8-17-18 Friday

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A rescue here in North Alabama is up for a $10,000 grant. If you guys wouldn’t mind voting, it would be very much appreciated! The rescue is called Hard Knocks Rescue and Training, and they concentrate on rehabilitating abused and neglected dogs who are considered “unadoptable” due to anxiety triggered behavioral issues. You can see their Facebook page here.

You can read the article about it here, or vote for them here. Click on the picture of the adorable brown and white dog with his tongue sticking out, and then click on the heart to the left side of the picture to actually cast your vote. (That’s how it works on my desktop – I’m not sure how it works on mobile devices, but I’m sure y’all can figure it out.)

You can vote once a day through Sunday – so please vote!


Was wondering, Robyn, what was it that made sweet Stefan a permanent resident of the Anderson household considering the fact that he left and returned very quickly?

Stefan actually never left and came back – Fred convinced him we were okay, I talked to Susan about him becoming a Challenger’s House cat, got the okay, and about 10 seconds (literally) after I hung up the phone, Fred started lobbying to keep him. I’d love to tell you why Fred wanted so much to keep him – I’m sure that part of it was all the work that went in to gaining Stefan’s trust, but the rest of it was probably due to his innate Stefan-ness, which we haven’t been able to define.

(By the way, speaking of cats who showed up at Crooked Acres, 9 years ago today was my post about how Jake and Elwood showed up.)


Also, updates please on Oksana and Torvill, Katia and Kristi.


How is it possible that Oksana and Torvill have not been adopted? I feel so bad for them, still waiting for their forever home!

Oksana and Torvill were at Petsmart in Jones Valley, but last week they cleared the cat room out so they could do a deep clean. At the moment they’re at Michelle’s house, and will return to Petsmart when the cleaning is done. There was a family interested in adopting them both, but the adoption unfortunately fell through.

As far as I know, Katia and Kristi are still doing well, but I’ll try to remember to ask for details when I see Michelle next week.


I LOVE that cat basket!! Can you tell me where you found it?? I would take a MOOP in it as well.

Edited to add: You can find it at Wayfair, here! (Thanks, Dorothy!!)

I got that cat basket at Coupaw several months ago. Unfortunately, the deal is no longer going on. It’s called The Cat Countertop Storage Basket by Boston Warehouse, and the only place I’ve found it available online is at Fishpond.com, which is located in the UK, and it costs $64. It’s a cute basket, but it’s not really $64 cute, in my opinion (I got it for $14 from Coupaw.)

(I actually had stuffed teddy bears sitting in that basket, but took them out to wash them and store them elsewhere when the ringworm was in full force. I need to get the teddy bears out and see if Moop still finds it as appealing!)

That Moop is one of a kind, however, and will be available after he’s neutered next week. JUST SAYIN’.


I was wondering, now that you live in the “city” and have that fancy fence, however will the wanderers find you? Will Fred have to find them on his treks through the countryside?

After the breath-taking amount of money we spent on vet bills this month, I’m hoping that no wanderers show up for a good long time. To my knowledge Fred has never seen any cats while he’s been hiking (he’s seen several rattlesnakes, though. He hasn’t brought any of those home… YET.)


Is it just me, or does Eliot have a little bit of the LOON going on?

Eliot definitely has a bit of the LOON going on. That girl is a goofy little thing with a loony little face!


Is there any chance Dewey will step up and fill the ‘Uncle-to-the-Fosters’ void Stefan’s passing leaves? IIRC Dewey loves everyone and most everyone loves/tolerates him.

It’s possible, though Dewey has kind of turned into a keeping-to-himself kind of cat. He and Frankie were such good friends at first, and now they really don’t get along. He’ll accept head butts from Jake and Khal, but for the most part he prefers to hang out by himself and only occasionally wander along for a pet or a snuggle.


I love Eliot as a girl’s name – if you wanted to, she could be Ellie, which sounds a little girlier. But I like Eliot!

Ever since Dr. Elliot Reid on Scrubs, I think of Eliot as being a name that works for a boy or a girl. And I’ve actually been calling her Ellie (also Ellie-Belly) since I thought she was a boy!


At first I thought that towel fold up by Arundel’s face was her arm and she looked like she was trying to give you the finger!

YES it does! But she’s such a sweet girl, she’d never…okay, maybe she would!


