8-17-05 – Rambo & Jodie.


So I think I mentioned one day last week that the kittens have been on amoxicillin for an upper respiratory infection. Their symptoms never got worse, but they never got better, either, so I went to the shelter yesterday to get doxycycline for them, which will hopefully clear it up.

The kittens do NOT enjoy the doxycycline at all. Apparently it’s pretty nasty-tasting, and I do my best to squirt it as far back in their mouths as possible, but they still squirm and make the funniest faces of disgust.

I need to get pictures of that.

Mister Boogers, I think I’ve mentioned in the past, tends to have a somewhat boogery nose (thus his nickname!). So when he started sneezing a lot last week, we did our best to keep his nose clear and figured he’s get over it in a few days. Except he didn’t – in fact, by Monday he was clearly having some trouble breathing, and he ended up needing a vet visit. The vet gave him a shot of steroids, vitamin B-12, and antibiotics, and he’s doing a little better today than he was, though he’s still a little whistle-y. Also, we squirted some stuff up his nose to help with the stuffiness, and his nose just looks painfully raw.

Of course, it might help if he stopped licking his nose.

So now our cat-medicine regimen looks like this: In the morning Rambo and Jodie each get a dose of doxycycline. Mister Boogers gets a half pill of something to help unstuff his nose, which he also gets in the early afternoon. In the evening, Rambo and Jodie each get their second dose of doxycycline and a dose of Albon. Mister Boogers gets a dose of antibiotic and the nose-unstuffing stuff. Miz Poo gets a squirt of oil, and Spot gets his happy pill.

The only cat not currently getting some sort of medication stuffed down his throat is Spanky, and I’m not holding my breath – I’m sure he’ll be the next one to require a trip to the vet. That’s just the way it seems to go for us.

Rambo with mouse.

Jodie wakes up from one of her numerous naps.

Snoozing kittens.

Is that a happy face, or what?

She’s such a pretty girl, that Jodie.

Booger in the sun.

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