8-17-20 Monday

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THANK YOU, everyone who took part in the online auction! The total raised was $3570, though that’ll be lowered a bit with shipping costs. We’re packing boxes here tomorrow (there will be many kitten breaks, I’m sure). As always, it was a lot of fun… and now we prepare for the BIG auction in November!


Aramis’s eyes, when you look at them from a distance, are kind of a seafoam green. But when you see them up close, it’s another story altogether. He sure is a pretty boy.

“EXCUSE ME LADY. I AM ALSO A VERY PRETTY BOY.” Indeed you are, Rochefort.

Yes, Athos, you are ALSO pretty and I wouldn’t forget that for one moment.

“Me too?” Yes, Winter, you too.

D’Artagnan’s all “Oh, I’m not beating up Rochefort. I’d never! I was trying too… uh… give him a hug! Yeah, that’s the ticket.”

Rochefort and Constance have a tussle – and Constance tries to put the bite on Rochefort.

Between d’Artagnan and Planchet, there’s a whole lotta ear there.

Constance makes a comfy seat, apparently.

Pretty pretty Porthos.

Look at those GUILTY little faces.


Alice, watching Jake scurry off. Alice and Jake had been hanging out together, looking happy and pretty, so I went out to try to take a picture LIKE IT WAS MY FIRST DAY ON EARTH OR SOMETHING, and Jake and his guilty conscience ran away AS THEY ALWAYS DO.

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  1. From a lot of these pictures, it appears that the kitten’s ears grow faster than the kittens. In other words, they have to grow into their ears.