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The Taters (so called because they’re all named after varieties of potatoes) came to us on May 31, 2012. Russet (nicknamed Cap’n Floofy) and Norland (nicknamed General Grumpy) (both males) were from one litter and estimated to be about 8 weeks old (their guesstimated date of birth is April 1, 2012). They came from a larger litter of six. Three of their litter mates are being fostered by another Challenger’s House foster family. Their sister was adopted, leaving these two to come here! They are both great big snuggly lovebugs and will purr if you so much as think about looking in their general direction.

Agata, Fianna, and Kennebec were from another litter. Their guesstimated date of birth is April 11, 2012. They were found, without their mother, by someone’s home and turned over to Challenger’s House. They were very scared at first, but after a few days started to warm up. It won’t be long before they’re as snuggly as their foster siblings!

And Cicero came to us on June 5th! A neighbor who lives a few doors down brought him to us; her teenage daughter had rescued him from a dog. I estimated him to be about 4 weeks old. He was in somewhat rough shape at first, but plumped up nicely after a few days.

You can read about these kittens beginning here (there are links at the bottom of each entry; click on the one on the right to take you to the next one). Cicero shows up beginning here.

See all the pictures I’ve taken of the Taters over at Flickr.


 On July 21st, Norland was adopted and on July 24th, Russet was adopted.

On August 3rd, Cicero (Stompers) went to his new home in Georgia to live with (L&H reader) Kristyn and her family.

Agata was adopted on August 10th, and Fianna on August 17th.

Kennebec was adopted on August 18th, and will have a sibling in the form of another Challenger’s House kitten, Mercedes (who was actually from the litter that Norland and Russet came from!) Update: Six months after being adopted, Kennebec and Mercury were returned and came to us. You can read more about them here.

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