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Yesterday was my goofing-off, social day. I left the house around 8:30 and drove to Madison to visit with Katherine. Y’all know Katherine, she adopted two of Kara’s babies and now they are just spoiled rotten. Their names were Inara (now Dora) and River (now Nate), and they looked something like this, three years ago:

(That’s Nate)

(That’s Dora)

And also like this:



And then like this:



So then they went off to Madison to be loved and spoiled rotten, and I’ve seen them from time to time over the past three years. I haven’t always had my camera with me, but yesterday it just so happened that I did.

Both cats are beautiful, of course, but Nate is just strikingly gorgeous. Pictures absolutely do not do him justice.

2011-08-16 (1)

2011-08-16 (2)

2011-08-16 (3)
(Yeah, yeah. They’re all basically the same picture. I couldn’t help it. I HAD TO SHARE THEM ALL.)

2011-08-16 (7)

I had a hard time getting a good picture of Dora because she was untrusting of my intentions, but you can see what a pretty girl she is, too. (Kara made some awfully pretty babies!)

2011-08-16 (5)

2011-08-16 (4)

2011-08-16 (6)

Nate actually did come over and sniff my hand, but then he was so startled by his own bravado that he ran off and hid.

I swear, one day I’m going to remember to bring the good camera to Katherine’s house with me!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-08-16 (17)
Harlan gets his butt kicked while the Kong bird looks on, unconcerned.

2011-08-16 (16)

2011-08-16 (15)
Harlan contemplates his next move.

2011-08-16 (14)
Harlan and Everett tussle, while Sally looks away.

2011-08-16 (13)
I sense that Everett’s going to win this one.

2011-08-16 (12)
“You say it began itching and then your eyes suddenly crossed and you can’t uncross them? How bizarre.” Dr. Harlan Peppers is on the case. (I’m sorry, this picture just makes me absolutely guffaw. I think it’s the look of concentration on his face, combined with the look of long-suffering patience on hers.)

2011-08-16 (11)
Everett goes for a climb.

2011-08-16 (10)
The kittens sure do love that scratching post. That’s Lucy up top, Sally hanging off toward the bottom, and Molly and Everett on the floor.

2011-08-16 (9)
Lucy Peppers, if you aren’t adopted in ten seconds flat, I’ll eat my hat.

2011-08-16 (8)
When I see her little face, I have to kiss her one million times. She’s not terribly crazy about that, but she puts up with me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-08-16 (22)
Why so stressed, Clove?

2011-08-16 (21)
Take a shot of catnip, Clove. Jeez. All your stress is stressing ME out.

2011-08-16 (20)
Ciara’s all “Her stress is stressing ME out, too. Let’s sneak some catnip into her food.”
Coriander: “Your idea has merit.”

2011-08-16 (19)
“Sign me up for a snort of the ‘nip.”

2011-08-16 (18)
“Y’all are hilarious. Now shaddup and let me sleep.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-08-16 (23)
“Did someone say “catnip”?” (Spanky is a catnip fiend.)


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8-16-11 — 15 Comments

  1. The wonderful thing about Lucy Peppers is that the way her eyes are crossed just a little reminds me of another most excellent fuzz: Charlene Butterbean! With that precedent set, indeed Lucy should be quite quick to find a home. (and if I lived any closer…)

  2. As ever your wonderful post full of kitty’s has blown me away and lightened my day 🙂

  3. I’m sorry I have to stop reading your blog…these stressed out cats are killing me!! OMG…how do you handle all that stress in your house.

    Nate is beyond gorgeous…wow, he grew into such a handsome and regal man cat : )

    Dora…great markings and beautiful face : )

    Makes me want to hug ’em!!

  4. Kara does make some beautiful babies. Wow…Nate is a stunner!

    “Harlan gets his butt kicked while the Kong bird looks on, unconcerned.” – made me LOL along with the crotch-itch commentary!


  5. I appreciated this post as I appreciate all your posts, Robyn! Thanks again for everything you do, including for Tippy.

    I do have some sad news. People may remember Dexter, the Florida kitten who was nearly beaten to death by a women and her two young sons in a park in June. His brother was killed, but Dexter was rescued by some neighborhood children and rushed to PetLuv Clinic for treatment. He appeared to be making a recovery from his severe head injuries, including regaining the ability to walk and play as well as recovering some hearing and sight. He was doing so well and growing so fast that he was adopted by one of the staff of the vet hospital who treated him.

    Sadly, Dexter started having uncontrollable seizures and had to be put down yesterday. If you want to add your condolences to the staff of PetLuv Spay Neuter Clinic, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. They are torn up about it since it really looked like Dexter was going to recover and lead a happy, mostly normal life.

    You may want to view the photos and videos of Dexter. Despite his disabilities, he was a happy kitten who was well cared-for and loved. He even had his own version of Charlene Butterbean!

    Just wanted to get it out there. The clinic has had more than enough donations in Dexter’s name since it was such a high-profile case. Perhaps people could donate to Tippy’s surgery in Dexter’s name?

    • Doodle Bean, thank you for letting me know about Dexter! I missed seeing that on my FB feed. Poor sweet boy. 🙁

      • You’re welcome, Robyn. I don’t want to bring everyone down, yet did want to get the news out there. Who knows? Maybe Tippy and other needy cats can get some donations from it?

  6. Sorry, messed up again. This is the link directly to Dexter’s page on the PetLuv Clinic site.

  7. Oh I was so happy reading about beautiful Dora and Nate (beautiful, beautiful kitties) and adorable Peppers Gang (Lucy Peppers – me and Charlie just love you!) and of course the Spice Girls and Ciara and all your gorgeous Permanent Residents and then I read about Dexter. 🙁 Oh dear, poor Dexter. It’s very very sad!

    Take care

  8. sorry, me again! I’ve just left a comment on the Cat Blogosphere’s page about Dexter saying I read it here from Doodle Bean. I hope you don’t mind.

    Take care

    • Not at all! Thanks!

      Just so people know, I don’t want to bring everyone down, but just thought it best to get the news out there.

  9. I wish Kara could know how well Nate and Dora have turned out; what a charismatic duo! Wait — I have a strong sense Robyn had a chat with her! Am gutted about Dexter, but thankful he had some home-time before that vile experience took its toll.

  10. Harlan contemplats his next move…you can see the little man weighing up if he can survive such a death defying leap to the floor. oh, the odds!
    And poor little Dexter. At least he knew love to counter the horror before he had to go.
    He can run and play all day now. sometimes i just wanna get people like that and…

  11. Nate’s got that “this is my kingdom. It’s good to be king” smugness.

    Beautiful grown babies.