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For those of you who asked, the potential kitten adopter is now the official adopter. Yay! Inara and River behaved themselves (actually, they put on quite a show) for her on Friday, and she decided to take them on. I’ll be delivering them on Friday (yes, if you’re a local reader who adopts a foster kitteh, I will totally deliver!) to their new home.

The other night I said to Fred “But I’ll miss Inara! She’s my favorite!” I’ve been calling her Dora the Explorer because she was the first one to come downstairs and hang out regularly, she spends the most time downstairs, and I do believe she’s the one who decided that okra pods would be fun toys and thus the reason – despite the fact that I left the basket of okra unattended for MAYBE five minutes – I’m finding okra all over the house with little teeth marks in it.

So Fred said “I thought The Peanut [Zoe] was your favorite?”

And I said “She is!”

So Fred said “I thought The Raccoon [Kaylee] was your favorite?”

And I said “She is!” Even though she clearly prefers Fred to me.

So Fred said “I thought Little Boy [River] was your favorite?”

And I said “He is!”

So Fred said “Well, they can’t ALL be your favorite, and besides we agreed we wouldn’t be keeping any of them.”

And I said “I know. Shaddup. Hmph.”



I know for a fact that they will be spoiled ROTTEN in their new home. And what’s awesome is that since she’s a local reader, I can periodically harass her for updates on how they’re doing!


Kind of amazing that Joe Bob is able to get up there, sleep all day, and then get back down without knocking any of that stuff off the mantel, isn’t it?


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