8-17-17 Thursday

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He’s going home on Saturday – yay Ressler! He’ll have a big brother in the form of Zoomer, who was adopted from Challenger’s House earlier this year (I think). I suspect they’ll be the best of friends.

This leaves Mrs. Potts and Belle yet to be adopted. I hope that their time is coming – I would love it if they were adopted together (though I’m not entirely sure that Belle would love that!)


Mercury’s Missions are a week old as of yesterday. Here they are last Wednesday when they were a few hours old, next to pictures of them from yesterday, at one week old.






One week old, and mama is thrilled.

Telstar was licking his lips when I took this picture. Such a little cutie.

It almost looks like Mercury is carefully arranging herself among the kittens, doesn’t it? HA. No, she just flops down and they wiggle out from under her.


“Admit it, innernets. You wish you could have a pillow made of kittens too! They’re very comfy, but wiggle a lot.”

Telstar and Phoenix snuggle up for a nap.

Hubble has an nearly two open eyes (though you can’t tell from this picture, really). Phoenix’s eyes are still slowly opening. And last night Telstar’s eyes opened with a SPROING. Eyeballs, eyeballs, everywhere!

A Phoenix and her mama.


Video! Mercury and the kittens – bathing and snackin’. I can’t even stand how adorable they are.

YouTube link


Oh, the Newt. He just loves to sleep on the upper level of that little cat tree, and I always worry that he’ll tumble right off the top. Hasn’t happened yet, that I’m aware of.


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    • I was about to comment on the same thing. Nice to see that Newt has come around to liking the indoors.

  1. reading some of those past comments, big mix/mess of emotions.

    Jake & Elwood (and a LOT of egg cartoons) show up on your doorstop, Stompy, Butters legendary Ears of Annoyance, Norbie cameos and oh dear, Tommy.

  2. Mama Mercury has really perfected her “It’s five o’clock somewhere”/”Martini straight up, just wave the vermouth bottle over the glass”/”Calgon, take me away” look. It’s clear, though, that it’s a ruse and she a very loving mum.

  3. Baby Mercury does not look happy at.all. in her 1 week picture. I think she needs a kiss and a cuddle and another kiss!

    I volunteer.

    Love Newt so very much! I have a soft spot for all marmies, and he is just so squishy and kissable.

  4. Speaking of Newt’s sleeping site, we had a calico when I was growing up who would sleep on a waist-high brick wall we had in the background with her hipbones off the side of the wall, legs dangling. She never fell off (that we knew of), just lay there soaking up the summer sun. She did this daily.

  5. OK, I am going to break down!!! Because of Robyn and Fred we have taken a new kitten into our home. This is a very serious and hard thing for us… We have two grown boys (15 and 16 pounds). The 15 pounder Sam is the boss. I was lucky enough to adopt Red from the lexington humane society when we lost our other kitty. I requested a large boy that had been there for a while and they introduced me to Red – it worked out perfectly. Now, our employees went to a job site and brought me three sick kittens. Well, to make it as short as I can the two orgn bros found a home. Question: do we keep the baby seperate for a week in another room, swap our rooms for a few days? I think the Red will be fine with kitten, not for sure about Sam…. Any help I will really appreciate.