8-21-16 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

Just hangin’ out, bein’ cuuuuute. #Hemlock

#Privet watching the world go by.

“Appreciate me, innernets. I command it!” #BlackCatAppreciationDay #Juniper

The ear floof kills me dead. #BlackCatAppreciationDay #Privet

In honor of #BlackCatAppreciationDay, one of my very favorite pictures of #TomCullen, who left us a year ago. On the floor cheering him on are a baby #Sugarbutt and their sister Callie (Tommy and Sugarbutt started as fosters in 2005 before they became #PermanentResidents.)

Seesters. #Juniper #Privet #BlackCatAppreciationDay #Housepanthers

#TBT #JonSnow back in 2013. This picture makes me laugh every time I run across it. #TheStarks

#TBT From a year ago – #TheSwimmers and #TheSquashBugs. Oh, how I crack me UP.

#TBT #Ambercup from a year ago, taking a break from being bottle-fed by Fred. Oh, that sweet little face! #FosterKittens

#Privet is making sure that #Hemlock is all shiny and clean for #Caturday

I only posted three videos this week, so I combined them into one. In the first section, Privet softens up the blanket in prep for nap time. In the second section, Juniper makes sure that Hemlock’s furs are clean. And in the third, Hemlock hangs out with me and watches his sisters play, while pondering the eternal question: “Are you the sweet boy?” (Spoiler: he is, indeed, the sweet boy.)

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8-21-16 Weekly Roundup — 4 Comments

  1. “Are you the sweet[est] boy [in the world]?” is indeed the eternal question, followed closely by “Who’s the best boy/girl?” — which, if you have more than one of each, requires a modifier! — and “Who’s the most handsome boy?” or “Who’s the/that beautiful boy/girl?”

  2. Hemlock looks so much like my Rory, whom I adopted from a shelter when he was about 3 years old. Now I get to see what he looked like as a kitten! Thank you! =^..^=

  3. that is one huge nipple being used there.. you have luck with that? No wonder I have problems getting kittens to latch on.