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Dexter was adopted by a staff member at the clinic he was treated in. Sadly after 8 weeks he was put to sleep. He had been getting better, we all watched as he moved in with Tiffany and got to live a great life. Was a shock when we all found out his fits had returned. Sadly the fits couldn’t be stopped and Dexter was allowed to toddle over to cat heaven where I’m sure his bro was waiting. There is a petition still going so do please sign. Don’t let Dexter’s death be without any real justice

Sign the petition!

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Just discovered this story: Pennie And Steve Lefkowitz Charged With Animal Cruelty After Nearly 700 Cats Seized.

The video at the bottom is just heartbreaking. I had to walk away for a few minutes around one and a half minutes in, when they showed the cat with the out of control rodent ulcer on his top lip. Miz Poo has had an issue with rodent ulcers in the past, and if she hadn’t received care, it’s pretty likely that’s what her upper lip would look like. So sad.

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With the clock right in the path of the kitty’s shelves, do they ever knock it down? I know my cats are fascinated with the second hand movement of our clock. It’s positioned right below a banister and every now and then I catch one up there, leaning over and batting at it.

2011-08-17 (17)

The clock that was there before got knocked to the floor a couple of times before it was broken and we had to toss it. I don’t think they’re batting at it – though Clove was VERY interested in that second hand! – I think they were just brushing by it and it was knocked down. This clock has a square of putty holding the bottom of the clock to the wall, so hopefully that’ll help extend its life.

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I’m not sure where information about a shortage of animals in the northeast came from but I can assure you that is not true in any sense of the word. Our shelters up here are bursting at the seams as well. There are so many stray/feral cats it breaks my heart. Shelters are constantly begging for money!

Lisa, I picked it up from this article, these quotes are what caught my eye:

When the van pulls out of Animal Services parking lot Thursday morning, it will be loaded with 38 dogs and puppies and 27 cats and kittens being taken to their no-kill shelter on Long Island, where people are waiting in line to adopt animals, especially puppies.

“By the time the puppies hit the floor, they are gone,” said Gleason while checking out some kittens he was considering taking with him.

Sheppard said there is a shortage of dogs in the northeastern United States because of strict spay and neuter laws enacted 30 years ago.

I should have known it was too good to be true. :/

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Nicole: Inquiring minds want to know…. did you name Lucy Peppers after Lucy Liu, another cross-eyed, exotic beauty? Or is it merely coincidence?

Elayne: Lucy Liu is cross-eyed? When did that happen? (45 minutes of staring at imdb photos and google images later)
One of her eyes is a bit differently shaped than the other, a bit narrower, but I don’t think she’s cross-eyed…

Nicole: Maybe Lucy Peppers isn’t cross-eyed, either. But they are both very pretty.

2011-08-19 (18)

Lucy Peppers is definitely cross-eyed, but she wasn’t named after Lucy Liu (I do call her Lucy Lu, though, of course, because everyone’s gotta have a nickname.), she was named after Lucy from Peanuts. Actually, Lucy and Sally’s names were stolen from another blog, where there’s also a Patty.

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I never ever comment even though I have been reading you since 2004 or 05 (!!!!) – but I just have to delurk before Clove gets adopted away… If I could possibly adopt just one cat (I live in Ontario, and am going away to Europe for the year next week, so it’s impossible), I would jump on a plane today and scoop up Clove in a heartbeat! She is just the most beautiful cat ever seen on this Earth, IMHO – please tell her I said so before she goes off to her forever home! I look forward to new photos of her every day – and I do hope that whoever is lucky to adopt her stays in touch with you and sends on photos from time to time… She is the foster I will miss most of all you’ve had, and you can tell her that too! Big hugs from up North!

2011-08-19 (3)
“Will this box hold my toys, too, or should they buy me new toys when I get to Canada?”

(Clove thinks you have excellent taste.)

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Does Cilantro talk a lot? My Yenta has an oral fixation too, licks EVERYTHING and man, does she chatter, hence the name Yenta. Just wonderin.

She doesn’t talk a lot, no. She does, however, get “lost” when you’re more than ten feet away from her, and if she doesn’t know where you are, instead of looking for you, she meows until you call to her. (Right now, she is under the desk licking my feet, by the way.)

