Kara & babies – 8-21-08

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Appalled Kitteh is appalled.

Recycling Kitteh is ready to be recycled. He cares about his planet.

Mailroom Kitteh lays down on the job.

Kitchen Maid Kitteh says “I ain’t shellin’ no more black-eyed peas. I’M DONE AND YOU CAN’T MAKE ME DO ANY MORE!”

Assistant Kittehs wonder “Did you forget to get The Yummins again? I put it on the list!”

Hetful Kitteh is squinty.

Bitey Kitteh would like you to come over here and be bitten, please.

Security Kitteh defends the borders.

Flirty Kitteh likes to flirt with inanimate objects.


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