (the True Blood).

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I got a picture of Terry yesterday that couldn’t more clearly illustrate the difference the eyelip surgery has made in his life.

Terry, before surgery:

(Click on either of these pictures to see them larger over at Flickr.)

Terry, now:

Do you see how cloudy his eye was before surgery? Having that fur scrape across his eyeball was doing daily damage to the eye itself. And now, after, his eyes aren’t 100% perfectly clear, but they’re obviously very much improved. He honestly looks like a completely different cat (same sweet attitude, though!)

It’s just amazing!


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10-4-09 – Terry (the True Blood). — 11 Comments

  1. Wow… this surgery is truly amazing. Who would have thought you could make up eyelips and sew them on in the first place?!

    Your vet rocks!!

    I’m so happy to see little Terry’s eye looking so nice and clear and… COMFORTABLE! Yay Terry 🙂

  2. A involuntary wittlebabykittywitty slipped out… he is so darn sweet. Look at that perfect diamond between his eyes.

  3. These kitties are truly blessed to have you and your wonderful veterinarian. I mean it!!!

  4. A little happy tear forms in my eye. Kudos to the vet, you and Fred. The True Bloods are truly blessed.

  5. Wow… what a big difference! So happy for little sweet Terry. You are amazing for doing so much to help these babies and caring for them like you have the whole way through.