8-19-16 Friday

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That Stefan is a heavy duty sleeper! Sometimes I think cats that lived part of their life outside sleep so hard because they are making up for when they couldn’t really sleep soundly for fear and safety reasons. Does he snore? I love it when my cats snore.

Stefan actually doesn’t snore – but Newt does. And Newt’s snoring echoes through the house. Sometimes I’ll be at my desk and stop and say “What am I hearing?”, realize it’s Newt snoring, and go looking (just out of curiosity) to see where he is. Usually he’s in the dining room (which is next to the computer room), but one time last week he was all the way at the other end of the house!

I think you’re right about cats who lived outside sleeping harder once they get inside to “safety.” Archie and Stefan both sleep like the dead.


And will you look at the tummy chubs on Uncle Stefan?!!

No kidding! Stefan was such a stringbean when he first showed up here – that has certainly changed!

This is what he looked like just over three years ago:

And here he is now:

He’s just a great big teddy bear now. He was just over 10 pounds when he first showed up here (or at least when I first got a chance to weigh him), and now he’s at 13 1/2 pounds.


I swear, when I was looking at previous year posts this week, that you posted that Newt hated to be indoors, now he hates outdoors? They all find the good life eventually, don’t they? Except Maxi is it?

It made Newt super nervous to be inside when we first started bringing him inside, but at some point in the past nine years, something clicked in his brain, and although he will VERY occasionally go out into the back yard, I can’t remember the last time I saw him when he wasn’t either in the back yard or in the house. He never wants to go out the side door (which leads to the non-fenced part of the property). I’m not sure what changed – maybe in his old age (he’s TEN!) he’s gotten wiser, and knows there’s nothing better out there than what he can find inside.


What’s that thing first thrown at Juniper?? Grayish or brownish, white tipped and long with a tail??

YouTube link

That is a piece of rabbit fur with a bell attached that the kittens always love to play with (they always like the stuff made out of real fur, go figure). I would tell you where I got it, but for the life of me, I don’t remember! Probably on Etsy.


Sweet Juniper in the sun.

Isn’t she just the prettiest thing?

Isn’t HE just the prettiest thing?

Oh, I just can’t even stand how pretty she is.

Okay, how many kitten-in-the-sun pictures am I going to post?

Privet, just hanging out.

“Behind you! A serial killer! Or nothing at all! One or the other!”


I can’t help it, I just love it when I catch a cat or kitten in that bed. Because it’s a CAT in a DOG bed, get it?


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8-19-16 Friday — 9 Comments

  1. Wow, Stefan looks like a different cat now! He’s all chubby and smug, archie still looks like he’ll cut you if you make fun of him.

    Have some respect, he skinned that dog pelt himself! Well, maybe he had some help from Petsmart and a felled muppet.

    I can’t believe that it’s been a year without Tommy, still miss his his presence. Those kittens, they’d have loved him and Stefan seems to have stepped into the mentor role. At least with the fosters. Don’t know about the rest of the house chemistry.

    Oh geez, and sweet sweet Gracie, boy 2015 sucked.

  2. I hope you picked up said pretty kittens and gave them 139 kisses for being so unbearably cute.

    Look how lanky Stefan was!

    Archie looks like The Most Interesting Cat In the World, with his leg hanging out and the smug look on his face – “Sleeps in a dog bed, because he can. He is…the most interesting cat in the world.”

  3. Archie’s stank-eye was already killin’ me dead… but then I saw the footie *DEAD*

  4. How’s Archie’s foot doing after its Stefaning? Please pass on skritches to those boys – I’m cat-crushing hard on both, and simply cannot take sides!

  5. Hee hee, Newtles is a BIG snorer! So you know we want a video with sound now. You’ll have to sneak up on him for us! 😀

    Been re-reading last year’s posts…I’m sending big hugs and purrs because I know those holes in your and Fred’s hearts are still pretty big…

  6. Wow I did NOT need to re-read over last yr’s post. ((Big hugs!)) I hope your wkend goes well and you cuddle with those ever-so-cute kittens a bit for comfort.

  7. Twee snores. She likes to get on the top of the cat tree in the great room (by the stairs) and sleep.. which is right on the other side of the wall from our bed.. it can be a little frustrating when I stop my husband from snoring only to hear the cat do it too

  8. Lily doesn’t snore, thank you very much. She just “purrs really loud” while she sleeps.