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Oh no – Jake is so skinny. What’s wrong with him? Did he have food poisoning? Is he allergic to his food? Poor guy. I hope he gets better sooon!


Look at Jake and Elwood! Elwood is, um, quite the portly man, isn’t he?


Elwood’s…bulking up. Lifting weights, is he? πŸ˜‰

There’s nothing wrong with Jake, he weighs what he and Elwood should BOTH weigh. Elwood weighs almost 5 pounds more than Jake, and it’s obvious in that picture!

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For the record I love and buy hot pepper jam or jelly from our local farmer who does up jams. Its delicious with cheese and crackers. I never get enough peppers from my garden to make jams, Canadian summers just aren’t long enough if you don’t have a greenhouse.

As for the Ghost peppers, there is a great spice shop in Charleston, SC that makes ghost pepper salt to sell. It has quite a kick (but I love hot) and I use it as a substitute for regular salt when I want to heat something up. I’ve never made a flavored salt, but I guess it’s the same as making a flavored sugar??

Well, I make Jalapeno jelly and Habanero jams, but the thought of working with the Ghost peppers has me a little nervous. Fred decided last night that he wants to use the first of the Ghost peppers to make a hot sauce, then he’s going to have me make a batch of strawberry-Ghost pepper jam, then who knows?

(For the record, I can eat Jalapeno jelly, but cannot eat Habanero jam because it’s too hot for me and I don’t like feeling PAIN when I eat!)

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Maybe I missed it, but did all the McMaos and Maggie find forever homes?

They did! The last two to go were Maggie and Fergus Simon, who both were adopted two weeks and one day after the whole bunch went to Petsmart (but weren’t adopted together). The only McMao left unadopted is Ciara, who goes to Petsmart in a little while with the Spice Girls.

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I’m glad that Ciara and the sisters will be heading off tomorrow — though only because they’re growing so quickly. Hope they can be paired off in cages and then permanently. Godspeed, lovely girls, and here’s wishing that Robyn will let you keep her up during your final night at Crooked Acres.

I did let them have the run of the house last night, and they were a bit calmer about the whole thing. Ciara settled down in the cat bed at the foot of the bed, and the Spice Girls took turns laying across me, laying against my legs, and curling up next to my head and purring loudly.

There’s a large cage available at Petsmart, so all four of them will be going into that cage together. I would love it if they were adopted together in one configuration or another. Fingers crossed!

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All three petitions signed. Dexter is breaking my heart. I know pretty much all of us wish we could beat this woman senseless with a baseball bat. I have special words for her. I am a prolific curser as well (I remember you saying this awhile back about yourself) and, to paraphrase from A Christmas Story, I have woven a tapestry of profanities to describe her to my other cat-loving friends.

I am too familiar with this closing of helpful cat shelters. The Humane Society here raided one about 50 miles southwest of St. Louis. This woman had owned the shelter for more than 20 years. (In fact I adopted Luanne from them in 2007, from a Petsmart.) She was given a certain amount of time to reduce her numbers by x amount. She’d gotten about half of those out and had scheduled the other half to be shipped to a few other no-kill shelters. The Dept. of Agriculture wasn’t satisfied even though she was doing what she could (despite low funds and the fact that she was sleeping on a cot at the shelter). They told her she had to euthanize 60 animals and she said she spent 2 sleepless nights making up the list (how AWFUL). She and her lawyers got the euthanization date pushed out for a few weeks and she was continuing to schedule some of the animals to be transferred. When she was out of town, the Humane Society here and the Dept of Ag raided her place, took film, said it was deplorable and the animals were all sick. (Please tell me what shelter has animals that are all healthy and glowing??? That’s why they’re in shelters.) So this woman was completely shut down. They took 165 animals, including the lab (her pet) she’d had for 10 years. They eventually gave it back. But all of these other animals who would’ve been spared (and who WERE spayed and neutered; this is where all her funds went) were taken in by the Humane Society. Petsmart canceled their contract with her before finding out all of the facts. I’m sure tons of the animals were eventually euthanized. The HS is now the Wal-Mart of the animal world. Instead of another no-kill shelter getting funds for doing good work, the HS can get more funds to kill animals. WHATEVER. I will never support them again. I have given money monthly to North Shore Animal League for more than 3 years now.

