8-21-14 – Throw Back Thursday

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It’s not much of a throw back (I just posted it in July), but I happened across this picture the other day, and I continue to just love it so so SO much.


Pictures from the Petsmart cat room (from last Friday).

Hattie, taking a break.

Monday, trying to lure Blaster in, so she can bite his neck.

I should have mentioned this yesterday – Monday is the cat Dennis “rescued” back in whenever that was. May? June? Something like that. Okay, the beginning of June is when that happened (and a more detailed explanation of what happened.)

This little guy is Niles. He and his brother, Frasier, had only been at Petsmart since the evening before, so they were a little freaked out. Especially when Marshall and Blaster kept doing their puppydog “Wanna play? Wanna play, huh? Wanna play? Wanna be best friends? Want me to bite your neck, huh huh huh?” shtick.

Sweet boy.

Frasier clearly knows how doors work, he just couldn’t reach the handle.

“I’m listening!”


Blaster, keepin’ the toes clean.

Monday has some amazing ears, doesn’t she?

Marshall checks out the carrier (I think Tricki was actually in that carrier, ready to come home with me, and I was cleaning her cage.)

Marshall’s in charge of Quality Assurance, and lucky for me, this carrier passed the test.

Blaster’s in charge of making sure that all the bowls have enough food and water in them.

Marshall is a climber. Note that Blaster was helpfully pushing the door closed so Marshall couldn’t go anywhere.

Yes, of course he jumped. I didn’t capture the jump, unfortunately.


I saw this picture, and was reminded very strongly of a former foster.

Any idea who I’m thinking of?

How about now?

That’s Tony Rocky Horror Pickle on the left (read more about him here if you weren’t a reader back then), and Tricki on the right. They both have just the slightest bit of an overbite, and the same verging-on-loony faces.


Dennis looks OH so pleased with himself, doesn’t he?


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8-21-14 – Throw Back Thursday — 12 Comments

  1. “MAYHEM” seems to be the caption of the first photo – – all that action in one shot and those faces!!! GAH!!!! Airborne Kittah!! Double GAH! Just a moment in time, but sooooo much action! Yes, Robyn, I agree with you, Tricki should come HOME with you… a beautiful set of black cats for Crooked Acres – with Tommy representing the best of male black catdom and Tricki as the female specimen! Sidenote – Through my online matriculation (fancy word for muh learnins, no?), I was able to coach a good friend of mine in what to do with an abandoned kitten on her deck… what to feed, when to feed, how to feed, how to ‘guesstimate’ age (eyes not yet opened) how to ‘potty’, etc., and through facebook, we were able to find a new momma who has since welcomed her new addition!!! (Never knew you could do that!) (Norbie… SQUEEEEEEEE! still such a soft spot for him – and get soooo excited at his updates!) THANK YOU, Love-and-Hisses for muh edumacation!!! I faithfully read each and every day – and I’ve admitted before to ‘jonesing’ on the weekends! Thank you, Robyn!!!!!!

  2. So Khaleesi was returned a year ago, huh? So glad we know now that she’s had a happy ending living the life of Riley with a great, smart Mom and doting grandparents. Occasional hazzards of chipmunk patrol aside, she should have a great life.

    That’s a great picture of Hattie on the floor. So cute and alittle coy. Blastr and Marshall are just trouble squared, aren’t they?

    Monday’s nose fascinates me.

  3. So much to love in this post! I love, love, love that first picture – so much crazy going on! And Niles and Frasier – great names and cute boys. Blaster and Marshall will turn them into wild things (I hope!). And Tony!!!! (I had a really crappy day – I’m kind of glad I didn’t have time to check the blog until this evening. I feel better now.)

  4. There’s a lot of activity in that first photo. I can see why you like it.
    I think Tony and Tricki’s little overbites are cute. Hopefully it didn’t affect their eating.