About the Wonkas

Date of birth: Approximately August 24, 2009.

Named after the kids from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (and collectively referred to as “the Wonkas”), these four kittens (the two calicos are girls, the other two are boys) were discovered under a bush near Fred’s office on September 21, 2009. They were in such good shape that I highly suspect they were dumped (and no one has seen a mother cat hanging around).

Fred brought them home, and we’re fostering them for Challenger’s House.

After a first few hissy days, they are now all super-sweet and friendly. At this time we’re trying to get them to eat kitten food rather than demanding bottles, but they’re being stubborn, and we’re softies.

They were tested on October 9th, and all four showed up as FIV positive. A retest almost two months later showed them all to be FIV negative; they were spayed and neutered and ready for adoption soon after!

You can read about these guys beginning with this entry (there are links at the top of each entry; click on the one on the right to take you to the next one).

See all the pictures I’ve taken of this bunch over at Flickr.

As of January 5th, all four Wonkas have been adopted! Mike and Gus were adopted together, and took a plane ride to Oregon to join their new family!

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