Sorry for my soapbox. I just hate these types of situations; they are so unfair.

Definitely unfair!

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“Today’s headlines: Civilization is breaking down, unemployment is at 110%, and a litre of petrol now costs more than your children’s college education. And now here’s Tom with the kitten report.”

It would make the news so much more bearable, am I right?

I think they ought to just televise kittens playing, and have the human anchors do the news in voiceover! (Also, you can scroll down in this entry to see the cats doing a news report.)

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I love the photos (and loved yesterday’s btw), but do wonder why the bed of Princess Smug of Smugonia is so plain. Shouldn’t it at least have rhinestones on it… oops! I meant the finest diamonds, of course.

2011-08-17 (22)

It is very plain, isn’t it? I just put that thing together earlier this week, and I’m trying to decide what exactly I want to do with it. I’m considering painting it white, and perhaps making some sort of floofy mattress-type bed for it. Then again, maybe I’ll paint it pink or blue. Orrrr maybe I’ll just leave it the color it is and talk about making a cute cat bed for it, then never actually doing anything at all. That last sounds most likely to happen.

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By the way, just in case you wanted a reminder, now you have a bunch of baby kittens, you could take a closeup picture of their faces once a day or once a week, and we could see how their face changes as they grow up?

I’m going to do my level best to make that happen!

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My Frankie is 1 year 3 months old now, and is still really scared of everything around him. If he’s sleeping next to me, he jumps up off the couch every time I get up, and he jumps and runs away at the smallest of sounds. Even still,he loves to be scratched and getting a body rub, but he is literally a scaredy cat. I don’t really know what to do to make him more relaxed. Any ideas?

If anyone out there has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. I think that some cats just have a more nervous nature than others, and despite the fact that they live with you and you would never hurt them in any way, they still get nervous when you move around.

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I can now exactly see why one needs to wear jeans to the foster room, I can just imagine how needle-sharp those little claws are!

SO true – I went into the guest bedroom yesterday morning to give the Peppers Gang their morning snack, and I was stupidly wearing shorts. Molly didn’t care one little bit that I didn’t have jeans protecting my legs, she climbed right up my bare legs to my shorts, then finally stopped climbing when she reached my stomach. Suffice it to say that I have learned my lesson!

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My cat Luna was frosted like that when we got her. Her tail even looked like a raccoon tail! That’s how we named her, those little white hairs along her back made me think of moonlight on a lake. Anyway, she doesn’t look like that anymore, her tail is just fluffy solid black, along with the rest of her. Well, brownish black. Also, I have a white cat that had two teeny black spots on her head when she was born, then just one, now none at all. Her mom had a few black hairs on her head when we had her (we fostered her out & kept 2 babies) and I’m assuming she also had a larger spot that was slowly going away. What’s up with that? How is it that they can change colors like that? Anyone know?

Oldcat? I think this might be a question for you!

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“Shares of Boston-based Carbonite Inc. jumped more then 23 percent yesterday in the company’s first day of trading after its initial public offering. The online computer backup service priced its shares late Wednesday at $10 per share. The stock closed yesterday at $12.35.”

I am actually gonna put a (small) chunk of change on the stock for its entertainment value. Will give it a year and then donate any earnings to Challenger House! Anyone else want to see what comes of one of Robyn’s Favorite Things? πŸ™‚

Very neat idea!

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2011-08-19 (12)

2011-08-19 (11)

2011-08-19 (14)
All five Peppers, hangin’ on the cat tree.

2011-08-19 (13)

2011-08-19 (15)
Lucy and Sally, chillin’.

2011-08-19 (16)

2011-08-19 (17)
Harlan haz a complaint. “This platform is too smaaaaaall, and everyone keeps trying to cram themselves on the platform wiiiiiiith me, and I don’t liiiiiike it!”

2011-08-19 (13)
Smilin’ Molly.

2011-08-19 (19)
The Peppers girls – and Harlan’s foot.

