8-16-17 Wednesday

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Sorry that there’s just one picture of Chip and Gaston today (but there have been some “da BAYbee” videos on Facebook). I love it when they curl up together to nap!


Phoenix’s eyeballs came open just so far, and I think she decided she’d rather not see what the world has to offer, thank you very much.

The brown tabbies, all in a row. That’s Telstar on the left, Stardust in the middle, and Aurora on the right.

Phoenix at the bottom of the pile.

Guess what?

Kitten butt!

Telstar, flopped across Phoenix.

Stardust. As you can see, I marked her ear with a tiny dab of yellow fingernail polish. Aurora got pink.

Hubble had his left eye come a tiny bit open. The other one is still closed, though.

“I see you, innernets! Okay, I don’t see you. I don’t got eyes. But when I do, I will see you!”

You think those girls love their mama just a little?

Mercury might be just a tiny bit over me and the camera.

“I know you’re over there with that CAMERA, lady.”

6 days old.

I’d say they’ve grown a little.


Video! The rough, rough life of six day old kittens. SUCH a rough life.

YouTube link


Khal Drogo – formerly known as Fancypants v2.0 – is still here, still doing fine. I’ve petted him perhaps three times. He still runs when he sees me. WHATEVER, CAT. Hmph.


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8-16-17 Wednesday — 13 Comments

  1. Looks like mama is feeding those kittens well — chubby little bellies, so cute! Love the photos, get my “kitten fix” every morning, thanks to you!

      • I think so – I weighed them at 1 day old and 3 days old, but then someone barfed on the piece of paper on my desk (I’d written the weights on) and I tossed it without copying down the numbers. As of yesterday, they were between 6.53 oz (Stardust) and 8.01 oz (Aurora), which are good healthy weights. And they’re getting big, round bellies!

  2. The talio on Chip/Gaston. Very fluffy compared to the rest of the coat and I love it. Khal Drogo– such a cool name. I only watched the first couple of seasons of GoT but I do remember him. Gen Com is in Indy this week. 200,000 costumed gamers in town. Lots of GoT costumes. Good times!

  3. Well, Khal Drogo is letting you take his picture without looking too much like a blood thirsty Dothrakian. He’s such a handsome boy.

    Oh, those babies… I love how there always has to be one little dude who decides he is not going to pile up with his siblings (the little rebellious Billy Idol in the video clip facing the wall of their crate).

  4. Khal Drogo, that name really fits him.

    He’s his own man and he’s not about to let you forget it.

  5. My, they are growing fast!

    How is Phoenix’s coat coming in? It still looks like a mix of solid black spots and brown tabby spots from the photos. Is that even possible? Mama Mercury looks like she has some areas that are more grey-tabby than brown-tabby.

    • That’s what Phoenix looks like in person, too – black spots on her body, brown tabby (and black spots) around her face. I’ve not seen anything like it that I can remember!

  6. Telstar, flopped across Phoenix is flippin adorable

    see, I weren’t so far behind in my reading I’d know that yellow stuff was nailpolish.. *rolls eyes at self*