8-18-10 – The MMMs

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When I see this picture, I can absolutely understand why Fred initially thought that Martin was a baby possum when he saw him sitting under the bush at the side of the house.

When I come into the room, Martin is invariably on the cat tree. He meows, stretches, then goes down the cat tree, meowing the entire way.

Then he runs over to me and sits at my feet, howling for me to give him kisses.

Dodger, Melodie and Moxie eventually come over to me, but they take their time doing it. Martin’s usually gotten all his kisses and is ready to go play before the rest of his litter wanders over for petting.


Tommy in the basket, giving me the stink eye.


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8-18-10 – The MMMs — 6 Comments

  1. There is seriously no cat that can give the stinkeye better than a black cat.My Maya looks permanently disgusted with everything and everyone around her.

    PS.I covet your cat tree!The newest member of our cat family,Frankie,would have a blast on something like that.

  2. Ok, that video is crazy cute! Thanks for sharing it!!

    And Martin does have a possum like look in that first picture – especially the chin and mouth area. And it is so cute to picture him mewoing his way down the tree!

    And it looks like Tommy isn’t in the mood for pictures in that picture – nope, not at all.

  3. That is a seriously great cat tree! I’m surprised anybody comes down from that even for kisses. Glad Martin’s getting so much love after such a bumpy start.
    As for Tommy and the stink eye, nobody gives a stink eye better that my little Tortie, Daisy. Her sister, the black queen Tessa, just looks at me like ‘WHAT IS SHE DOING!!’

  4. You ought to buy a really tall cat tree, give that boy a real challenge before he gets to his kisses…what is that thing, 6 feet tall? I must look into getting one…it really is most excellent!