2011-08-19 (20)
Molly haz a complaint. “Sally keeps biting my taaaaaaail, and it huuuuuuurts and I don’t liiiiiiike it!”

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2011-08-19 (1)
Something hath disturbed the Ciara.

2011-08-19 (2)
Cilantro’s looking for her next licking victim.

2011-08-19 (4)
This really doesn’t look like the most comfortable position, does it?

2011-08-19 (5)
Ciara and Clove, all stressed out.

2011-08-19 (8)
Ciara checks out the dryer.

2011-08-19 (10)

I’ll be heading out of here to take Ciara and the Spice Girls to Petsmart in an hour or so. Adoption hours take place this evening, and I like to let them have the better part of the day to become accustomed to their new surroundings (though I am certainly hoping they won’t be their surroundings for long!) I will, of course, let y’all know as soon as I know they’ve been adopted.

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2011-08-19 (22)

2011-08-19 (21)
“Hello, I am beautiful.”

(Your weekly reminder.)


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8-19-11 — 22 Comments

  1. Every Friday afternoon, I do our household accounts.
    Every Friday afternoon, I get a headache.
    Every Friday afternoon, I take a painkiller; Corbie Day!!!! Yipee!!

  2. Alice’s lovely bed has a Quaker simplicity to it; lovely Alice, meanwhile, does not have any such simplicity. My vote is for the bed to remain as is. Am delighted to hear that the four girls get to be in the same space (note euphemism). Prayers for their swift adoption and continued prayers for Dexter and all the bereft humans he left behind. If my two would let me, I would be making a quick trip to Crooked Acres to snatch up Molly and Harlan. They and their sibs are special (but which kitty isn’t?). Corbie knows what I mean.

  3. While hating cruelty, physical violence as a punishment is not an option so count me out of the baseball bat pack, remember you would only end up in more trouble than her.
    Lovely, lovely pics Robyn the Peppers are my favorite group I think, I have a weakness for cheeky little black girl kitty’s. My own first pet was a little black girl kitty ,(I was 8 yrs old) she had crossed green eyes and a hook at the end of her tail because her mum was a pedigree Siamese, she also “talked” like one.

  4. Here I am!

    Yes – the color spots, usually on the head that vanish on kittens is a common feature of cats with the dominant white gene and also lots of white spotting (IIRC). It’s handy for the breeders because it lets you tell what color kittens the cat will produce, like a natural genetic test.

    As to how – presumably the color producing workings in the kitten hadn’t quite been shut down when that fur was produced, but eventually it will be, thus the fading. It’s not uncommon for kitten fur to be ‘not quite’ matching the adult look – if you look at the silver and gold persians, you often see the fur show stripes that fade as the shade and smoke effects take over. A similar thing is the spots that lion kittens have that fade out as it grows up – or the downy feathers of baby chicks, for that matter.

  5. About Frankie –

    Two of my cats show some of those kind of ‘nervous’ behaviors – the easier case is the Persian I’ve had a year and a half now. If she’s sleeping on the ground she will get up and skitter away if I get up. I remember early on finding myself chasing her around trying to get her to understand I wasn’t chasing her around! Anyway, with time she’s adjusted – if she’s up off the floor she doesn’t do it now (except in one room) and if she’s outside she’s almost stopped running in if I come out to join her.

    My oldest cat, Gus, is a tougher case. He is truly nervous, and used to regularly rip my shirt and leave bruises when he would panic and flee from a car in the street while sitting on my stomach. Thankfully these panics have slowed down a lot with age (he’s about 14) but can still happen, expecially if being picked up awkwardly. I’d just suggest giving him a nearby place to feel more confident – if he’s a climber, give him a tree in the room to zoom up, or if he’s a hider, make a cave under an endtable for him to duck under when he gets scared. I hate it when they go to a far part of the house and hide under a bed because of it.

  6. Those pics of Ciara are killer. Maybe it’s because she has white paws, but she appears to have some big ol’ bunny feets. I wonder how big she’s gonna be?

    As for scardy cats, my 5 year old cat Hannah has never grown out of her nervous behavior. She’s very quick to get up and move whenever anyone gets off the couch or moves too quickly. You can’t just reach down to pet her, you have to let her sniff you first, and I’ve had her since she was a baby. Some cat’s are just skeerdy. As a good cat mommy you just have to let cats have their bizarre behavior and work around it.

