10-7-16 Friday

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Note: I am supposed to be leaving on vacation tomorrow. HOPEFULLY I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow. It’s possible that jerk Matthew chewing his way up the East coast will mess things up for me. In either case, I am planning to take next week off from blogging. There’ll be a weekly roundup post on Sunday, as usual.

I’m going to put the “random post” button at the top of the page, right under the header, so that you can sit and hit it over and over again. There are over 2,600 posts on this site – surely there’s one or two you don’t remember and won’t mind reading again.

Edited to add: Now I’m scheduled to leave Monday morning instead. Fingers crossed. You guys in the path of the storm, please stay safe!


Last night:

Yay! I’m a little sad that they didn’t adopt Juniper too, but maybe they’ll come back for her. Fingers crossed!


I just clicked over to Skinny Pete’s adoption page. The embedded flickr album widget is a great addition to your pages. So nice in one place to see their growth.

I love that I can embedded that widget so that people can sit there and scroll through the pictures! I’ve done a lot of that myself. At some point I’ll go back and do it for all the foster pages… Someday!


These are the last of my pictures of The Greasers, taken before they went off to Petsmart yesterday.

Sodapop’s got SO much attitude.

It’s a big world out there, Ponyboy.

Two-Bit is smug that he figured out how to stop the track ball without having to chase it around the track.

::thlurrrp:: (Ponyboy)

They continue to adore this pillow cover. Someone’s always laying on it, snuffling around in it, or bunny-kicking it.

Three of the four, hangin’ out, doin’ stuff.

Two-Bit, showing off his love for the pillow cover (and the sun).

I finally got all four of the Greasers on the bed with me at nap time Wednesday. Darry was the last one up, and the last to leave. And they all purred the entire time!

Ponyboy over there on the right, stretching and showing off his spotted belly, is my favorite part of this picture.

All four of them! Looking at me! It’s a miracle! (Darry back there under the hammock, Sodapop in front of him, Two-Bit in the very front, and Ponyboy over on the right.)

I took the boys to Petsmart late yesterday morning, so that they’d have a few hours to settle in before adoption hours started. I put Darry in with Hemlock and Juniper – I expected there to be hissing, but there was no hissing at all that I heard. When I left, Ponyboy and Sodapop were hiding in their litter box, and apparently Two-Bit joined them a little later. I think they’ll be fine after they adjust, but I sure do hate it when they hide in the litter box!


Newt certainly does love a good box.


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10-7-16 Friday — 19 Comments

  1. Stay gold Ponyboy. Stay gold.

    On a serious note, the coast is still going to be a mess on Monday so don’t rush over here.

    • I’m not entirely convinced that the vacation will end up happening – but the waiting to see is driving me nuts! 🙂

  2. No one deserves a week off more than you, Robyn. Have a safe, great trip, one that coincides with adoptions aplenty. Prayers and thoughts for all affected by or in Matthew’s path.

  3. Have a great vacation Robyn. Even if all you get to do is sit inside and read good books, time off is time off. I love that Hemlock was adopted. What a great story from beginning with the rescue in the parking lot to his forever home. I hope he has friends at his new home and he can tell all the stories of his adventures and the crazy lady with the camera.

  4. Yay for Hemlock! You’re right, it’s too bad they decided not to adopt Juniper with him! I’d hoped they’d be adopted together.

    I hope you still get to have your vacation! Where were you planning on heading this time?

    • Myrtle Beach – my parents have a timeshare there for this week every October, and I go and join them for a few days.

  5. It looks like the storm will be through SC by late Saturday so you should be good by Monday unless there are power outage or flooding issues. Fingers crossed!

  6. So my husband and I were at Petsmart last night and we always go look at the kitties when we’re there. Not that we plan on taking any since we have 4 already and a dog but you know, gotta check them out. There was a little three month old black kitten that was the only one that showed any interest in us. I read her description and it said she loved her foster parent’s dog that she loved to cuddle up with it. When I read that out loud my husband says, “yeah, they’ll put anything to get them adopted even if it’s not true.” Now I don’t believe that, that you or any other foster parent would lie, but it did get me wondering. Do you think people might exaggerate the truth a little or even a lot to get them adopted? Like, she liked the dog and tried to snuggle but the dog wanted nothing to do with her. But since she wasn’t afraid of it the person would put that on the card so people like us with a dog wouldn’t disregard her in the worries she wouldn’t do good with a dog? Or like another one – on his card it said he was a lap cat, but maybe he really isn’t so much a lap cat but doesn’t mind snuggling NEXT to you. Just curious….

    • It’s possible that people might exaggerate a certain personality trait of a kitten or cat, but I think that most people are as clear and straightforward as possible – to do otherwise would be silly, because it might very well lead to a kitten being returned (and trust me, NONE of us want that!)

      To be honest, I always just want to write “THIS IS THE BEST KITTEN EVER, YOU COME ADOPT HIM RIGHT NOW” and have to talk myself down. 🙂

    • If a foster cat of mine has special circumstances, I try to describe them tactfully but accurately; as Robyn said, saying something that isn’t necessarily true might lead to the cat being adopted into a home that doesn’t work out. I can’t speak for all foster parents, but I am always as open as possible with my adopters.

      (Also, most of my fosters really ARE that sweet.)

    • I do my very best not to exaggerate on the descriptions. sometimes, when I have a cat who is extra obsessed with something I try to get that to come across in the description… like I had one kitten that was very mouthy.. he would bite you every chance he got, and while he understood the command to not do it he simply refused to stop. I tried to explain this to the people who were adopting him and they thought I was talking about how all kittens are mouthy. They came back to me later and apologised for not taking me more seriously when I tried to explain it 🙂 Fortunately, he was very well mannered and it didn’t hurt, but he was a handful! 🙂

      do other people exaggerate? possible… but that simply sets the kitten up for a failure, so I wouldn’t think they would.

  7. Yay for Hemlock! Fingers crossed for Juniper to be next.

    I hope all works out for your vacation,Robyn!

    I’ve been in London this week and scheduled to fly to Charlotte NC Sunday, then catch another short flight home. This is looking possible now as it seems that whacky hurricane is making a u-turn back towards Florida. We’ll see.

    In any event- Hello from London!

  8. Congratulations and good luck, Hemlock! You and your sister Juniper have had our hearts since the beginning. We’re hoping maybe your forever family will soon see that two adopted together are best for all!

    I used to write up our shelter’s adoption descriptions and I was never once allows to fudge on any of them, not even a little. Pets with unique characteristics were tough to write about, but we were always truthful and fair, and people seemed to appreciate our honesty. I hope the same is the case in all shelters.

    Have a good vacation!

  9. When I adopted the legendary Cagney and Lacey 23 years ago,I was told by the foster group that they were from the same litter …but first vet visit showed-via teeth-that Lacey was a few months older. I didn’t mind that, but would have not been pleased if a behavioral issue had been mischaracterized. C&L were extraordinarily close and loving all their days.

  10. ‘Now that all her babies have been adopted, Kara will be going to the pet store on Thursday, hopefully to be adopted quickly’


    He he he he he etc!