8-19-09 – The True Blood Kittens

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Guess who’s going to be tested and neutered and vaccinated Friday morning?!

And guess who’s most likely going to be released into Gen Pop Saturday morning?!

They’re SO looking forward to it.

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2009-08-19 (6)
“HI lady. You got snacks for me?” (Hoyt)

2009-08-19 (7)
I love the way Terry’s standing, staring up at that stick like “What is THIS happy horsepucky?!”

2009-08-19 (8)
“I needs a snuggle!” (Hoyt)

2009-08-19 (5)
Plastic packing strap: best cat toy ever!

2009-08-19 (1)
I love it when kittens get annoyed and stomp around with their ears back.

2009-08-19 (2)
“I wanted to play on the cat tree, and Lafayette pushed me OFF and he said I can’t play with the BOYS because I’m a GIRL and girls are STINKY and it’s not FAIR, he’s always so MEAN to me!”

2009-08-19 (3)
:::Slurrrrrrp:: (Bill)

2009-08-19 (4)
“Ah, my adversary, it appears that with each of us holding the other at arms’ length, we have reached an impasse.”

2009-08-19 (9)
“I is the boss, Teddy! I chomps on your nose and I kicks your butt and you will bow down before my superior strength!”

“I was just kiddin’, Teddy. You’s my best friend. You still wubs me, right?”


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8-19-09 – The True Blood Kittens — 8 Comments

  1. These babies are just adorable in every possible way! And they look so much better now, all bright eyed. You’re doing a fantastic job with these special darlings! I envy their eventual forever families!

  2. Love those kitties – love your blog! It makes me very happy and bring me great joy indeed! Good stuff! Keep up the good blogging! Catherine

  3. Wow… their eyes look so much better now! You are working wonders with that much-dreaded gel!

    They are all cute beyond belief… make me want to squeal 😀
    Thank you so much for rescuing them, taking such good care of them, and then sharing all of this with us Kitten-aholic Anynomous!

  4. I’m so glad they are having fun!
    I also love annoyed kittens, especially when they get even crosser because you are not taking them SERIOUSLY.