KENNETH KHALSSON BORKBORK McMOOPERSON! I am shocked! SHOCKED. All these weeks I’ve been thinking he is a sweet vulnerable little runtkitten kept together only by curiosity and a dark-matter floof forcefield. But NOW I find he’s a savage, wild, terrifying predatory animal! That growl is phenomenal…

YouTube link

When he’s challenged, that boy has a serious growl, doesn’t he? It cracks me UP.


That is a great picture of Khal and Jake, lounging in their respective beds. Reminds me of Chandler and Joey when they first got the leather recliners for their apartment.

I can totally see that!


This Russian Blue getting its ‘Loon’ on reminds me of Jake.

That is some loony action for sure (and totally something Jake would do!)


Moopie has a complaint.

Such a floofy boy.

Pretty Bethel.

Dexter (and a Bethel photobomb.)

Moop, Bethel and Dexter.

Lookin’ casual.

Are you getting the idea that Bethel’s a little nosy? She’s always afraid she’ll miss something!

Floofies Otis, Millie and Dexter.

Arundel looks a little annoyed by Dexter.

He’s a sweet boy.

Waiting for a victim to wander by.

Eliot gets a sniff from Bethel.

“What doin’, weird lady?”

So many toys, so little time.

Otis, checking out the cleaning supplies.


Here’s something that has surprised me this week: ever since Stefan left us, the sheriff has become more vocal. She doesn’t walk around the house howling, but when she comes in from outside, she chirrups and meows, and I have to go check on her to make sure she hasn’t brought in a bird or something else. Occasionally she’ll walk into the room and meow at me – and before this week, she’s been a pretty quiet cat. I would have said that Stefan and Kara didn’t really interact, but I also believe that cats have relationships with each other that we know nothing about, so maybe they were actually best friends.

And speaking of Kara, newer readers might not know that she came to us as a foster a little more than 10 years ago. She was very pregnant – the first foster cat who gave birth while with us, in fact – and gave birth to 4 kittens. One of those kittens was named Inara. Inara was adopted as a kitten, and this is what she looks like now that she’s a grown girl of 10 years old.

I recognize that expression VERY well. Just like her mother! (Katherine reports that also just like her mother, Dora is exceptionally muscular!)


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  1. Ha. Bethel’s a diva. That camera focus is hers and should always be hers as far as she is concerned.

  2. Dora is BEAUTIFUL. She gets that from her mother too!

    Moop hasn’t hit the lanky kitten stage, or maybe he’ll always be a round little ball of Moopy Moop. I wonder (and you may have already mentioned this) if he was the runt of his litter?

    • I had to look back at my weight chart. He’s siblings with Millinocket and Dexter, and he’s always been the smallest of the three, even now (though now he’s only smaller than Millinocket by 3 ounces or so).

  3. How is it possible Inara/Dora is 10 years old? That is terrifying to me. Seems like she was just born.

  4. I lost my Mei Mei girly earlier this year to lung cancer at the age of 6. I still have her brother though and he also went from silent to chatty mctalkerson. So they say adult cats only meow to humans – probably because we talk to them. I suspect it is Snorfy’s way of replacing his companionship with me – having to suddenly talk to be understood.

    • Awww, I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s interesting that he’s become more talky and interested in communicating with you (and also Snorfy is an excellent name!)

  5. If all things were equal, you would definitely have a “cat fight” in regards to Moop’s guardianship. that boy is sos adorable !!!

  6. 2007: We don’t let Newt wander freely through the house, because being inside freaks him out and he’ll sit at the door to the outside and howl to go out. He’s not an indoor cat at ALL. Sure, 2007 Robyn, he hates being inside :).

  7. Please please please tell me where you got the coveted yellow toy! My boys would ADORE that!!

    • I got it off Coupaw.com, actually, as part of a set of toys. Coupaw doesn’t have the set any more, but this is the set right here. If you’re interested in getting just the raffia ball, you can search on Amazon for “raffia ball cat toy”, and they have bags of them. I also can’t guarantee it, but I *think* I’ve seen bags of the raffia balls at Petsmart, so that might be worth a check!

  8. Robin, I just wanted to compliment you on all your hard work with this current batch of kittens. They started out as such a sad bunch of waifs, and just in the past week or so they’ve morphed into a more typical Robin-raised flock of cuddlesome beauties.

    • Thank you! When I was in the thick of it, doing all the hard work, I thought we would never ever get to the point where they’d be healthy and look this good, so it’s nice to finally get here!

  9. Man does Kara have a mean mug when she wants to! I have seen her face with not such a scowl and she is really very pretty!