It’s been brutally hot around here lately. I think I heard on the radio yesterday that we’ve had 10 days in a row where the afternoon high temperature was at or over 100. I’ve been letting the chickens out of their yard into the back yard around mid-morning. They like to hang out over next to the air conditioning unit. Condensation pools next to the unit, and they take turns standing in the puddle of water.

Yesterday, Fred went and bought a bag of ice and dumped it in the back yard. The chickens stood around it, occasionally pecking at the ice cubes, until it melted.

When he got home from work, he said “Newt looks half dead on the front porch. I’m going to bring him inside and maybe put him in a bathroom.”

I said, “Why not just put him in the foster kitten room? God knows it’s not getting used.” So he brought him inside, and we invited Maxi inside, and they spent the afternoon snoozing in the house, where it was quite a bit cooler than outside.

(We don’t let Newt wander freely through the house, because being inside freaks him out and he’ll sit at the door to the outside and howl to go out. He’s not an indoor cat at ALL.)

While Newt played in the foster kitty room…

Maxi found a toy to play with…

Was “discovered” by Maryanne, who LOVES black cats, and went running over to rub up against Maxi.

Until Maxi hissed to show her displeasure. Apparently Maxi doesn’t care for kittens – despite Maryanne’s many overtures, Maxi never made nice during her afternoon visit.

Rough life, Boogie.

Spot’s new favorite place to sleep.

Tommy, writhing around happily.

Poor, miserable kitten.


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