10-9-16 Weekly Roundup

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Note: I’m supposed to leave for vacation tomorrow; I am planning to take off this entire week from blogging.

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

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Before they went back to #Petsmart, #Hemlock and #Juniper had a little playtime, and Juniper got a little #floofy.

Snuggling with #Darry.

Getting our nap on. #TwoBit #Ponyboy

“Good morning, innernets! Is you awake yet?” #TwoBit

Didn’t realize ’til now that #TwoBit was skulking in the background, #snoopervising. #Ponyboy #Sodapop

#Ponyboy REALLY likes being held on his back like a #BAYbee.

“Innernets, you awake yet? I gots a belly needs rubbin’.” #Ponyboy

In case you wondered, #Sodapop also likes being held like a #BAYbee. All of #TheGreasers do!

“Can’t a mancat have one minute to himself?” #Darry

#BrudderlyLove #Ponyboy #TwoBit

“Good morning, innernets. Is that what you’re wearing?” #Sodapop #WhatNotToWear

This seems like something we should encourage. What could go wrong? #ChickenPoop #CarlaMae #HouseChicken #DontMindIfIDO

Nap time with m’boys. #Darry #Ponyboy #TwoBit #Sodapop #TheGreasers

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#Ponyboy is one happy little monkey. Crank up your sound!

“Good morning, innernets. It’s Thursday, the gateway to the weekend, yay!” #Darry

“I sees you, innernets.” #Darry

Yay! (A little sad they didn’t adopt #Juniper too, though.) #Hemlock

Before he went off to #Petsmart with his brothers yesterday, #Darry got flirty.

#Juniper adopted, by the people who adopted my fosters Drum and Clairee back in 2011. So happy to see that girl find a home! #Evergreens

#Drum and #Clairee, my former fosters who are #Juniper’s new siblings. So pretty!!!


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10-9-16 Weekly Roundup — 9 Comments

  1. So very happy to see Juniper adopted. She’s going to love being in a house with older siblings. Now if the Greasers can get adopted quickly.

  2. Hooray for Hemlock and Juniper and their new families — great, great news, and I’m sure the Greasers will be heading to their homes very soon. And may Creed and all the other adults do the same. Thanks for the alert and roundup, Robyn, and have a lovely vacation.

  3. Going to miss the blog posts, but a break is well-deserved for you! Safe travels and I hope all’s well at the coast.
    Thanks so much for all the pics and videos, too!
    And so happy for Juniper and Hemlock…

  4. Yay, Hemlock!….YAY, Juniper!!!
    Have a wonderful vacation!!! We will miss you!!

    Just got back, yesterday early evening, from vaca-evacuation. Lots of yard clean-up to do. Neighbor had a tree come down and CRUSHED his house. Lots of damage in Jacksonville and St. Augustine. Still people without power.