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This is the North Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic – they’re currently closed, but are still doing their best to help people find low cost spay/neuter solutions for their cats (there’s grant money to help out with spaying and neutering dogs, but not cats). $50 buys a neuter, $75 buys a spay – but you don’t have to donate the whole amount, you can donate what’s affordable for you, every little bit helps!


I didn’t get a chance to go through my pictures of the kitties at Petsmart yet from last week, so those will be up later this week. None of my fosters were adopted, but Shania – an adorably sweet black girlcat – was adopted on Saturday, so that’s awesome!

Tricki is back here with us ’til next Friday so she can stretch her legs and play and get lots of snuggling. For the first day, she hung out in the closet, up on a pillow on the shelf. On Saturday, I opened the door to the rest of the upstairs, and it wasn’t long ’til she came out and hid in the recliner in Fred’s bedroom. That seems to be the place she likes to hang out the most, but if one of us goes upstairs and lays down on the bed, she comes right up for snuggling. She took a long nap with me Saturday afternoon, and never stopped purring the entire time.

She is just the silliest little goofball, this girl. I looked up her date of birth, and found out that she’s a year and three months old, so if she’s not completely grown yet she’s pretty close to it. And she is TINY. I’d guess that she’s perhaps 6 pounds, if that. I’ll try to remember to weigh her in the next day or two.

How it is that she hasn’t been adopted is a flat mystery to me. She is GORGEOUS, she is sweet, she is sleek and slinky and silky, loves to be petted, and loves to give kisses. Her family needs to just hurry on up and come get her!

She has keeled the feather teaser.

She has the prettiest eyes.

Flopped down for a nap.

Hello, slinky.

“I can haz the pettin’?”


Alice is trying to NAP HERE, IF YOU DON’T MIND.

YouTube link.


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8-18-14 — 28 Comments

  1. Tricki is breaking my heart. I would dearly love to come down there and adopt her, alas I cannot 🙁

    I’ll just keep hoping her people show up soon.

  2. I have noticed over my life of having cats black girl cats seems to be tiny. Mine, my sister’s and the one we had as kids were all very tiny. The black boys cats monsters.

  3. my black girlcat is about average, 10 lbs or so? definitely not teeny. She is a sweetheart and I can see the same love in Tricki’s face.

  4. Tricki could be the sister to my sweet Donna. So named because she’s got a voice and an impetuous attitude.

    She is such a love, I wish that I could come get her and that way have a matched pair.

  5. Argh, Robyn! Now I have to drive the 14 hours down there to steal Tricki and then conceal her from my landlord. I hadn’t factored that into my schedule for the week.

    I’ve loved her since you first fostered her and I’ve been waiting and waiting to hear she’d been adopted so I could stop feeling tempted to Tricki-theft. Sigh.

  6. Didn’t realize that it’s been two years since we lost Rupert. I never got his secret for keeping his fur so white despite spawling in the dirt, the leaves, etc.

    It was Elvis’ jumpsuit, just etheral white.

    Never forget that mama cat loosing it over him from the window. Such a fangirl moment!

    • He was such a sweet character. Fred always says that the cats who just show up here seem to be the most wonderful cats, and I have to agree. I can’t imagine our home without Stefan in it!

  7. Poor Tricki…she’s a black cat and we know they aren’t adopted as quickly. She is certainly a beauty, though.

  8. Awww, tiny Tricki. I love the little bitty cats. My first — and still the love of my heart — was tiny too. I don’t think she ever topped 7 lbs at her heaviest, and was just 5-pounds-something when I lost her to kidney disease.

    • There’s just something about a tiny cat. Of course, Alice was supposed to be a tiny cat, too, and you see how that turned out. 😀

  9. I wish you could just pack her up and send her to Germany! I would love to adopt that sweet girl

  10. Your photos of Tricki are amazing! How do you do it? I have 3 black babies (2 cats, 1 dog) and no matter how pictures I take, how many different cameras, flash, no flash, natural light, artificial light, etc….I can NOT capture them. Please share your secret!!!

    • I think the only real advice I have is to use the brightest natural light possible, and take a LOT of pictures! You’ll probably notice that most of the pictures I’ll share of Tricki will be of her on Fred’s bed, which is right by two windows that gets great light during the day. I’ll occasionally use the flash, but most of the time I prefer not to, because it casts such a harsh light on the cats.

  11. I would take Tricki home with me if I didn’t live so very far away (and I’m not too sure yet if my heart is ready for a new kitty in my life after losing my tuxedo boys so close together).

    Fear not sweet little Tricki your family is out there !!!!