  7. Which Pepper is that channeling Gene Simmons?

    For anyone wishing they could adopt from Challenger’s House/Robyn, I fully endorse making the drive. The kitteh will be WELL WORTH the trip. πŸ˜‰

    • Oh, ‘scuse me, Drofy’s mum but as I can’t comment on Dorfy’s blog I thought I’d tell you here that the latest entry was hilarious! And Dorfy is gorgeous and that chicken chair (couch?) better look out, I don’t think she’s done with it.

  8. *delurk*

    For whatever it’s worth, in regard to the thing about nervous cats: I discovered a few years ago that I am what is known in psychological circles as a Highly Sensitive Person (or HSP for short) which basically means that my nervous system is “hard-wired” to respond more strongly to stimulation than most. That is, my sight, hearing, etc. aren’t necessarily any better than anyone else’s, but my brain processes all the sensory information which does come in much more thoroughly than that of a non-HSP, so I’m more AWARE of things like bright lights and noises, and it’s therefore much easier for me to get OVER-stimulated (and tired, stressed-out, and grumpy) from simply being in an environment with a lot going on. Shopping malls and airports, for example, just wear me the heck out!

    I want to stress, though, that being HSP isn’t a pathological thing. It’s not a “disease” or a “syndrome” or anything like that; it’s simply a trait, like hair color or eye color, and is probably genetic in origin. In fact, from the reading I’ve done, the tendency toward High Sensitivity seems to be present in approximately the same proportion (around 20% of total population) in everything from fruit flies to horses to humans, so it must have some kind of survival advantage or it wouldn’t be that prevalent. The lady who’s done the most research on High Sensitivity (Elaine Aron, you can Google her if you want to know more about her work) believes that those with the HSP trait are designed to be a kind of “early warning system” for others of their species–we’re the ones who NOTICE things, and so tend to spot the predator lurking in the bushes before anyone else does.

    Anyway–given all that, it’s certainly possible that at least some of these “perpetually nervous even though there’s no reason to be” cats are actually feline HSPs, and thus the spooky behavior is genetic rather than learned, which also explains why it can persist throughout life even with an owner who’s never harmed the kitty in question. So I will second what Oldcat said about giving nervous cats a spot of their own where they can retreat when they’re scared, particularly if they live in a busy household with kids and/or other animals. Believe me, being overstimulated isn’t very much fun, even when you understand what’s happening and why, and High Sensitivity isn’t something that can be trained or conditioned away. As Brandy so elegantly put it, the best you can do is accept that this is just how Nature programmed some of us to be, and try to work around the limits it imposes. (And while I definitely don’t advocate trying to “cure” High Sensitivity with drugs, I will say that a little Rescue Remedy can be VERY helpful at difficult moments. I’m not a pet owner myself so I have no personal experience with using it on an animal, but I can tell you for certain that it’s a real lifesaver for a human HSP, and I literally won’t leave the house without it these days. I’m given to understand that some people/animals respond to it better than others, but it has no side effects and if you have a fur-kid that you think might be Highly Sensitive, I would say it’s certainly worth a try.)

    So, informational message delivered–back to lurking.

  9. Hello Beautiful Corbie!! Yes, you are beyond beautiful! Yay!

    Awwww I have everything crossed for the Spice Girls and Ciara- I hope they get adopted asap!!

    Hugs to the gorgeous Peppers Gang!!

    Loved the Kittywood Clip – especially the “nobody leaves until we have a hit kitten video in our hands”. πŸ™‚

    Take care

  10. Oh I do so hope that all the Spice Girls and Ciara get adopted tonight. If they don’t, I know they’ll get adopted soon after. I know this is the tough part of fostering for you, Robyn, so hang in there. You did a great job!

  11. Wow – the video of Visa and Spike…what can I say. That little kitten OWNS that dog, lol. You can see it on Spike’s face at about 2 minutes into the video. Love it! I read your blog EVERY DAY and I love it. What you do for these little schmoopies (my catch all word for all kittens) is amazing.

