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It’s a surprise Sunday post! I got some really great pictures of those visiting kittens I was babysitting (they went home yesterday) and thought I’d share them. Cuteness like this cannot go unshared!

Oh, how I love having bottle babies who latch right onto the bottle and don’t have to be convinced or coaxed! (The Starks were like that, too.)

The problem with three bottle babies and one bottle is that I’ve got to contain the other two while I’m feeding the third, or they’ll all claw at each other (and me!) to get to the nipple. Since we were in the bathroom, I put the two who weren’t eating in the tub. They were not a fan of this.


I love how their tails are hooked around each other.

Okay, maybe I put them all in there (BRIEFLY) so I could get pictures of the three of them together.

“I am SO going to tell Momma about this lady. She is a BAD babysitter!”




Oh, Butter. You are so kissable!


Yes, he did just swipe at me. Silly boy.

I love the two light-brown stripes on her back.

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A video! I bought a Hexbug spider recently, with the express purpose of torturing the kitties. Ruth and Arya would like y’all to know it didn’t scare them AT ALL.

YouTube link.


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8-18-13 — 26 Comments

  1. Enjoyed the pictures and reading about your experience with the kitties Robyn.

  2. I love how Miz Poo is totally unfazed by everything going on around her in that video.

  3. Poor bottle babies!! 😉 yep…them bathtubs come in handy.

    Love the video…cracked me up that the adults were all “whatever”

  4. Hahaha, I love the simultaneous ATTACK!!!/RETREAT!!! moves. Love the infestation of tub-kittens, too. I bet they are ear-piercing.

  5. The “scheming” picture made my morning. I have a few of those faces on the feral kittens in my foster room right now.

  6. LOVE the little babies. That sweet stripey one would be mine if it was at all possible (like if I lived closer, didn’t already have a cat, etc.) Did you find out their names when they were picked up?

  7. Thanks for the bonus Sunday post. The little bottle babies are adorable and I hope they find their forever homes soon. Glad to see you got the kitties something to play with, since they are CLEARLY so toy-deprived. LOL
    I wish that Hexbug Spider had been around when we had our last two kitties. They would have loved it for the 10 to 15 minutes it would have taken them to destroy it (they were very hard on their toys).

  8. The hexbug is brilliant! I have a teensy one. The big one is next on the amazon wish list!

  9. OMG, Butter reminds me so much of Stompies! What an adorable trio of babies.

    And I miss Rupert. He was only there for a few months but he had such a strong presence. I hope he’s hanging out with Spanky, Elwood, Coltrane and the others.

  10. hahaha it looked like it was warning you about keeping them in the tub.. like it was going transform into a big bad kitty like x-men

  11. Next time you have a bottle baby, I want to come and feed him or her. I’ve never down that before. They are so cute when they eat like that. Love the tub pictures. That made me smile all day Sunday.