8-18-16 Thursday

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Stefan wanted to go upstairs with the kittens yesterday, and since I was going up there anyway, I let him go up with me. After about 10 minutes, I realized I didn’t know where he was, so went looking. He was curled up in the condo of the wall tree, sound asleep. I let him stay there. A few hours later, when I went to hang out with the kittens, he had flopped down on a bed on the floor. That boy was OUT. I tromped all over the room, picked up kittens, kissed them, and Stefan didn’t even twitch an ear.

Juniper wasn’t quite sure what she thought about Uncle Stefan at rest.

So she went over to sniff his ears. He didn’t move.

Hemlock also thought this was an interesting development.

Look how long Hemlock’s tail is!

He sat nearby and sniffed a little, but didn’t quite dare to get too close.

Privet preferred to stay on the other side of the room, guarding the Bergan Turbo Track toy.
“I’m not crazy, lady. I’m not going over THERE.”

Hemlock in the sun.

Smilin’ boy.

Juniper and Hemlock sure do love to curl up together at nap time.

Such a smug little face.


Juniper has turned into a real little nut in the past week. She spends a lot of time running around batting at toys and carrying toys in her mouth. Here’s a video to show her (and Privet’s) nuttiness.

YouTube link


“Lady, I am taking in the air. I know it’s unusual to see me awake and outside, but it’s hardly a paparazzi occasion.”


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8-18-16 Thursday — 13 Comments

  1. LOVE the end of the video when Privet swipes the toy and runs off to hide with it in the closet!

    I swear, when I was looking at previous year posts this week, that you posted that Newt hated to be indoors, now he hates outdoors? They all find the good life eventually, don’t they? Except Maxie is it?

  2. What’s that thing first thrown at Juniper?? Grayish or brownish, white tipped and long with a tail??

  3. Stefan is the best kitten uncle!

    Love the long tailed Hemlock picture – but now we need a full back shot – does he have a profile of a little black kitten on his head and shoulders? I can almost see one – including the first black stripe after the first grey being the sweep of a tail!

    • I don’t think so, but let me get a full-length picture of him (for next week) and y’all can decide! πŸ™‚

  4. How awesome is that picture of Hemlock in the sun?!! So sweet…

    And will you look at the tummy chubs on Uncle Stefan?!!

  5. I love how Hemlock has fit right in and has his very own family. Stefan cracked me up! Kitten beds must be the most comfortable of all beds. πŸ™‚

  6. Oh you need to also blow up this picture of Newt and hang it beside his other post picture. They kinda make a matching pair!

    That Stefan is a heavy duty sleeper! Sometimes I think cats that lived part of their life outside sleep so hard because they are making up for when they couldn’t really sleep soundly for fear and safety reasons. Does he snore? I love it when my cats snore. πŸ˜€

  7. “Hardly a paparazzi occasion” !!!!!! Love it !!!! I burst out laughing at that one !!! Hope you don’t mind but I will use that line !!!

    I agree with SC Amy that ex-outdoor cats are catching up on sleep they missed when they were always outside.

  8. “(If I were to let Stefan go up there unsupervised, he’d have eaten all their food, held them down and bit them on the neck ’til they screamed, and then napped in their favorite places.)”

    LOL Looks like SOMEONE owes Stefan an apology!!! He was a very sweet good boy thankyouverymuch…. πŸ˜‰