  12. I too have a nervous girl, Roxie. She would skitter away when we got up or moved. She seems to do better when she is laying up on something too. If we go to pet her from a standing position she will usually run away from us. We have had her for almost two years (end of September) and she has definetly gotten better and more relaxed but still has that nervous to twitchy edge to her. We too spent alot of time chasing her around, trying to get her to understand we weren’t chasing her!

    She startles easily but does not run and hide, she will usually run, but will come back also.

    And sometimes when we go to pet her she will cringe from us..it just breaks my heart everytime πŸ™ I just keep giving her kisses and tell her that she has nothing to be afraid of from us, we would never ever hurt her. This too has gotten alot better over time.

    What I have started doing with Roxie is not making eye contact with her when I walk towards her. I am finding that if I make eye contact when I walk towards her, she thinks that I am going to go to her even if I’m not and then she will run the other way. If I don’t she will stay there or walk past me like I am not going to bother her.

    If I want to give her some attention, I crouch down to the floor to her level and start calling her name, not just saying Roxie come here or Roxie come, I do it high pitched and really draw her name out like RRRROOOXXXIIIEEE…she seems to love that and will start meowing and murring and purring and rubbing and sometimes even flop on the floor in front of me for some scratches.

    She has always been more highly sensitive. She is so diligent of every sound and site going on in the house and outside through the windows. She just can’t seem to sit still for very long. I think some of it is a product of their environment but as all cats have different personalities, nervousness is also a trait. As Brandy said, we have to find a way to work around it.

    You know, every Friday morning I think to myself, there is a beautiful cat somewhere out there on the internet, I wonder who he is? Of course, it’s Corbie! (Ha πŸ™‚ I could never forget how beautiful Corbie is!!!)

    Love the kitten cam from Denver, just watched it for 5 minutes, will definetly be going back. Can I volunteer to go sit in there for a while πŸ™‚

  13. Goodbye Ciara and beautiful Spice Girls! May your future homes be filled with catnip and kisses! It was lovely to know you all and watch you grow up!

  14. PS. I did not mean to imply in previous post that only the Spice Girls are beautiful – Ciara is a beauty too!

  15. I’m so shocked that people had a problem with Jake and Elwood’s unequal sizes! Have they never seen The Blues Brothers?? One is pudgy and one is thinner. Of course… Your kitties have it backwards.. Jake is supposed to be the pudgy one, Elwood should be thinner. Tell them to swap sizes please, they are not living up to their images!

  16. #1 Sally, Lucy, Patty and Violet over at my blog, all are Peanuts charaters..
    #2 I’m in New England, and while I wouldn’t say the shelters are empty, the one I volunteer for often import dogs. The fostering was so light I had to moonlight for another shelter. I’ve heard stories of other shelters, and in compairison we are very very lucky
    #3 fraidy cats. Rescue Remedy and constant exposure. Cats are afraid of what they aren’t used to. Using treats as rewards for being near something that frightens them helps too. My Eli spent the first six months of his life being medicated and the next three years running from me. He had long forgotten why he was running, but he remembered that bad things happened when I got him. So the RR helped break the fear response, and a lot of doing the best to make my walking towards him a good thing and here he is sitting next to me purring up a storm. I only need to be sneaky about nail trims and vet visits.

  17. You know, my tuxedo boy, Zorro, is a startle cat. I don’t think he scares if it’s me moving but if anyone dares to visit us or walk up our driveway well! he must run and hide immediately or they might see him and that would just be skeeeery…and like Karen I have learnt that if I don’t look at Zorro in the hallway or in the yard or in the kitchen then he will stand and watch me walk by but if I look at him he skedaddles! If he’s lying on me sleeping (in bed or on the couch) and I have to get up, I can’t pick him up and just place him next to me and get up, he tenses, the claws come out, he gets up and runs a little way off. and I go ‘oh, bud, sorry I upset you.’ (but i just have to go to the loo!) He generally comes back a couple of minutes after i get back though. Hey, I think I’ll start putting rescue remedy in his wittle mouth and in the cats’ water and we’ll see how things pan out. Then again, Zorro was semi feral for (up to the first) eight weeks of his life so maybe that’s coloured his outlook on things a little.