8-20-09 – The True Blood Kittens

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2009-08-20 (9)
I don’t know how they do it – that cat bed Sookie’s laying on, which is flipped upside down, must weigh as much as two kittens. Every time I walk into the room, it’s upside down (and someone’s laying on top of it). I flip it over so it’s the right way, then the next time I come into the room, they’ve flipped it over again. They must work together to get it flipped – I can’t imagine one little kitten flipping it alone!

2009-08-20 (6)
“Wah! Make him stop messing with my taaaaaaaaail!”

2009-08-20 (7)
Happy Sookie.

2009-08-20 (8)
“Pardon me, Madame, might I have a snuggle?” (Sam)

2009-08-20 (11)
For a brief moment in time, the cat bed is right-side-up, and Sam lounges in it.

2009-08-20 (10)
They hate to get in the bowl to be weighed (I put it on a kitchen scale), but when the bowl is just sitting in the middle of the floor, they can’t WAIT to jump into it.

2009-08-20 (12)
They are obsessed – OBSESSED – with the hem of my shirt. They take turns sniffing it, smacking at it, and fighting with it. Doesn’t matter what shirt I’m wearing, something about the hem amazes them.

2009-08-20 (5)
Smilin’ Bill.


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8-20-09 – The True Blood Kittens — 7 Comments

  1. Those are great pictures – and I totally understand the bowl thing. I gave up on trying to weigh anyone in it because it just never worked (tired it with Virgil and Barney) but as soon as a bowl in on the table Barney will get in it. Which is cute but when you need to use the bowl, not as much. And my guess on flipping the bed – if they lay on one side and lean over it could tip – that happened with a box at our house the other day. They are all adorable!

  2. Oh my goodness…there is just so much cuteness on your blog that I’m having a hard time getting anything done other than look at your pictures and “baby talk” to the screen…your foster kittens are just absolutely adorable!

  3. Such sweet babies! We love seeing the pictures of them and hearing about their adventures.

    Hope that they are doing better,

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  4. That is such a happy looking kitty room. Big and airy and full of entertaining gizmos. I love your little True Bloods.

  5. These guys are absolutely adorable!! I love Sookie on her bed!!

    How have you not squeezed the stuffing out of Sam yet?!?! 🙂 Especially with that “can I have a snuggle” face..

    This is definetely one happy bunch of kitties!

  6. Oh, my!! I haven’t been on in a couple of days and look at everything I’ve missed! Sam, you must certainly may has a snuggle!