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What I did on my summer vacation — by Khaleesi

My human and I spent the past few months with her parental units, and here’s what I did on my summer vacation.

Bubba and I played Cat Fruits in the Cat Tree.

Bubba’s job aboard the mother ship is public relations. Also To Prevent the Opening of Things. Here he’s keeping the toilet monster at bay. (I’ve never seen it, but Bubba assures me it’s in there.)

Lily and I got along like sestras, which is to say that we hissed at each other, a lot. Her job is to Occupy Things – Wall Street, Main Street, boxes and bags.

Sometimes we’d go on chipmunk patrol together.

We’ve headed back home for this grad school thing. I’m hoping there’s a little tuna involved.

Thanks Khaleesi (with help from Alton), we always love hearing what our former fosters are up to. Keepin’ the world safe from chipmunks is very important work!


Tricki is a feather teaser-lovin’ girl. Oh, those feathers. They drive her WILD!

Have I mentioned how gorgeous she is? SO gorgeous.

“What doin’, lady? There’s something above my head, isn’t there? Should I look up? I’ll totally look up. I’m a little nervous, but I’ll look up…”

“I KNEW it. A ceiling fan! That’s not as scary as I remember.”

“Now excuse me while I get my loony face on.”

In a move that surprised me, Tricki has been coming down to the bottom of the stairs in the evening. I’m fairly sure she wasn’t doing that last time (though I could be wrong). Dennis has also been asking to go upstairs to visit her a few times a day, and they chase each other back and forth, and kind of stare at each other, and it’s awfully adorable.


Corbie was snoozing on the patio, and heard me open the door to take his picture, and he popped awake, and turned to look at me, all “Wha?”

Then when he saw that it was just me, he gave me the blinkity-blink Eyes of Love, and went back to sleep.


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8-19-14 — 32 Comments

  1. Tricki’s eyes!! Green AND gold! And she’s so obviously a sweet, playful little darling. How have people managed to resist her charms so far?

  2. Trickie has gorgeous eyes! Green and yellow together, so pretty. My Leo’s are like that, maybe not as bright but I cannot get a picture that shows them off for nothing! Robyn’s camera skills mock me… lol
    I LOVE how Cobie’s back feet flop inward all loosey goosey when he’s giving the eyes of lurve!

  3. Khaleesi has filled out beautifully! She is gorgeous! So good to see her in such a great home! Thank you for the update, Alton!

    Hi, Renee!!! I am in Jacksonville, too!! Everyone, please go and vote. Clay County Animal Control REALLY needs some help. They are located behind a landfill, not visible from the road and they get NO advertisement!!!! The staff and the volunteers work hard and are the ONLY way those little ones get exposure! (Yes, it is a kill shelter!!!) So please, please go vote!!!!!

    Hello, gorgeous Corbie!!! My…what an ample belleh you have there!

  4. Robyn!! You are so sneaky!! I swear I did a double-take when I saw “by Khaleesi”!! My brain was all “No… it can’t be” and my heart was all “Yes… let it be, let it be” and lo, there it was….an update on our most precious Mother of Dragons! I just about died, I tell ya whut. It made me so happy! Many thanks to Alton, who couldn’t possibly know how much I’ve missed seeing that girl!!

    Robyn!! How dare you keep posting such adorable photos of Tricki when you know darn well how she tugs at my heartstrings. I just want to smooch & love on her soooo baaaad. HMPH. I guess you’ll have to do it for me.

    • You’re very welcome. We loved having Khaleesi here for the summer. She is super cuddly as cats go. I have to convince The Daughter to send me some photos from Auburn to pass along as the year goes on.

      Tricki reminds me of our first cat (the Divine Miss Ari) who was also small and didn’t have a non-black hair anywhere on her.

      • Wow, a doting mother AND doting grandparents.

        Lucky girl.

        BTW, what is Lily? Is she a siamese? I can’t tell because the belly and feet look white but her head says seal point. Or is her brother or Khaleesi in the bag too?

        • Lily probably has some Siamese in her. She’s got the slightly crossed blue eyes, the seal points, brown tail and has white paws and belly. You can almost tell in the bag photo, but her face is asymmetric – she has a brown eye patch on one side, but not the other. She’s all alone in the bag (from which she would emerge to pounce the unsuspecting Bubba as he wandered past).

      • Yes, thank you for sharing the pictures of Khaleesi with us! I know we are all happy that the Mother of Dragons has such a wonderful home and family! (And Bubba, the Preventer of Opening Things, cracked me up!)

  5. Aw… “Dennis and Tricki sitting in a tree”. :)Maybe Dennis is telling Tricki how she can get herself to be a permanent resident at Crooked Acres!

    Loved Khaleesi’s update!

  6. Tricki is just soooo beautiful. Does she have any white hairs on her at all? My Allie-cat is all black like Tricki except she has four white hairs on her chest. C’mon universe, bring Tricki her new people soonest!

    • Tricki has at least 5 white hairs – two on her chest, three further down on her tummy. I had to made a concerted effort to check her over before I saw them, though!

      • Awww…my beloved Baal was solid black except for 5 or 6 white hairs on his chest. I was forever threatening to cover them with mascara! But he instilled my love of black kitties iin me!

  7. Chasing chipmunks…that’s pawsome, Khaleesi! Tricki is such a gorgeous black cat. Love the pictures of Corbie–that pose 🙂

  8. “Lily and I got along like sestras” This makes me think that Orphan Black could be a possible naming scheme for another batch o’kitties. I’m sure it’s already been suggested, but just throwing it out in case.

    Loving all the photos today.

    • As I was watching all of season 2 the week before last, I made a mental note that I need a large litter of all girls!

  9. love updates and was there a cooling breeze blowing up from the south for Corbie?? cos it looked like he was letting it all hang out.

  10. I have a cat question, if anyone has any advice!

    A couple of times over the last few days, my beloved goofball Finnegan has been bathing himself when he’ll suddenly start pawing at his mouth like he’s trying to pull an invisible string out. The first time I saw him do it, it was just for a few seconds, and then he went back to normal, so I figured he got a hair on his tongue or something.

    Today he did it again, and cried a little while pawing. Once he stopped I got him to come to me so I could give him a cuddle and try to look in his mouth — he didn’t let me, but I did get a look at his front teeth (they look fine) and I couldn’t see any blood on his lips or tongue. He’s eating fine, he devours his nightly crunchy treats with gusto, and pressing on his jaw doesn’t bother him (other than making him go “what the heck are you doing, I was sleeping, here!!”)

    So. Vet immediately? Keep an eye on him and see if it happens again?